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AlexHost Review - A Secure, Good & Value For More Web Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

AlexHost Review - A Secure, Good & Value For More Web Hosting

One question that always arises in our minds when creating a website is related to choosing the perfect Web hosting service.

A reliable web hosting provider is a must for your website as it will make sure that your website runs smoothly and does not crumble under pressures of high bandwidth.

The market is crawling with countless hosting providers that claim wonders but only turn out to be frauds.

In this Ruckus, how can anyone decide which hosting provider to choose? I am sure you have been searching relentlessly to find a good hosting provider, you can end your search with AlexHost

AlexHost is safe, fast, reliable, and even affordable. In this article, I will be reviewing AlexHost to help you choose a perfect hosting provider.

About AlexHost :-

AlexHost Review

AlexHost is a web-hosting company based in Moldova. The company started in 2008 and has achieved many milestones on the way.

Alexhost has a team of result-oriented professionals that works relentlessly to provide you only the best service and that too for a reasonable price.

The company uses only the latest modern equipment and has completely Automated the hosting processes to ensure peak performance and flexibility.

Alexhost provides services such as Web hosting, VPN, and SSL certificate. Hosting includes Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server, Litespeed Hosting, and Colocation.

Unlike most of the hosting providers, Alexhost has its own Data center which is highly safe and provides better uptime and stability.

Alexhost Services Overview :-

AlexHost Review

Alexhost offers a variety of hosting plans. Their plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Litespeed Hosting, and Colocation. AlexHost also has VPN and SSL services.

In this section, I will be reviewing all these services to give you an idea about them. Don’t worry if you are not aware of these terms, I will cover all the terminologies too.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting, it can be used if you newly started a website and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

When you opt for shared hosting, you share the server with multiple websites but your data is separated from others and is kept safe.

AlexHost offers superfast shared hosting which is highly secure and user-friendly. Their Shared Hosting Plan starts from €10/annually which is about 11.28 USD.

All the plans include free anti-DDoS protection, cPanel, unlimited traffic, and unlimited email accounts. The number of websites, FTP accounts, MySQL data, and disk space varies with each plan.

Unlike most of the service providers, AlexHost uses solid-state drives (SSD) which are comparatively faster because SSDs do not have any moving parts like hard drives.

Click here to know more about the Shared Hosting plans.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting is also like shared Hosting, you use a shared server but a part of a server you buy gets separated for you. It is like traveling first class in a plane, you share the plane with others but a portion of it is reserved for you.

With AlexHost you get premium VPS hosting, the benefits are;

  1. SSD VPS for lightning-fast speed and less power consumption.
  2. Get the server functioning the same day you order it.
  3. Uses Juniper technology for high-end performance.
  4. You can choose between cPanel and Plesk to manage, create, and run your website.
  5. Highly customizable, upgrade as you grow.
  6. Installation and free operating system.
  7. 24*7 customer support.

AlexHost gives you an option to buy either the managed servers or Unmanaged servers. When you buy managed servers, the AlexHost team does the management and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

The plan starts from €11.88/annually for unmanaged servers and €10/month for managed servers. Get the full details here.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicating Hosting means renting a whole server. You don’t share any resources with anyone and have full control of the server.

If VPS was like the First class in a plane, then Dedicated hosting is owning a plane.

This type of hosting is used by well-established businesses and professionals who want the highest level of security and performance.

AlexHost offers dedicated hosting, which provides smooth performance and reliability, when you choose Alexhost dedicated hosting you get the following benefits;

  1. Dedicated server which very fast and extremely stable
  2. Choose from a wide range of servers.
  3. very affordable prices as compared to the other service providers
  4. Best hardware and software based on AMD EYPC or Intel Xeon processors running Debian 8, CentOS, Windows 2016, or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  5. Server managed by the highly skilled professionals of AlexHost who are capable of dealing with any troubleshooting.
  6. Servers physically located in Moldova

But this is not it, AlexHost also gives its customers some bonus services;

  1. 500 GB hard drive which can be used as a backup
  2. Servers equipped with DDoS protection technology which makes sure your servers do not waste any data processing malware.
  3. 24*7 customer support through phone, text, skype, and email. Complex issues are resolved through the ticketing system.

