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GoPlex Hosting Review - The perfect hosting solution

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

GoPlex Hosting Review - The perfect hosting solution is one of the best Australian hosting providers which help the businesses to achieve higher sales and growth in the particular fields. The Australian web hosting can lead your business originates with digital specialists and help your business to succeed with digital strategies.

GoPlex has a great story of its success and it is currently leading the list of best web hostings in Australia. The firm which was once started in a small room by two teenagers is one of the best nowadays.

Having a very strong technical background all over Australia, GoPlex is able to fulfill the need of convenient and high-quality hosting service to its large number of customers in Australia. They provide highly impressive hosting services and secure server under a 3 tier international system.

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GoPlex Web Hosting Overview :-

GoPlex, the best hosting services in Australia was started in a room of 5*5 by two cheeky individuals of less than 18 years of age in May 2016 in Sydney’s East. Initially, the motto of the firm is to provide high-quality website services to all small and medium-sized businesses.

The founders found a huge gap between the businesses and the market at that time. They thought to clear the gap with the help of websites. And for clearing the gap, high-quality fast servers are required. The two audacious teenagers developed a web hosting service and provided it to all the small businesses to get more profits by indexing them on the internet.

GoPlex helped many small and non-profiting businesses to get online and gradually increase their potential. GoPlex is still providing high-speed server and quality web hostings to small and medium businesses in Australia to grow to their highest potential.

GoPlex provides a huge range of affordable services including, Australian website hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Customer Behavioural Analytics, and Domains. GoPlex serves almost 1,000,000 clients all over Australia during past couple of years.

With highly affordable options of enterprise-level technology, they are able to contribute their customers with web hosting, VPS services, and domain registrations. GoPlex is highly promising with their services and gives the guarantee of their products.

They are always available for assistance and guarantee for 24*7 care. GoPlex assures 99.9% uptime to never worry about data loss, security threats or website crashes. They also assure pride for their services and have 60-days money back guarantee.

GoPlex Web Hosting Featured/Services Overview :-

GoPlex basically provides Australian Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Customer Behavioural Analytics, and Domains. Along with these, there are some better services that are also provided by GoPlex. The following services are provided by GoPlex -

Premium Cloud SSD web hosting

GoPlex Hosting

One of the most basic and efficient features provided by GoPlex is the Reliable and Affordable Cloud Web Hosting, with Premium SSD Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth. With the help of this service, you can easily keep your site secure from encryption.

Your business always needs a higher level of control to sustain itself in the world of internet. You may not feel your online presence with just the free services provided by GoPlex.The real value of your business nowadays is the Unlimited Premium web hosting which comes at a highly affordable price of as low as $1.00 per month and many more features to look at.

GoPlex has a fully managed WordPress hosting with highly astonishing features like self-optimized web servers, solid-state drive storage, highly optimized installation along with regular basis backups. They use the very lightweight operating system for better setup of WordPress and faster delivery of web pages. GoPlex deploys direct integration of Cloud for securing their clients from DDoS attacks.

They also offer free migration from one website to another WordPress website by transferring their web hosting servers.

The premium cloud feature is available for very less pricing plans. The pricing plans are described below in detail.

GoPlex charge small incentives for their services. They offer various pricing plans depending upon the size of your business. They offer the following pricing plans -

1.Starter ($1.00/month)

The starter plan of GoPlex is provided for a monthly charge of only 1.00 dollars. In this plan, you are provided with 100MB of SSD Storage and 6GB Bandwidth. You are also given only 1 Email Address and 1 Parked Domain. You are also provided with 1 Add-on Domain and also a Subdomain. 24-Hour assistance support is not provided in this pack.

Free SSL Certificate is not given to the users of this plan. Personal Account Manager is not available. No free Website Domain is given. This plan is only suitable for small and mild businesses where the workload is very low.

2. Growth ($4.95/month)

The growth plan of GoPlex is provided on a monthly charge of 4.95 dollars. In this plan, the users are provided with 10GB of SSD Storage along with 300GB Bandwidth. The users are provided 10 Email Addresses from GoPlex along with 4 Parked Domains. 4 Add-on Domains are given to the users. Along with that, 4 Subdomains are also provided.

Unlike the starter plan, 24-Hour Support is provided to the users in the Growth Plan. No free SSL Certificate is provided in this plan too. Personal Account Manager and free Website Domain are also not provided in this plan just like the starter plan. This plan is recommended for small and growing businesses.

3. Flex ($9.69/month)

The flex plan provided by GoPlex is the most popular plan among the users and it is provided on a monthly charge of 9.69 dollars. This plan is recommended for all the medium-sized and great businesses. In this plan, the users are provided with 30GB of SSD Storage along with 600GB Bandwidth.

The users are provided 25 Email Addresses from GoPlex. 8 Parked Domains and 8 Add-on Domains is given to the users. Along with all these domains, 8 Subdomains are also provided. Free 24-Hour Assistance and support are given to the users.

Free SSL Certificate and Personal Account Manager is added in this plan. Only free Website Domain is not provided in this plan.

4. Executive ($29.95/month)

The executive plan of GoPlex is the best plan of GoPlex and is used by all the giant businesses all over Australia. It is provided on a monthly charge of 29.95 dollars. In this plan, all the services of GoPlex are provided to the users.

