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MasterStudy - An Ultimate Education Bundle

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


MasterStudy - An Ultimate Education Bundle

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are very much popular nowadays. Many LMS are available in the market. Since online learning is in demand, the need for LMS has increased very much.

WordPress LMS Plugins should have the basic features of course creation, content management and seamless integration with any theme. We are here to give you the ultimate solution for that.

MasterStudy LMS plugin is the most robust educational plugin available in WordPress. And its seamless integration with the MasterStudy theme makes it the perfect solution.

So, if you would like to purchase the perfect LMS WordPress theme along with a plugin, MasterStudy should be your go to choice.

MasterStudy Theme :-

Even if you are not an experienced developer, you can make an excellent online educational platform using MasterStudy.

MasterStudy is the conclusive theme that comes with various features. It is entirely compatible with the famous page builder Elementor. MasterStudy has 15+ extra ordinary demos. The demo layouts are responsive and clean. You can make the most appealing educational website using the MasterStudy theme.

And it is not only about the designs. The theme has a pretty straight forward development procedure.

You can create pages very swiftly with simple drag and drop features. You get endless skin colors with google fonts to customize the website according to your personal choice.

MasterStudy Theme Features Overview :-

You can make your educational platform stand out with the great features that come with MasterStudy Theme.

  • MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin
  • MasterStudy Elementor Widgets
  • Revolution Slider
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Post Type
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Child Theme

What MasterStudy Theme Offers :-

  • Having the freedom to upload logos, manage positions, customize header texts and site titles etc.
  • Managing Side Bars, Top Bars and select skin colors of the website.
  • Individual customization of fonts in different sections of the website.
  • Social Media Connectivity option.
  • Mailchimp Integration.
  • Custom CSS option to change styles.
  • IOS and Android Friendly

Since we briefly talked about the MasterStudy Theme. Let’s get into the specifics of the MasterStudy LMS Plugin.

Pricing :-

The Price of MasterStudy Theme is only $69. It comes with

  • Envato Quality Check
  • Six months of extensive support from StylemixThemes. It can be extended to twelve months with $21.38
  • All the Future Updates

There is both a Free and a Premium version of MasterStudy LMS Plugin. The Free version offers many features just enough for you to create courses and sell them. The premium version offers a handful of extra features that will make your website just the ideal one.

MasterStudy LMS :-

MasterStudy Review

MasterStudy LMS Plugin can be called a supreme learning management plugin. It is filled with fascinating features.

The LMS contains a thorough admin interface, chat system for private messages, areas for publishing quizzes and results, and a section for course announcements.

You can install the free version of MasterStudy LMS from and the premium version from the Plugin Page.

MasterStudy Review

MasterStudy LMS Free :-

MasterStudy LMS is a successful plugin by the StylemixThemes team. They have made a great plugin with the best suited features needed to build an educational platform.

You can build an eLearning platform within a very short time and you can sell your courses online to an unlimited number of people.

This LMS plugin is built with Javascript and significant elements are built with Vue.js. This makes the plugin very easy to use, having smooth transitions and quicker loading pages.

What MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin Offers :-

  • You can fully customize how you want to display the courses on your website. You are able to import courses flawlessly, change the layout and select styles. You can also edit how you want the search option to work.
  • You can individually edit each course and their materials. There are options to add the level of the courses, add curriculums, faq, and reviews tab.
  • You may design and grade quizzes for students.
  • Setting up profiles of instructors, email notification settings, pre moderation of courses set up can be done. And disabling options for subscription and profiles can be done as well.
  • You may edit certificates for the students after they complete their courses.
  • The payment gateway options include offline payments, paypal, stripe and wire transfer.
  • You can set GDPR options as well.

There are many things to do with the free version as you can see. But wait till we describe how many more things you can do with the premium version of this Plugin.

MasterStudy LMS Pro :-

MasterStudy Review

MasterStudy Pro LMS plugin makes the plugin fulfilled as a learning management system. The premium version of this plugin is packed with finest features.

Udemy Importer

Udemy is one of the best eLearning platforms. You can import courses from the website directly into your WordPress Website using this addon. Afterwards, you'll be able to manage courses directly from the dashboard.


You may set prerequisites for the courses. Students will have to finish some criterias before advancing to the higher level.

Online Testing

This addon will allow you to copy paste quizzes using shortcodes from one page to another.

Trial Courses

You can offer some trial lessons before enrolling into a course.

Drip Content

Content Dripping is a major requirement of LMS plugins. With the Drip Content addon you can do that seamlessly. The students will be able to follow a proper trail while taking the course. This will eventually help them to understand the course proper way.

The Gradebook

You can follow the students progress statistics using this addon.

Statistics & Payouts

With the help of this addon, you can handle and track the payments and earning of the instructors.

Live Streaming

You may be able to live stream your classes using this addon. This will allow you to have a more interactive session with your pupils.


Homeworks and assignments are very essential while completing a course. You can activate this addon to take assignments from your students.

Multi Instructors

This is a great addon within this LMS plugin. You as an admin can allow and assign more than one instructor to a course.

Course Bundle

You can import multiple courses into a bundle and sell them.

Media File Manager

This addon enables you to conveniently manage your media files in multiple formats.

MasterStudy Review

Other Pro Addons Functionalities

  • You can give points to your students to reward them for achievements using the Point System.
  • Google Classroom & Zoom Video Conference will allow you to have sessions with these platforms
  • The SCORM addon is a great addon allowing you to utilize variety of authoring tools
  • Manage emails and modify them using Email Manager.
  • LMS Form Editor will help you to edit profile forms or pre built forms.
  • You can edit and design your own certificate using Certificate Builder.

Conclusion :-

MasterStudy LMS has great features and is very user friendly. You can integrate many other plugins like BuddyPress for creating private message systems. The membership system using paid membership pro comes pretty handy.

You can even translate the plugins for your ease. And integration with social media platforms is convenient. Finally with WooCommerce integration you can sell the courses with full freedom.

If you ask us, there are very few plugins that are this much suitable for WordPress. So buy MasterStudy LMS today and create your own unique eLearning Website!