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AdMaven Review - One Of The Best Push Notifications Advertising Network

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Ad Network

AdMaven Review - One Of The Best Push Notifications Advertising Network

Ad-Maven is one of the most popular pop ad networks presently available on the Internet. Generally, a pop ad is a better and more efficient way for publishers to take their site's monetization on another level.

You may have noticed that sometimes, you click on a link and a new window suddenly pops up in front of you. This is called a pop-up ad. Another similar ad is called a pop-under ad. These types of ads are generally taken for granted but they are the perfect way of hidden monetization as these ads open a new page beneath the main page.

Apart from pop ads they also have many other monetizations such as the native push notifications which is also at the top of the ad network industry.

About Ad-Maven :-

When it comes to online advertising, Ad-Maven comes at the top. AdMaven is considered the best in the list because of 15 years of experience held by their team in the advertising industry. Being the best, their platform offers many additional ways for publishers to increase their site's monetization.

They offer a bunch of ad types with which publishers can monetize their site and advertisers can promote their products and services in a pretty effective way.

They provide various ad formats such as Pop under, Push Notification, In-Page Push, Native banners, interstitial, and Ad-block Bypass solution

Ad-Maven is considered the most innovative and avant-garde display advertising network because of their vast experience in the advertising industry. Alongside, Ad-Maven works on CPA method and have good conversion rates for advertisers. They have a team of very hard-working and very talented professionals who work daily to maximize the revenue of their clients. They are holding the top rank in the industry with their great experience combined with lots of motivation.

AdMaven have inaugurated a new monetization method named "Native Push Notifications" which is compliant with Google guidelines . This makes Ad-Maven fully compliant to use with Google Adsense. This means that if you are monetizing your site with Google Adsense and would also like to use Ad-Maven native push notifications, you can easily do so. Ad-Maven can easily be used alongside with Google Adsense to increase user's revenue.

The new native push ad service is 100% user-friendly, clean and non-obtrusive. They have comparatively better ad format which works better in both Desktop as well as in Mobile. They also offer comparatively high conversion rate that ensure publishers can make high revenue without compromising their website quality. These ads are so good that you don’t get disturbed at all while visiting publisher’s website.

Ad-Maven For Publishers :-

Ad-Maven Review

Ad-Maven enables publishers to put ads on their site and make a good amount of revenue. Ad-Maven provides publishers a better choice than other ad networks of its kind. Ad-Maven takes the following aspects in account for their publishers -


Utilizing the most recent innovation in advertising industry, AdMaven empowers publishers to add their advertising on every single page of their website successfully, which makes AdMaven one of the best choices for monetizing your website.


If you get traffic from small countries then don’t worry, AdMaven approves websites who are getting traffic from anywhere, unlike many other networks who approves only tier1 traffic. That fact makes them one of the best options for publishers, without compromising their revenue.

Here are some more factors why publishers around the globe are in love with Ad-Maven:

  • Full Coverage - Ad-Maven monetize your entire user base, from every geo and on every device. Add that with the highest ECPM rates, you will receive highly increased revenue.
  • High CPM - Ad-Maven use advanced optimization tools together with a deep pool of direct advertisers to provide publishers with an amazing ECPM and high revenue while maintaining great user experience.
  • Simple Integration - All of Ad-Maven ad formats, from native push notifications to full-screen ads, are easy to implement. A 5 minutes process will take you on your way to start monetizing your valuable traffic.
  • Devoted Support - Ad-Maven’s devoted and experienced account managers are always eager to help in order to ensure their users are satisfied.
  • Adaptable Payment Plans - Ad-Maven gives their users a choice to get paid in various methods and times to accommodate their needs.

Ad-Maven doesn't have a major threshold. Publishers can easily transfer their income as soon as they reach a $50 mark. And they can do this by various means. Ad-Maven works with PayPal, Payoneer, BTC and and wire transfer to send publishers their profits.

Ad-Maven Review

Ad-Maven For Advertisers :-

Ad-Maven Review

Ad-Maven enables advertisers to promote their products and services on their vast network of publishers. Many top ranked sites have chosen AdMaven as their ads supplier. Presently, over 10,000 direct advertisers make use of Ad-Maven network in order to increase their ROI and promote their offers.

Ad-Maven provides a various ad formats for advertisers to promote their products. They have over 2 billion impressions daily on publishers’ traffic from all possible verticals. Ad-Maven provide advertisers with detailed reports and allows them to pay on CPA/CPC/CPM basis.

Ad-Maven also support RTB and XML feed integration taking itself to the next level. In the end, they have a great and dedicated support team ready to help and clear each and every doubt an advertiser might have. Here are some important factors why advertisers all over the world are in love with Ad-Maven:

Loads Of Traffic

Ad-Maven offers more than 2 billion daily impressions which generated from their various ad formats spread across over 10,000 publisher websites also the traffic is mainly entertainment-oriented (streaming, gaming etc) and is direct traffic across any platform, any browser, and any device.

Multiple Ad Formats

Ad-Maven have several ad formats like Pop under, Push Notification, In-Page Push, Native banners, interstitial, direct link ads and Ad-block Bypass solution and the traditional banner ads too. Advertisers can select the type of ads according to their requirement and pricing plans.

Superior Performance

Regardless of whether CPM, CPC or CPA, Ad-Maven drive results for their users to get the best ROI over your campaigns spending plan. On an average, AdMaven increases user’s ROI by almost 30% which is far better than other popular ad networks.

Committed Support

Ad-Maven is in the advertising industry for a very long time and has a great experience dealing with their clients. For this purpose, they have a good and dedicated support team who solve each and every doubt of their advertisers.

What's Good In Ad-Maven :-

Ad-Maven Review

Easy Sign-up and Approval

Ad-Maven has a quite easy and effective sign-up and approval system. You just have to fill out your details and activate your account by email. After the activation Publishers and Advertisers accounts both are approved immediately. As soon as you get approved, you can start putting ads on your site. Ad scripts are very easy to generate and activate. Users just have to copy the codes and put them on their site.

Multiple Ad formats

Ad-Maven provides various ad formats depending upon the requirements as well as size. Users can select the type of ads as per their desire.

Payment Methods and Threshold

Ad-Maven offers several popular methods for payout. You can use PayPal, Payoneer, BTC, Paxum, WebMoney , Epayments and bank wire. And talking about the threshold, Ad-Maven have a threshold of $50 for the payout.

Dedicated Support Team

One thing that I particularly love as a user of Ad-Maven is their dedicated support team. Literally saying, they have a great support team which really help their clients and clarify everything.

Google Policies

One of the best parts about Ad-Maven is that you can use Ad-Maven along with Google Adsense. We all know that many publishers nowadays make use of Google Adsense to monetize their site. You will be amazed to know that you can use Ad-Maven along with Google Adsense.

Our Verdict :-

So, the bottom line is if you are a publisher or an advertiser and want to increase your revenue or promote your offers, I recommend you try Ad-Maven for at-least once. You will find it far better than the competitors.

One of my personal favorites is the ability to use it alongside with Google Adsense and double up your revenue. Also, advertisers who wish to promote their products on an international level, make sure to try Ad-Maven ad network once. Trust me, you would definitely love the results.

For more information you can you can check out their website using below link or sign up directly at the following links: Publishers and Advertisers.