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Quform Review - Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Quform Review - Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin

People that have got around to using the wordpress to manage websites would be struck by the sheer utility that the plugins offer the user. The entire user experience would have been quite different if not for the convenience and presentability of the plugins on the software.

Often more than the ease of usage it is the ability to exercise a greater amount of control while using the Wordpress software that attracts the user to it. Thus the role of the plugins cannot be belittled as to the ease and comfort offered to help manage a website long after it has been hosted on the server.

There is another aspect to the plugins that most people simply are not aware of. More than the management of time, the plugins offer better data management so that the traffic generated by the server in hosting a website is within manageable limits.

Thus the extra cost incurred in utilizing a plugin can often be recovered in the saving afforded by the frugal use of data transfer each time a website is accessed from anywhere. It is with this aim that a new plugin called Quform Premium Wordpress Form Builder Plugin for WordPress is being introduced and it does manage the better part of the features as listed above and is compatible for most uses as well.

Additionally the Quform Premium Wordpress Form Builder Plugin offers a fair bit of customizations that make possible the use of a single plugin for a wide number of uses and websites as well.

Quform Form Builder Plans & Pricing :-

The plugin can be started off with just $29. Additional charges could apply when more advanced features are needed but possible at a later stage.

Quform Form Builder Features Overview :-

Quform is not just a simple WordPress plugin, actually it is an advanced tool which allows you to build multiple forms and control them quickly and easily.

Quform can do everything to help you even if you are working on complex quotes, booking forms or just a simple work. With Quform, you can to do it all without touching any code. Wanna know how simple is it? Click few buttons and you will have a fully functional form and let's check the following features.

Quform Form Builder Plugin

Campaign Monitor Integration

This is bound to be the most sought after plugin for those die hard marketing folks. With its use it is possible to keep track of the various parameters that define marketing campaigns in the digital world.

Right from emails sent to responses and the results can all be had in real time. Thus making sense to a set of activities that can be chaotic at best of times.

Mobile Ready, Responsive & Retina Ready

The shifting of the media display from desktops to the palms and still lower to the wrists has meant that a tool that integrates the basic functions of a monitor is used for all purposes. The very idea is to provide a comfort level on small screens as comparable to large desktop and laptop monitors as well.

This prime purpose has been achieved with the Quform Form Builder Plugin. This particular plugin would go a long way in facilitating the shift of attention to still smaller viewing screens that could come up in the future.

Social Profiles & Social Sharing

If the present social norms are greatly influenced by the use of social media and it associated applications the future applications of technology is going to be even more dependent on the medium.

Thus the plugin makes the website in many ways future ready to take on the challenges of the new era in computing and in propagating ideas and thoughts that extensively use social media.

Tracking System

There has been a fair amount of usability to SEO habits that are localized to a situation. The further development of this field would see the more focused approach to offering services and products that stresses the physical location to a greater extent.

And this is going to be further accentuated with the use of the tracking feature that can be utilized to bring more focused and targeted approach to SEO.

Available Languages

Furthermore, it is translated in many languages including French, Dutch, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Italian.

Quform Form Builder More key Features :-

  • New Multi-page forms
  • New Edit entries
  • New Duplicate element
  • New Submit button element that can be moved
  • New Unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission
  • New Conditional logic on notifications
  • New Add Attachment notifications
  • New Confirmation system logic
  • New RTL support
  • New Labeling system for form entries
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • Create a form without knowing any HTML or PHP!
  • Responsive forms
  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Fully translatable
  • Easy to use user interface
  • View submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin
  • Send submitted form data via email
  • Conditional logic to show/hide fields
  • Dynamically set form values from the URL
  • File uploads, sent as attachments or saved to the server (or both)
  • Preview while building
  • File upload progress

What's Good About Quform Form Builder :-

  • There are a number of features that bring greater levels of productivity to the user and which can be leveraged to good effect by the trained or experienced hands. Thus the role of chance is lessened as time passes by to bring forth results that are often more objective to use.
  • If the sheer numbers of features are taken into account there would be few other competing plugins that could meet the cheer range on offer. When considered together with the price on offer, it really is a steal on all counts. This fits in with the present trend to look at returns that are often not measured in terms of money but a more subjective experience.
  • When modern plugins are considered it is often observed that they tend to be rather complex to use. The overload on jargon and technical data make it impossible for the average user of the Wordpress software to make use of the features to the best of ability. With Quform Premium Wordpress Form Builder Plugin, nobody would complain that it is complex to use. The plug and surf feature of most features make this as user friendly as it gets.
  • Rarely is a piece of technology backwardly integrated. But the Quform Premium Wordpress Form Builder Plugin does just that making it simple to implement even in areas that have seen the obsolesce of already in use plugins. This is a farsighted feature that is bound to bring forth a good conversion rate from the old users of Wordpress.