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ClickAdu Review - Get Quality Traffic For Your Website

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Ad Network

ClickAdu Review - Get Quality Traffic For Your Website

Today we are going to review about the fastest growing ad network ClickAdu. Advertisement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in online space. Advertisement is a necessary part of all business, blogs, and corporations. Business which wishes to grow better, advertisement is the essential step.

ClickAdu is one of the fastest growing ad networks in this industry. ClickAdu is a premium ad network and a manifest service provider specialized in pop-under inventory. It uses the latest ad server technology and resources to help advertisers maximize their productivity in a safe way. ClickAdu is recommended by some biggest software providers, as a trusted traffic source.

ClickAdu has self-made ingenious technologies, anti-malware, bot and fraud filtering IT tools and last but not the least highly expertise international team

ClickAdu creates online advertising technologies to expand new life circumstances for every partner from any part of the world. The growth of ClickAdu is going higher and higher every year. The company delivering ad impression in 240 countries and more. The ad network is delivering 100+ million


ClickAdu For Publishers :-


ClickAdu is really best for publishers. They can increase their monetization by this ad network. ClickAdu makes convert the traffic of the publisher to a profitable thing. They pay publishers for impressions of onclick ads, pop-up and pop under ads, in a reasonable rate.

Here Are Some Words For Publishers

ClickAdu supports all types of websites, which is a best part for all publishers. One can make benefits from any kind of websites with the help of ClickAdu. This ad network has been for years specialized in on-click ad formats. ClickAdu popunders may give 30% boost in profit. Popunder can be run on any kind of websites. Popunder do not occupy website space.

In some casespops might be the main source of income if your site does not have quality for Google Adsense. Publishers will be provided the JavaScript code that they will be free to use to execute the pop-under ads. By the formatting option publisher is allowed choose the specific pop-under advertising according to their requirement.

The highest CPM gives website owners the premium quality traffic. CPM rates depend on GEO and traffic quality. On some GEO targeting ClickAdu CPMs for 3G traffic. The higher quality your traffic has the more you will get the profit. ClickAdu do not pay for bot and fraud traffic. Hence, ClickAdu provides 100% non-virus ads.

Specifications For Publishers

This chart shows how much followers you have reached in past days. This represents the changes in discussion volume and changes.

Smart JS Tag: A smart JS tag contains large number of offers. It is an excellent feed. The smart JS tag gives you opportunity to grow your profit. The viewers of your website see the ads of the advertisers who pay more.

Anti-AD-Block 2.0: Anti Ad Block2.0 allows three methods of ads opening. With this there is no problem with ad blocking. In addition to total protection from traffic and money loss, you get more opportunities to boost profits.

Referral Program: ClickAdu provides referral programs to its users. There are some referral commission payouts like - 10% during the first month upon your referral registration, 7% during the second month and 5% during the 3rd and forever after.

Ad Format: ClickAdu ad network is a specialized on-click ad format with high conversion ratio, exceptional exposure, no blindness effect, fair rates.

ClickAdu For Advertisers :-


Here the Advertisers will get the best lead generation solution. ClickAdu is specialized in performance marketing for years. ClickAdu sells desktop and mobile traffic to brands agencies worldwide from direct publishers on CPM, CPA, CPL modes. Advertisers can buy target traffic that converts.

ClickAdu supports extensive targeting along with highly accurate analytics to help advertisers reach their target audience with high accuracy. Advertisers can monitor their ad campaign performance in the real time.

This is really important to target the right audience in terms of conversation and optimize your advertising costs. The cutting edge advertising technologies by ClickAdu make the targeting accurate.

Here Are Some Words For Advertisers

As an advertiser, one should need some which the advertiser can get with the help of an ad network. ClickAdu provides some unique features to the users.

ClickAdu utilize top quality ad server technology in order to help the advertisers to reach maximum targeting audience. If you are willing to advertise on publisher network of ClickAdu, then you need to sign up first.

ClickAdu allows you to easily promote your products. ClickAdu keeps no limits to give the facility to promotion. ClickAdu provides 100% virus free advertisement.

In case any advertiser’s website is found malicious then ClickAdu solves the problem effectively. ClickAdu network is specialized in on-click ad formats. It provides high conversion ratio, outstanding exposure, no blindness effect, reasonable rates.

