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Stallion Hosting Review - Web Hosting in South Africa

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

Stallion Hosting Review - Web Hosting in South Africa

Stallion Hosting is a South African based web hosting service provider, with the aim of building a long-lasting relationship with their clients from all over the world by providing competitive and reliable cPanel hosting and domain registration services.

Stallion Hosting started offering web hosting services in 2009 and has continued to grow from strength to strength, initially offering hosting packages to South African customers and since expanded into offering website hosting and domain registration to clients worldwide.

Looking to register domain names? domain names are South African based domain names and Stallion Hosting is proud to be an officially accredited domain registrar.

All of Stallion Hosting’s web hosting packages are Linux cPanel based and include Softaculous – which is a leading script installer incorporated into cPanel, allowing users to easily install over 400 different types of scripts with just a few clicks, including Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Flexibility is also a very important part of Stallion Hosting’s service, all hosting packages can easily be upgraded from the client area, and with pro-rata billing you will be credited for any time still applicable to your previous hosting package, which will be applied against your new upgrade.

Stallion Hosting provides a variety of web hosting offerings, from starter hosting packages to reseller hosting. All packages can easily be upgraded as and when required. These packages are as follows:

1. Web Hosting - Colt Package – great starter package

2. Web Hosting - Mare Package – most popular hosting package, competitively priced and offers great account features

3. Web Hosting - Stallion Package – hosting package for corporate clients and clients with larger, more popular websites

4. Reseller Hosting - Standard Package – starter reseller hosting package for anyone looking to offering web hosting

5. Reseller Hosting - Proseller Package – middle tier reseller hosting package, easily upgradable from the Standard reseller package

6. Reseller Hosting - Corporate Package – largest reseller hosting package, if required larger packages can be provided with custom quotes

Let's check out what the plans can provide you.

Stallion Hosting Plans/Pricing Overview :-

Web Hosting

Colt Package:- The Colt package offered by Stallion Hosting is a perfectly suited package for those who are starting off their online ventures, whether that would be a personal blog or a newly established business website. These packages are Stallion’s entry level hosting packages, very well priced at R 50 South African Rand (Around $5.90) per month.

The Colt package offers 500 MB of disk space, 5 GB of bandwidth of 5 GB and the ability to add on an additional 3 domain names, which is great for expanding or creating new websites. You will also have full access to the Softaculous the script installer, mentioned in the beginning of our review.

With Softaculous you can easily install a wide variety of software for free, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Zen Cart, phpBB, myBB, SMF, PHPCoin in just one click and in case if you get stuck somewhere, there is 24x7 helpline waiting to help you in every possible way.

Moreover, when you choose this package, you get 3 Databases, 3 FTP accounts, 25 Free Email Accounts with 1 Mailing list and up to 3 subdomains.

Stallion Hosting created this package with new startups in mind, as it takes time to develop online skills when building your first website or blog. With this plan, you get everything that is needed to start and when required this plan can easily be upgraded to a larger plan, with additional resources.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the friendly and helpful Stallion Hosting support staff who will gladly assist you.

Price - 50 Rand or around $5.90 per month.

Mare package :- The Mare package is Stallion Hosting’s most popular web hosting plan as it offers great account features and is very competitively priced. The Mare packages offers the same basic features as the Colt package, however it offers larger disk space, unlimited premium bandwidth and additional features.

With this hosting package, you get 5 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth. You can easily use this package to host up to 5 domains in your cPanel. Just like the Colt Package, the Mare package also includes the Softaculous as Script Installer (easily install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc).

In this package, you get 5 Databases, 5 FTP accounts but the best part of the package is that that it provides unlimited email accounts with up to 5 mailing lists. Moreover, it also allows having unlimited subdomains which means you will have a great selection of features for your websites and blogs. The best part of this offer is that the Mare Package is competitively priced at only R 65 per month which is around $6.90 per month.

Price – R 65 - around $6.90 per month.

Stallion Package :- The Stallion Package offers all the basic features of the Mare Package, except that it offers larger disk space and increased functionality, with the ability to host up to 15 add on domains.

This package is suitable for larger businesses or larger and more established websites that required increased hosting resources.

With 6 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth, you can easily build and host your online websites, whether they are fully functional e-commerce websites or a popular business or blog website.