In this plan, you will be provided with 100GB SSD Storage along with Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Email Addresses are provided to the users. Unlimited Parked Domains, as well as Unlimited Add-on Domains, are also provided. Along with all domains, Unlimited number of Subdomains are also provided.

24-Hour Help and assistance support is given to the users. Free SSL Certificate and Personal Account Manager is given as usual. Free Website Domain is added in this plan. This plan is the best and executive plan of GoPlex. Almost all the big and famous businesses all over Australia deploys this plan.

GoPlex Hosting

GoPlex Domains

GoPlex Hosting

GoPlex provides the very best domain's service at the cheapest price. Are you also looking for the best Web Hosting in Australia? In today's era, there is a very wide horizon of web hosting services available on GoPlex, having variably different specifications and pricing plans, highly suitable for hosting from normal small websites to large corporate websites.

Domain Names can be bought and registered alone, or with a web hosting package. A domain name can be registered with one web host and point to a website at another host, or they can be the same. The Domain feature on GoPlex gives users unlimited free emails and URL forwarding feature along with Premium privacy to your id.

The DNS system is a relatively distributed directory of domains, which solves host names that are beyond the reach of human beings. DNS is actually a directory which has all the crucial pieces of information about domain names, emails servers and TXT record verifications and sometimes even SSH fingerprints.

GoPlex provides its domain service to its users in an efficient price which is also better for the company as well as the clients. The following table shows the schematic view of their plans for domains:

GoPlex Hosting

SSL Certification

Data security is one of the most significant thing on the internet. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) keeps track of all the exchange of information that takes place between the website and the server host remains encrypted.

It also switches on the secure lock in the web browser. One of the major features provided by GoPlex is the SSL certificates providing feature. GoPlex offers a bunch of plans for buying SSL certificates at the cheapest price.

They also provide a free SSL pack for 30 days meant for trial purpose. SSL basically is basically a standard security system technology which is deployed to establish an encryption link between the web browser and the server.

This encrypted link confirms that all the data transferred between the web browser and the server is private and totally integral. It is normally a giant corporate quality stuff which is used by millions of the websites all over the internet for privacy protection as well as for better transactions with their customers. GoPlex also provides a wide range of SSL plans for their clients.

1.RapidSSL Certificate ($13.5 annually)

One of the most basic plans, which is most popular for its Domain Validated certificate because of its low cost and highly rapid reallocation process. Its encryption strength is of approximately 256-bit with a browser recognition of 99%. It is best for the protection of single and basic entry level sites. This plan is provided on an annual charge of 13.5 dollars.

2. Symantec secure site plan ($526.0 annually)

This plan is just amazing for every website from the view of visitors to your website. It showcases the Norton Secured Seal on the website which basically provides satisfaction to the visitors about their information. In this plan, the Organization validated certificate is provided with 256-bit encryption along with 99% browser recognition. This plan is provided on an annual charge of 526 dollars.

3. Symantec Secure Site Pro ($1286.28 annually)

This plan is also puffed with Norton Secured Seal, backed by Symantec brand. In this plan, the best Organization Validated certificate with 256-bit encryption. 99% browser recognition is provided along with malware and vulnerability scan. This plan also consists of ECC encryption, which is the fastest and lightest encryption technology in this industry. This plan is provided on an annual charge of 1286.28 dollars.

4. Symantec Secure Site Pro Wild Card ($7371 annually)

This plan is the most premium wildcard solution of encryption available in the industry. The provided certificate can cover a single domain along with an unlimited number of subdomains. This plan also provides 256-bit encryption aside from HTTPS, which really sets the certificate far from all the other features namely, Norton Secured Seal and ECC encryption. This plan is provided on an annual charge of 7371 dollars.

What's Good About GoPlex Web Hosting:-

24*7 Assistance and Support

GoPlex provided 24*7 assistance and support to its users which are not in the started plan. They are very friendly with their clients and great assistance to them. Anyone can avail the advantages of their perfect and greatly designed assistance services by paying the required amount.

The users can easily contact the customer support authority anytime. They are always happy to serve you for your issues in a best possible way. They assure to help their users even at the night time and they guarantee it.

Broad plans to choose

GoPlex offers a wide range of pricing plans according to the size of business. One can select the desired plan on the basis of their business size. The small and new business clients can select the starter plan. The growing ones can choose the Growth plan. The large firms can choose the flex plan.

And the Giants can choose the executive plan for their business. You can clearly see a wide variation on the charge of the plans. One can easily choose plans according to their budget too.

Uptime and Speed

GoPlex guarantees an Uptime of 99.9%. Their servers are highly stable and quite backed up with highly advanced storage technologies like SAN Storage, SSD, and cloud. Clearly, they provide hardware uptime guarantee to their best extent.

The server speed of the provider network is 10 times faster than the regular network. The port speed ranges between 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps in the provider network.

60 Days money back Guarantee

GoPlex offers a 60-day money back guarantee without any type of terms and conditions. The money will be fully refunded to you if you are not satisfied with the services provided by GoPlex.

And according to us, 60 days are enough to test your product or service is working on your system or is compatible with your system.

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