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Coming Soon Page Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Coming Soon Page Pro WordPress Plugin Review

If you have a WordPress website then you have used many WordPress plugins for various purposes and here in this review article we will talk about another WordPress plugin which is built for very special purpose and this is when your website is coming soon or when your website is under maintenance and the plugin is Coming Soon Page Pro Plugin for WordPress.

As the name suggest this plugin is only meant for creating beautiful and interactive coming soon and maintenance pages and it is very easy to setup and make you website looks beautiful and engaging when your website is under construction or in maintenance mode.

With this plugin you create stunning coming soon page, capture leads & limit access to your website while under construction and many more things with the help of this simple plugin.

This plugin offers many incredible features like you can customize each and everything you want in your coming soon and maintenance webpage like you can change colors, backgrounds, fonts and also you can use pre-defined premium themes to make your webpage more beautiful without wasting any time in designing.

Coming Soon Page Pro is also recommended by many big authorities in WordPress niche like ChrisLema, WPBeginner, WPMudev, WP Mayor and many others.

Coming Soon Page Pro Plans & Pricing :-

Currently this plugin offer many plans having different features according to pricing they offer Personal ($29), Business ($49), Developer ($79) and All Plugins ($99).

Coming Soon Page Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Coming Soon Page Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Coming Soon Page Pro Features Overview :-

Realtime Page Builder

Coming Soon Page Pro realtime page builder plugin helps you to create and change your design in real time you just have to edit your design or select any pre-defined theme and the changes took place instantly.

Beautiful Backgrounds

In this plugin you can set any kind of background you want be it image, slideshow or even video and if you want to give more personal touch you can also add your own image or video and make your under constructed page more unque.

Collect Emails

This is one of my favourite and it's unique feature where you can collect visitors email by integrating som third party email marketing service which helps you to get more clients and sales even when your website is not completed and under maintenance.

Responsive & Retina Design

This plugin is completely responsive and retina design so no matter what screen size your visitors choose to visit you under construction website you website looks beautiful and retina ready.

Animations & Effects

With this plugin you can add many animation and different type effect to your maintenance webpage like pop with an opening animation and many more which make your website more beautiful and modern.

Tracking System

You can also track your visitors and know some important details like who refer them so that you can get a rough idea about your visitors and this can also helps to promote your website in those place who referrers most of your website visitors.

Countdown & Progress

Coming Soon Page Pro plugins provides a simple countdown and progress bar feature so that you can display countdown to launch your website and you can show you website progress using progress bar this make your website much more anticipated among your website audience.

Social Profiles & Social Sharing

You can add your social media profile link and social media sharing buttons which helps to get more shares and followers in under construction and maintenance mode also.

WordPress Usability

This is very important factor and fortunately this plugin support almost any themes and support WordPress short codes so that you can use this plugin with any theme you currently use this plugin will work perfectly.

Google Font Integration

Choose 100's of free fonts from Google and make your page more beautiful and stylish and unique also.

Coming Soon Page Pro More key Features :-

  • Realtime Page Builder
  • Customs colors, fonts, sizes, layout and more. All in an easy to use interface. No Coding!
  • Mobile Ready, Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Integrated Google Fonts
  • Responsive Full Browser Backgrounds
  • Full Screen Slideshows
  • Full Screen Video Backgrounds
  • Active Campaign Integration
  • Aweber Integration
  • Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Constant Contact Integration
  • Gravity Forms Integration
  • Social Follow Icons
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Progress Bar
  • Countdown Timer
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Maintenance Mode

What's Good About Coming Soon Page Pro :-

  • This plugin offers many good features like visitors tracking, countdown and progress bar, social media buttons and links which make this plugin perfect for your WordPress website in case of under construction and maintenance mode.
  • Collecting email is also one of it's best feature and we personally like this feature where you can show a beautiful opt-in to collect email of your visitors.
  • Animations and effects is also a good features where you can add different animation to your webpage and give amazing experience to your visitors.
  • Their customer support is very good your query will be answered and solved within hours, you can contact them via email.
  • They provide 14-day money back guarantee feature where you will get money back if you are not satisfied with their plugin.