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Under Construction Page Plugin By Web Factory

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Under Construction Page Plugin By Web Factory

Today we are going to review a wonderful under construction page plugin Under Construction Page it is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating maintenance pages.

Now forget about what your website visitors thought when visiting your under construct website use Under Construction plugin and show beautiful construction page theme according to your need on your website it will act as a default page of your website and your website pages is hidden behind the under construction theme.

Under Construction Page plugin provides many kind of themes for every purpose whether you are updating your website or your website is down it can display your message written on their beautiful theme to your visitors which will give a more positive experience to your visitors and the best thing is that this Under Construction Page plugin is free for everyone and it is platform independent you can use it on your WordPress website as well as on your self created website.

Currently there are more than 60,000 active users and the plugin is updated in every 2 weeks and you get email support in case you find any problem.

Under Construction Page Plugin Features Overview :-

Under Construction Mode

It can help you to easily turn On or OFF under construction mode in a single click and construction page will disappear instantly.

End Date & Time

This features help you to set the time when you want to stop the construction page to appear on your website.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

You can add Google Analytics Tracking ID so that you can never miss your website insights.


Number of construction page themes are available and a new one is added in their theme collection every time they update the plugin.

Custom CSS

This plugin gives you the freedom to style any construction page theme in your way you can apply your custom CSS so that it can match with your website styling.

Dynamic Content

You can add anthing to construction page theme starting from page title, description, headline, content with images and you can do styling in all these texts.

Login Button

To show a descrete link to the login form, or WP admin if you're logged in.

Social icons/links

All the popular social media icons and links like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram are already added in this plugin and many new ones are added with every update.

Whitelisted Users

You can give access to anyone which can see the underconstructed website directly instead of construction page.

Under Construction Page Plugin Advantages :-

  • The best thing of this plugin is that it is free to use and it is updated regularly with addition of features everytime.
  • With this construction plugin you get many theme option which can definitely fit in your website style without doing any editing
  • Under Construction Page plugin is highly customizable i mean you can customise every thing which is displayed in your website to your visitor whether it is text, image or styling.
  • This plugin is platform independent means anyone can use this plugin whether you use WordPress or not and you add this plugin in your website without getting any problem or asking any kind of assistance from the developers.

Under Construction Page Plugin User Reviews :-

"Exactly what I needed! The plugin is so quick and simple to use. Loved the beautiful design available. The social icones are a nice idea too."

"If you want something straight-forward and just works, then choose this. Gets the job done just like that."

"Does exactly what I need it to do plus some extras like, customizing & adding social media links."

"Several fun templates to choose from, or just go with the simple text version. Customize the text and go. Admin users can see the site while everyone else sees the under construction page. Love the social media widget at the bottom!"