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ez Form Calculator - WordPress Form plugin

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


ez Form Calculator - WordPress Form plugin

Every website is incomplete without a form because it is one of the most important factor for any website and form can be of any type like contact form, calculation form, selling form, upload form, signup form etc.

So today in this review we are going to show you the wordpress form plugin review which is used to create multi purpose form for your wordpress website and the plugin is ez Form Calculator.

With the help of this wordpress form builder you can create many kind of forms like form calculators, advanced cost estimators or extensive contact forms, discount forms, file upload forms and many others.

This plugin has all the necessary form elements on this like checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons etc so that your website does not face any kind of problem while filling the forms and the best thing is the form you create with wordpress form plugin is automatic means the form can do calculations automatically before submitting the form isn't this amazing and this amazing form can cost you just only $39 which is very good as compared to its functionality.

ez Form Calculator plugin Features Overview :-

Multiple Form Options

ez Form Calculator plugin offers many options to their users to create many different kind of form for their website like form for Media agencies, Photography studios, Event managers, Table rate shipping, Real estate etc. You will definitely get plenty of form options to choose from.

Drag And Drop Form Editor

Their state of the art drag and drop form editor lets to build any kind of form very easily you just have to drag and drop the elements and after that your world class form is ready to engage your website visitor and helps your website to achieve great heights.

Multiple Form Elements

This wordpress form plugin provides 15+ different form elements like dropdown menus, checkbox, datepicker and many more so that you can easily create a perfect form for your website and lets your visitor fill and submit the form wihtout getting any problem.

Enhanced Security

ez Form Calculator plugin pay serious attention to security that is why the validate every kind of form data in their backend so that if anyone want to send malicious data on your submit they will remove the bad data using their validations methods and only send good data to your website.

File Upload Options

This plugin gives complete freedom to user in case of file upload. User can upload single or multiple files simultaneously without getting any error and send then as an email attachment.

Import/Export Form

Now you don't have to worry much about your form structure you can easily create a backup of your form structure by simply clicking on export button and you can also import any form structure so that you can save time by without creating same form again and again.

Perfect For eCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce then you can easily integrate this form plugin with your products or simply use WooCommerce as payment gateway and you can easily integrate PayPal to get online payments directly through your website.

ez Form Calculator plugin More key Features :-

  • Generate forms with visual drag’n’drop-editor
  • Advanced calculation: perform multiple calculations with each form element
  • Formulas like x+y*(a-b) and other nested calculations can be created visually.
  • 15+ different form elements like dropdown-menus, checkboxes, datepicker etc.
  • Backend verification for increased security
  • Translation ready (e.g. WPML)
  • File uploads: users can upload single/multiple files and send them as email attachment
  • Conditional logic: show, hide and set values conditionally
  • Discounts: modify price by value ranges
  • Visual email handling with the WordPress editor
  • Import / export forms for easy backups
  • WooCommerce integration: attach forms to products or simply use WooCommerce as payment gateway
  • Generate and attach PDF files in emails from submissions
  • PayPal integration
  • Stripe integration

What's Good About ez Form Calculator plugin :-

  • ez form calculator plugin offers multiple form creation which is the one of the best features in that price.
  • Backened verification is also its main features which make this plugin different from rest of the form plugins.
  • Ecommerce and PayPal integration are very good features which is nowadays mandatory for most of the website which sells something from their website.
  • Availability and usage of multiple form elements is also good features they provides almost every useful form elements so their user does not feel disappointed while creating the form.
  • ez form calculator pricing is very genuine you can get many premium things in very less price which make this plugin very competitive in terms of its features and pricing which is a good thing for end user.