More details here


AlexHost also provides colocation service. Their Colocation service is safe, reliable, and efficient. You get a lot of benefits when you avail colocation by AlexHost, Some of them are:

  • All server colocations are set in an extremely secure data center located in a military bomb shelter.
  • Data center equipped with cooling system, fire detection sensors, and is under 24*7 video surveillance.
  • Electricity is provided by 2 independent substations. Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. Power continuity is maintained by UPSs and personal SDMO diesel generators.

Get more details about colocation here

Why Choose Alexhost?

In this section, we will be seeing what differentiates AlexHost from other service providers in the market and why you should go for it.

Own Data center

AlexHost Review

AlexHost has its own data center equipped with all the latest modern technologies to ensure that your website works fast and without interruptions.

Their Data center is located in Chisinau, Moldova in a bomb shelter of a former military plant. Now can you imagine that? It’s pretty safe, probably the safest place you can ask for.

The data center is equipped with a cooling system, fire detection sensors, and is under 24*7 video surveillance.

It is powered by 2 independent substations. Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. Power continuity is maintained by UPSs and personal SDMO diesel generators. It has a total feeder capacity of 1.6 MW.

Offshore hosting

AlexHost provides Offshore hosting. Offshore hosting is when your data is hosted from a country other than yours.

When you take your hosting offshore you can host content that is banned or considered illegal in a particular country.

For example, Countries like China have barred freedom of speech, and criticism of the government is considered a crime, so if you want the world to hear your story then there is no option but to host your website offshore.

AlexHost’s servers are located in Moldova, Europe which is ideal for Offshore hosting.

Offshore hosting is the best option for you if your country is not allowing freedom of speech, muffling media, and banning cryptocurrency.

DMCA ignored servers

AlexHost Review

Digital millennial copyright act, A US law that prevents digital content such as Articles, pictures, etc. from being copied.

You might need DMCA ignored servers if you use copyrighted content on your website because this law forces websites to delete copied content.

The companies that provide DMCA are located in countries that are not DMCA compliant thus ignoring the DMCA notices from the copyright holder.

AlexHost offers DMCA ignored servers that will help you keep your website afloat even if you post pirated content. AlexHost’s DMCA ignored servers keep you out of legal trouble.

AlexHost offers DMCA ignored servers at an affordable price. The DMCA ignored hosting is available for Litespeed hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Shared hosting is excluded from DMCA ignored hosting.

Nowadays people misuse DMCA to shut down legitimate websites, many complaints are not even backed by any evidence but it still hampers your website.

AlexHost’s DMCA ignored servers will help you keep your website safe moreover it will also give you the freedom to post content that may otherwise be banned. It ensures that your right to freedom of speech is protected.

Get more details here

Adult Content Allowed

Many hosting providers are hesitant when it comes to hosting adult content such as pornography maybe because of the potential legal risks and morality issues but this is not the case with AlexHost. They allow you to freely host Adult content without any restrictions.

Accepts Cryptocurrency

AlexHost accepts payments from a wide range of methods and this includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, and others. This ensures that your anonymity is maintained.

Cryptocurrency payment ensures that your payments do not get tracked by government agencies.

Unlimited Bandwidth

When you host your website with AlexHost, you get unlimited bandwidth, no matter what type of hosting you choose. Unlimited bandwidth means you can take full advantage of the natural speed built into the AlexHost’s connection in the first place.

Plans And Pricing Of AlexHost :-

AlexHost Review

AlexHost provides top-notch hosting services and that too for a very reasonable price. When a company provides such good services, it is expected from them that they will charge a lot of money but that’s not the case with AlexHost.

The plans and prices vary for each type of hosting. For example, shared hosting starts from €10/annually which is about 11.28 USD and VPS hosting starts from €11.88/annually for unmanaged servers and €10/month for managed servers.

All the plans include 30 days of the money-back guarantee. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied by the services.

You can get more information regarding the plans and prices by going through their website.

Conclusion :-

A good hosting provider is necessary for the growth of any website, no matter how small or big the website is. A good hosting provider should be Secure, Fast, reliable, and affordable. AlexHost stands in all of these parameters.

AlexHost has its own data center which ensures that your websites are hosted without any disruptions. It provides offshore hosting which lets you exercise your right to speak even if you are in a country that considers it illegal.

AlexHost’s dedicated servers are the most affordable and safe servers you will find in the market. At AlexHost they provide 24*7 customer support to you and resolve all your queries quickly.

To conclude, AlexHost is one of the most reliable and safe web hosting providers you will find. It is good value for money.