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Pushy-Ads Review - Increase Revenue By Push Notification Monetization

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Ad Network

Pushy-Ads Review - Increase Revenue By Push Notification Monetization

Are you a web publisher or blog owner? Do you invest a significant amount of your time in developing superb content but receive little returns or almost no returns for your efforts? What if you could utilize your current website traffic to maximize the revenue you make daily?

Pushy-Ads (leading adult network push monetization) is designed to help you achieve that goal. Pushy-ads is a web push monetization company for adult websites that has reengineered the technology for your advantage.

So what are the advantages and what do you stand to benefit?

As soon as you start building a subscriber list, Pushy-ads will arrange advertisers who will start bidding to send their massages to your subscribers, your earning potential increases exponentially with the new subscribers enter to your website daily. Here pushy-ads guaranteeing that you make more money than the previous day.

Therefore more subscribers you have the more earnings you make every day. Aside making money from your subscribers you will also be able to send messages to your subscriber about new content, offers, special products or information that might interest them. You can also bring traffic to your sites and cross-sell your products

Pushy-Ads Review

Pushy-Ads Features :-

Pushy-ads serve different features for publishers and advertisers. With Pushy-ads you will get everything easier and faster. For publishers pushy-ads acts in such a way they get high revenue while advertisers get high performance and vast distribution for their ads budget.

Pushy-Ads For Publishers :-

Pushy-Ads Review

You may monetize your website with a friendly profitable ad format. Pushy-ads offers great CPC and CPM Ad Network for Publishers to monetize their Websites, Blogs, and Android Apps. We serve Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, through Desktop and Mobile devices for all adult network. Pushy-ads’s goal is to give publishers the opportunity to earn more income using their websites, Blogs, and Android Apps. Features as;

Great Revenues with Flexible Payment Plans

Pushy-Ads help publisher to get great revenue stream with an option to get paid in several different methods and on the time that is most comfortable for you in order to keep it as flexible as possible

Real Time Stats

Get each and every update of your website’s performance so that you can evaluate differences.

Quick Integration

With Pushy-Ads, you will get quick integration for your website from native push notifications to full-screen ads, their ad placements are easy to implement. Just 10 min and you are set up to go live and start monetizing your valuable traffic.

Fast Approval

With dedicated working team, Pushy-Ads make a commitment to approve your site in no time. Their self-serve platform will enable you as a publisher to get access to Pushy-Ads’s multiple formats in a click of a button.

Tailor Made Solution

Gives facilities to publisher to choose the formats of payment plan and they can observe the traffic performance on online reporting panel anytime

Driven By Technology

With variety of advertisers and in-housed developed technology, publishers get increased revenue opportunity

100% Coverage

Pushy-Ads monetizes every single user you deliver on desktop and mobile devices and globally so you get the best out of your traffic and high ECPM with the great result is in increased revenue for a publisher.

Better Ads Complaint

Pushy-Ads understands the high standard of the market and fully aligned with the look and feel of ads format that helps to keep your website safe and clean.

Protect Your Brand

They keep their network as clean as it gets by filtering out inappropriate creative and malware so that your site is safe and your visitors are satisfied.

Higher CPM

Pushy-Ads focuses mainly to serve their Publishers and know that when it comes to monetizing your traffic it all comes down to the revenue you generate. Their experts know the method of generating the highest CPM.

Pushy-Ads For Advertisers :-

Pushy-Ads Review

Pushy-Ads perform in a way can target each user everywhere and can get great results. With Pushy-Ads the advertisers are getting maximum ROI and increased engagement with their products and services.


They serve all functionality as, xml, open-rtb or api integration as well as self-service, managed CPA with auto optimization or programmatic endpoint integration.

Global Coverage

Promotes all offer on required adult network.

Advanced targeting-

Pushy-Ads target users by geographically, device, browser, isp, Sub-id and more.

Direct Traffic

By advertising on publishers website or app you can get direct traffic from that side that helps to increase revenue. They give access to all the traffic you need over billion daily impressions.

Multiple Formats

Pushy-Ads monetizes traffic in multiple formats. From full-screen ads to native push notifications, rest assure you can find what you are looking for.

Optimization Experts

They are experts in campaign optimization. Whether it’s CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action) – their pre defined algorithms and experts will help you to get the desired return on investment.

Dedicated Support Team

They have dedicated support team that works appropriately to provide solutions to keep your campaigns running smoothly in order to reach your revenue and performance goals

Why switch to Pushy-Ads?

Pushy-Ads is the leading adult network for Push Notifications, focusing on helping you generate additional revenue for your traffic. Pushy-Ads is an ad network with a clear mission, to provide a clean, unobtrusive ad format, to adult publishers. Pushy-Ads provide a new smart technological solution for publishers after Google new guidelines and constant changes in the market.

The goal of this firm is to bring adult publishers to the highest quality advertisers, capable of generating them the highest revenues. Pushy-Ads serve you high CPM with quality native content recommendation ads where each publisher receives personal support along with high rates… Pushy-Ads is a network that is committed to provide highest revenues to publisher with;

Unique tool

You can make your push message personal by sending corresponding tag values to each device.

Custom Data

Send additional data to be processed by your application and perform tasks such as displaying a specific page of the app.

GEO Zones

Location based feature, location based push notifications

Easy Customize

For any difficulties with Pushy-Ads integration, you are entitled to the code review by our developers

Code review

The number of apps that you can register under one account

Enable Or Disable

Use a push notification tutorial to enable or disable your notifications

Create Sub Account

You can create sub account and get grant access to specific app only and you can let your customers manage their push campaigns themselves. And there are many others tools are available that you can use easily such as;

Push notifications- Clickable messages sent to users who subscribed to updates

Full screen ads and more- Full screen ad opened on new tab and triggered upon click

Get access to direct publisher’s traffic- An Ad URL Linked to any object you choose on your site

IN-BETWEEN- Full screen ad shown in between different pages

LIGHTBOX- Full screen ad shown while blurring the background

BANNERS- The classic display ad can be used in predefined sizes

and Billion of daily impressions, Worldwide inventory, performance/CPM(technically, Cost per mile) XML feed integration all these tools/features are quite enough to monetize your web/app.

Pushy-Ads is completely committed and dedicate to serve you both (Publisher and Advertisers) best services so that you can reach at that level you have been expecting for long. Their vision is to improve CTR (Click through Rate) and conversion rate for advertisers and maximizing the yields for their Publishers.

The mission of Pushy-Ads is combining great expertise and experience together with high motivation and aspiration for constant improvement with creating reliable partnerships and relationships at the top of their pyramid and that constitutes as the foundation of their work.

You can join them and take your traffic to that level where you can earn additional traffic and highest revenue.

Are you looking forward to take the next step with them? – You may request an invite by clicking on below link and join Pushy-Ads and be ready to get the highest performance and revenue for your web and app.