Just like the last two hosting packages, the Stallion hosting plan provides all of the basics, but on a larger scale.

With this package, you get 15 Addon Domains, unlimited Databases, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts and mailing lists and unlimited subdomains with an online file manager.

Price – R 120 South African Rand per month - around $7.99 per month.

Stallion Hosting

Reseller Hosting Plan

Stallion Provides three types of cPanel reseller hosting packages under the Reseller Hosting Plan options -

1. Standard Reseller

2. Proseller Reseller

3. Corporate Reseller

Standard Reseller Hosting Plan :- The Stallion Hosting Standard Reseller package is a perfect starter reseller hosting plan for anyone looking to enter the hosting industry, whether they are looking to offer hosting services or as an add on value added service to an existing website design business. Under this plan, you get a 10 GB of disk space with 30 GB of bandwidth at a great price of only R160 Rand or $13.99 per month.

Reseller hosting also gives you the ability to register domain names with Stallion Hosting at their very low prices and then you can resell domain names to your clients at a higher mark up, which is an additional revenue stream for reseller hosts.

Each reseller plan offers unlimited email accounts, a free premium website builder, cPanel, Softaculous Script Installer, and antivirus protection,

Price – R 160 or $13.99 per month

Proseller Reseller Hosting Plan :- As your reseller hosting business grows you will be required to offering additional features or increase your capabilities – as with the standard hosting offerings, reseller packages can also easily be upgraded when required.

The Proseller Hosting plan has the same basis as all reseller packages, however with this plan you will have access to15 GB of disk space with 60 GB premium bandwidth.

Just like the Standard Reseller Plan, you will have the ability to create cPanel accounts for your customers and be able to register and set up individual hosting plans for your customers.

However, the Proseller and Corporate Reseller packages have overselling enabled, which means you will be able to create larger hosting packages for your customers and will only be limited by the amount of disk space they actually used, not what has been provided to them.

Other features include Softaculous Script Installer, unlimited email accounts, antivirus, premium website builder and a simple one-click installation of popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Price – R 230 or around $18.99 per month

Corporate Reseller Hosting Plan :- The Corporate Reseller Hosting plan is the most expensive plan as it offers the highest amount of disk space and premium bandwidth.

Under this plan, you get 30 GB of disk space with 120 GB bandwidth.

You will also have all of the same features as the two previous plans mentioned, including the ability to create individual cPanel accounts, unlimited email accounts, user accounts, overselling enabled, ability to register domain names, free website builder, Softaculous Script Installer, Antivirus etc.

Reseller packages can easily be upgraded as required, giving you flexibility and growing with your business as required.

Price – R 295 South Africa Rand or around $23.99 per month.

Stallion Hosting

What's Good About Stallion Hosting:-

Official accredited registrar

Stallion Hosting is an officially accredited South African domain registrar, which means you will have access to the latest domain software backed up quality support and processes.

24x7 Support

No matter what plan you choose, either from the hosting plans or from the reseller plans, friendly 24x7 assistance is available to assist you with all your support requirements.

Softaculous Script Installer

Included with all hosting plans is Softaculous, which provides users with easy installation of up to 400 scripts.

Free Premium Website Builder

All hosting plans include access to a premium website builder. You will easily be able to create your own website with the easy to use What You See Is What You Get website builder. No need for years of technical experience or coding experience, simply select a suitable template and easily customise the design to suit your needs.

Free Domain

Sign up for an advanced payment option of 6 months or more and receive a free domain registration during checkout.

Easily upgrade at any time

Easily upgrade your hosting package from the client area, with pro-rata billing and a variety of payment options, including EFT/Bank Transfer, PayPal, PayFast and all leading credit cards.

Possible Con of Stallion Hosting :-

We haven’t noted any major cons as Stallion Hosting offers solid hosting plans with great domain name prices. One possible disadvantage could be that Stallion Hosting’s head office is based in Durban, South Africa which might be seen as a barrier to communication, however with knowledgeable and friendly 24x7 support staff available by phone or email, this isn’t a concern.

Final Verdict:-

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable hosting provider then Stallion Hosting is definitely worth a try. Sign up today, and get reliable hosting that is competitively priced and well supported by quality customer support – everything you need.

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