Specifications for Advertisers

Self-serve Platform: Advertisers will get self-serve platform for running campaigns. With the help of the user-friendly SSP one can easily lunch, run and analyze your advertising campaigns.

Steps: Sign up then activate the account. Then create a campaign. Then ad funds by the convenient way. At the self-serve platform one can able to create, edit, pause/stop. Check real time statistics. Filter your data and configure your settings. Download the invoices and their statuses. Enjoy advanced targeting by geographical location, device and connection type, browser, operating systems and its versions, zone ID etc.

Smart CPA: Smart CPA is a unique tool on the market for a self-serve platform. There is no need to buy traffic on a CPA basis. Sign up the conceited platform, choose smart CPA creating a campaign and pay smart for conversion. Smart CPA is a totally auto-optimized algorithm powered by advanced learning mechanism. It automatically matches your CPA offers to 100% targeted users, helping you to reach relevant audience.

API Integration: Advertisers will get benefit by ClickAdu API. API helps advertisers work remotely with ClickAdu platform. You can create, launch and stop campaign any time you want. API also helps publishers remotely receive statistics from their system in order to visualize and analyze large data sets escaping difficulties.

Smartlink: ClickAdu is classical ad network. They do not have their own offers. They just connect advertisers and publishers on a state of the art platform. A smartlink is a link which contains undefined number of offers, a dynamic feed and a dynamic payout system.

Real Time Bidding System: RTB system allows on a per impression basis for buying advertising checklist. It is a dynamic traffic auction to choose targeting according to audience’s interest. The system minuses the unwanted impression and drives traffic automatically. The process made by RBT system takes less than a second to perform.

Some Important Things About ClickAdu :-

You can maximize your revenue by ClickAdu. You will get tons of quality traffic. You can choose premium sites from over 150 million impressions. Advertisers and publishers will get free quality services from the expert customer service executives. One can easily set up their platform from simple and elegant set up platform by CPM and ROI optimization.

How To Get Started With ClickAdu :-

Getting started with ClickAdu is really simple and easy. First you need to get registered with ClickAdu on the official site. The ClickAdu team will review your application form and you will be informed with in 72hrs. Then you are ready to use ClickAdu.

Features of ClickAdu :-

ClickAdu focuses pop-under ads, gives their publishers a perspective that many more popular ad networks won’t give you. It is a self-serve platform, making much easier for advertisers.

Advanced targeting options are available including geo-targeting, device, site, operating system and many other targeting factors.It generates high quality traffic due to its bot and fraud filtering system. Target both mobile and desktop channels. This feature again makes ClickAdu stand out mare powerful.

Approval Process

ClickAdu approval process is quite simple and quick then others. Definitely there are some process to get approved. One should have to wait for only 24 hours to get approved.


You will get on time payment. There is several ways to get paid by ClickAdu. Like Bitcoin, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Web Money, E-payments, Epese Etc.


After you sign up for an account with Click, you can access the main dashboard. All of the main navigation is found along the left sidebar, making it quick and easy for you to get at your statistics, sites and zones, payments, news, support and so on.

Something that is important to note here is that the advertisers (and their respective promoted pages) are carefully selected and targeted based on geographic region and other considerations.

Unlike an affiliate network, you will not be able to cherry pick which "offers" you want to promote. The optimization is completed on your behalf, so you have nothing to worry about.


ClickAdu uses cutting edge technology for pop up and pop-under advertisement. ClickAdu uses two java script functions for pop-under ads.

Profitable Formats

There are so many ad networks which will give you so many formats. But all the format won’t give you the profitable response.

24/7 Customer Service

All of your problems will be solved by the 24/7 customer care service. They are so experienced to handle all kind of issues the advertisers or publishers will face.

ClickAdu at a glance :-

Although they have only been active network for a few years, they have a clean track record of paying their publishers in a timely manner.

What's Good About ClickAdu:-

  • No traffic required
  • Small bloggers can join this network
  • Hassle free installation
  • Popunder and click under have higher conversions when compared to mainstream banner ads.
  • Competitive eCPM rates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Timely payments
  • Reporting system
  • Publishers can convert their earnings to advertising budget
  • 24/7 support

What's Bad About ClickAdu:-

The only con is pop under advertise always irritates users.