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Resellerclub Review - Feature Packed Complete Web Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

Resellerclub Review - Feature Packed Complete Web Hosting

Every blogger or developer needs a good web hosting service so that their websites runs smoothly unfortunately, nowadays that kind of web hosting service is very rare to find.

In light of that, we decided to go ahead with ResellerClub’s review, which is one of the best web hosting service. It is a very reliable and powerful web hosting company for designers, developers, web hosting companies, domainers everyone whether you are a beginner or professional.

ResellerClub has more than 200,000 resellers who joined their service as a sub hosting provider that's is a very big number and they served more than 5 million domains in over 150+ countries.

ResellerClub offers a wide range of web hosting solutions which is one of its biggest advantage. Any kind of hosting service you want is available in ResellerClub starting from Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and apart from hosting they offer addon services like email tools, security features and website builders and above all you get 30 day money-back guarantee.

All we can say is it's a one-stop shop, for those who want a good web hosting service as well as complete web solutions for their business.

ResellerClub Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Hosting

ResellerClub shared hosting is one of the best and most affordable hosting available in the market. You can host your website for just $0.49 a month.

This is amazing as none of the other web hosting service providers offer a price so low with world class features like unlimited storage & bandwidth, antivirus protection, 1-click install of wordpress, magento, drupal.

ResellerClub servers are premium Dell servers which are very powerful and fast and deliver 99.99% uptime without interruptions. ResellerClub provides a world class controls Plesk Panel and cPanel on windows shared hosting and linux shared hosting respectively which are very easy to operate and maintain.

These control panels also help you to install many popular applications in just 1-click. You can choose and install from over 300 applications and scripts including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. ResellerClub servers uses very high technology to secure their servers and your website by encrypting their communication and data that powers their web hosting servers with FTP over SSL (FTPS).

ResellerClub offers 2 kinds of shared hosting - Linux and Windows. Let's check them out.

Linux Shared Hosting - ResellerClub linux shared hosting provides many features like 24GB RAM, 250GB RAID 1 OS Drive, 1TB Cached Customer Drive, Anti Spam & Virus Protection, Secure FTP Access, Hotlink & Leech Protection and many more.

Currently ResellerClub linux shared hosting offers 3 plans Personal ($3.49/mo), Business ($4.99/mo) and Pro ($6.49/mo).
ResellerClub Review - Feature Packed Complete Web Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting - ResellerClub window shared hosting provides all the features same as linux hosting but with Plesk control panel instead of cPanel which is only available in linux hosting.

Currently ResellerClub windows shared hosting offers 3 plans - Personal ($3.49/mo), Business ($5.49/mo) and Pro ($7.49/mo).
ResellerClub Review - Feature Packed Complete Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

ResellerClub WordPress Hosting provides an excellent and robust experience. Now you can easily setup your wordpress websites with automatic WP Core updates which will give you access to more features and keep your website more secure.

WordPress website security is usually a concern because malwares can be injected with plugins without the knowledge of the user. However, ResellerClub’s wordpress hosting, runs daily scans for malwares and is also equipped to take automated backups of your file in their secure servers.

They also provide many more world class features with their wordpress hosting like 1-click wordpress installs, automated cloud backup, advanced anti-malware & firewall and fully managed services.

Currently ResellerClub WordPress hosting offers 4 plans Standard ($3.99/mo*), Business ($7.99/mo*), Pro ($9.99/mo*) and Elite ($19.99/mo*).

ResellerClub Review - Feature Packed Complete Web Hosting

What's Good About ResellerClub :-


ResellerClub pricing is one of their biggest advantages. Their prices are fixed unlike other hosting providers who offer very cheap rates for the initial registration and very high renewal price.


ResellerClub uptime is very good because of their multiple datacenters in 5 different countries, Reliable Power and HVAC Protection.


Security features is also a big plus point. They provide very tight security for your website by daily malware scans, antivirus protections, encrypted files and SiteLock security features and many more things.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like the other big web hosting providers, ResellerClub also provided 30-day money back guarantee features to their users so that they can use their services without taking any risk. You get your money refund if you are not satisfied with their service.


ResellerClub provides award winning support 24/7 via email, phone and chat. Their highly skilled professional support team handles and solves problems very quickly.

What's Bad About ResellerClub :-

No Marketing Credits

ResellerClub do not offer any kind of marketing credits which is now a common feature most of the big companies offer and i feel this is the only bad thing about ResellerClub.

Final Verdict About ResellerClub :-

Yes we truly recommend ResellerClub. It is one of the best complete web hosting providers in the world with all the good features, security and customer support. What more could anyone need?.