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RoseHosting Review - Ultra Fast Hosting With Good Support

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

RoseHosting Review - Ultra Fast Hosting With Good Support

There are a lot of new hosting providers on the block however, it would make the most sense to try and see what the most experienced hosts are offering. This is where RoseHosting comes in having been around since 2001, they certainly know a thing or two about offering excellent service.

For this review, I used an SSD 1 VPS for a couple of months, to see whether or not wisdom really comes with age. To put it plain and simple in a sentence: I am very happy with the service I have experienced with RoseHosting. So, without further ado, let’s get into what makes RoseHosting an excellent web hosting provider.

RoseHosting has consistently been offering one of the lowest prices I've seen available for fully managed web hosting, simultaneously offering the best technical support for the price while also including, SSD storage, 100% uptime, and free migration, all at the same time.

Let’s go more in-depth into some of the more commonly-chosen solutions for web-hosting.

RoseHosting Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Web Hosting

There are three options in terms of shared hosting, ranging from 1 domain, 2GB of SSD space and 200GB of data transfer, all the way up to 20 domains, 20GB of SSD space and 2TB of data transfer. The prices range from $4.95 monthly to $19.95 monthly for the best variant.

This is the more budget friendly choice for those who are just looking to start a business or do some simpler tasks, such as performing data collection or running websites without many active users.

A pleasant surprise that is rare to find in competitors is the SSD storage available on all hosting options, this means that no matter the tier of hosting chosen, your storage will always be lightning-fast.

RoseHosting Review - Ultra Fast Hosting With Good Support

VPS Hosting

When it comes to VPS hosting, it was a delight to find out that RoseHosting was the very first company to offer commercial virtual servers. In fact, they provide a method to verify this through the Internet Archive.

After examining the options available, I can say from experience that a VPS will provide most people with the best ‘bang for the buck’. While the prices are higher than shared hosting, there’s four options to choose from, ranging from $19.95/month all the way up to $79.95/month.

The reason behind the higher price is due to the fact that VPS's offer many more features over the shared hosting options, such as full root access, free DNS hosting, ability to run any control panel, do Java services, and so on.

Even though this is more costly than shared hosting, I feel that the configurations more than match the pricing. The most affordable offering 30GB of storage and 2TB of data transfer, and the most expensive offering 150GB of SSD storage and 8TB of data transfer! These plans should be enough for most budding businesses and some more popular websites out there.

And if these specifications are not enough, RoseHosting allows for custom VPS configurations; catering to special SSD sizes, CPU power, data transfer limits, RAM, and so on.

The affordability really comes into play when you take into account everything that comes included with a VPS. This is essentially a real server to the end user, since there’s a root user on this server, complete with its own version of a Linux server distribution of your choosing.

With the high-end plans, the virtual servers offered are much more powerful; and as an added bonus, cPanel or DirectAdmin are thrown in for free as well!

RoseHosting Review - Ultra Fast Hosting With Good Support

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are similar to VPSes, except for the fact that there is loads more power, storage, and overall performance over any VPS option available, since it is a physical server instead of a virtual server.

Dedicated hosting is for those who require the most performance from their server, with minimal downtime and as much power and expandability as possible.

Luckily, with RoseHosting, their prices are somewhat expensive, even for dedicated servers, but considering they include their unlimited fully managed support, one could argue that they are actually not that expensive.

Starting at just $299 a month, they offer an Intel Xeon E3, 500GB SSD with redundancy, and 2TB of data transfer. These servers are definitely aimed towards larger businesses and some of the higher visitor count websites and blogs.

There are high-end plans available for dedicated servers as well; offering significantly better performance over the other dedicated servers.

RoseHosting Review - Ultra Fast Hosting With Good Support

What's Good About RoseHosting:-

Low Prices, Lots of Features

It’s really hard to find something to complain about when it comes to the features offered, even with the shared hosting plans. But from previous research, the VPS offers have the most functionality and flexibility for the price.

Fantastic Reliability, Speed and Uptime

I installed and tried out a couple of software and website-controlled tools, such as WordPress. I found that the VPS was able to handle everything I needed it to, with plenty of wiggle-room to expand and grow my site/business. And with the data center being located in what is essentially the center of the United States, load times and latency have been nothing short of excellent as well.

Outstanding Support

With many people saying the same thing, it’s clear that if there’s one thing RoseHosting has been able to do right time and time again, it’s their flawless support system. Any issues are worked out and solved immediately, all with the convenience of live chat allowing for support no matter where you are.

What's Bad About RoseHosting:-

Linux Only

To most users acquainted with using servers for enterprise use, this won't even be a con. A lot of users and professional clients need Linux servers in order to maintain their perfect 100% uptime and to have the support they need.

Final Verdict:-

This is a hidden gem in the sea of hosting providers available today. Whether you're starting from scratch with your next big idea, or if you need to migrate your booming website to something more user-friendly, RoseHosting will be able to help you find a suitable server, and then provide support every step of the way.