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000Webhost Review - Zero Cost Website Hosting For Everyone

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

000Webhost Review - Zero Cost Website Hosting For Everyone

When you talk about internet presence and hosting solution, it is quite probable to get yourself on with a Google Search, isn't it? And if you have already attempted to search "Free Web Hosting" in Google Search, the chances are that your eyes would have caught their attention - 000Webhost.

Not only embarked with trust and success on account of their millions of users but also for their high rated user satisfaction of 4.9 out of 5. And this rating is not achieved by a minimalist number, It has over two thousand reviews to reach there.

At 000Webhost, they offer a feature-rich cPanel with PHP and MySQL base along with a free subdomain hosting. The key features like speed, reliability, user support are well taken care of by us. They also offer you an easy Website builder facility and the sign up is absolutely free.

These services are offered by experienced professionals in the industry who have stood up with their leadership for more than a decade. You name the characteristic or feature that you are looking for, and you will find that with them.

This is indeed too much to expect, and that too, without any restrictive terms? What else would one dream of? So, act now and enter into a world of digital success with a 'Zero cost website hosting solution empowered with PHP, MySQL, cPanel and completely Ad-free platform.

000Webhost Product/Services Overview:-

It is not at all surprising to find yourself confused amidst the variety of website types and web hosting plans. With such high competition with thousands of options and providers to choose from, it is easy to get perplexed despite the fundamental knowledge.

Yet, the definite fact is that one needs online presence of their business to grow and flourish, to expand beyond the geographic territory. And, on the other side is the fact that as your online business grows, you have an inevitable need for better and more complex level of web hosting services.

At 000Webhost, we have three types of plans but let’s start with the two most popular ones.

Free Web Hosting

000Webhost Review

The moment we hear that there is something for free, there tickles an alarming inner voice about what could be wrong about it. It holds so true while we observe the global scenario yet when it comes to 000Webhost, you'll be able to trust us for 'Free' being 'Free'.

The free web hosting of subdomain comes with a bundle of features which is way more than what is critical to the successful domain hosting of any website.

Below is the comprehensive list of features which will help you analyze your exact requirements.

10 GB of bandwidth:
Ever come across some website where the result is to be displayed by masses and for hours, you keep on trying but the server is not responding. Whew! Bandwidth exactly plays this role to handle the number of visitors coming to your website i.e. the traffic on your website, The more traffic you want to generate, the higher would be the bandwidth required.

1000 MB of disk space:
Every website has a different purpose. The more the content, the more is the reach and at the same time it requires more space on the hosting server. This ensures that your web content is always available online and the profile never goes vulnerable.

Sleep time of one hour per day:
It implies that for this particular duration, your website will not be available for public access. Yet, to offer the best of the services and meet your expectations, after the initial two weeks period, we allow you to choose the sleep time which you think would be preferred. In case this limitation sounds like a big botheration and you would not want to face this sort of a compromise on your business, you may consider opting for yet another most popular hosting solution that we offer at a very nominal fee.

Own ads allowed:
This hosting service is completely Ad free and yet you can choose the kind of ads that can be displayed on your website.

99% Uptime:
Uptime is the time duration for which your server is actively serving to keep your website live and available. On the contrary downtime is the time when the server is down and hence the web services are disrupted during that time. This uptime is always represented as percentage of time, which implies that for every 99 minutes service, one minute would be of unavailability.

Data Backups:
Data backup is very important for any website and hence we offer an automatic data backup on a monthly basis. Other characteristic features include Free Website Builder, Auto WordPress Installer, Instant Backups, FTP support etc.

Premium Hosting

000Webhost Review

If your business needs a higher level of control to sustain itself online, you may not be able to feel the joy of your online presence with just the free services. What might be of real value to you and your business is the Unlimited Premium web hosting which comes at an extremely rock bottom price - it can start at as low as $3.49 per month and there are many more pocket friendly options to look at. So, hurry and scroll through the benefits you get out this nominal fee.

Private SSL Certificate:
Data security is of utmost significance on internet. Hence a Private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures that all the information exchange that happens between the website and the host server remains confidentially encrypted. It also activates the secure lock in the web browser.

Auto backups:
Backup of data that is generated on your website is important for your business growth and its analysis. Auto backups take care of this monotonous routine job in completely hassle-free way. These weekly data backups offer data security and ready accessibility to data to analyze the reports.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth:
Although to get something for free is a good consideration, yet doing business within boundaries creates limitations for itself against a marginal saving. With the premium hosting services, you are eligible for using unlimited disk space and bandwidth which turn out to be great assets in making your website high on performance.

Script Auto Installer:
Script Auto Installer provides you access to a huge library of web applications which are designed for varied purposes. This makes it easy to find the functions needed by you easily amongst existing applications.

Sleep time:
Sleep time is a definite limiting factor for losing opportunities on connecting with business prospects and leads. Hence the cost incurred for availing premium hosting services stands nullified by being available for your prospective customers 24/7 all 365 days of the year. The search for more is never ending. Yet you can sit relax while deciding for our premium hosting because there comes a 30-days money back guarantee to take care of your happiness.

000Webhost Review

What's Good About 000Webhost Hosting:-

With all the above details, you might feel that you are now enlightened with various aspects of hosting and how to choose the appropriate one for yourself. Here are some the advantages to summarize it for you.

  • The first and foremost relief is that there are no hidden costs or restrictive terms which can ever make you regret your decision.
  • Further when it comes to deliverables, the speed is one of the major concerns which persists with some well-known paid services also. With us, you'll be amazed to have a lightning fast speed with immense reliability.
  • Yet another benefit is with the User Support. It is untimely issues that give you the roughest jerks. Our 24/7 dedicated live support is available to you all 365 days of the year.
  • We are straight in our communications and hence ensure that you do no suffer due to lack of information. While we are offering free subdomain hosting as a gesture of gratitude for you, we also communicate with you about the sleep time of 1 hour per day so that you know what's happening with your hosting at any given point of time.
  • As long as you wish to use our Free Web Hosting services, you can be assured that the free service will remain FREE forever. Yet, at a very nominal charge, you would love to avail the most popular 'Premium Silver Hosting' services as a very lucrative offer to continue with the association. The reason is very clear - "We deliver the best value for your money" and stand true to our commitments.