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WordPress Optimization & Performance SpeedUp Plugin

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


WordPress Optimization & Performance SpeedUp Plugin

Website speed is one of the biggest factor for any website not only it improves user experience but also improves website seo and which in turn increase your traffic.

Today we are reviewing three plugins which will definitely speedup your WordPress website for free yes you heard it right all these three plugins are free to use offered by and they also offer manual optimization service for a flat fee $89.

These three plugins are one of the best in speed up any WordPress website you have to use these three plugins combined to get the full results.

WP Disable Plugin Overview :-

WP Disable reduce HTTP requests by quickly and easily disabling and removing the extra and unused items by most of the websites like it disable Emojis, Gravatars, Embeds and remove querystrings it also removes WP API from header and many more features to help speed and SEO gains.

You can use this plugin with your WooCommerce websites to speedup your ecommerce website by disabling the pingbacks, trackbacks, close comments after 28 days and many other things and the best part of this plugins is it is regularly updated so get many new features and with every update.

WordPress Optimization & Performance SpeedUp Plugin

WordPress Cache And CDN Plugin Overview :-

This wordpress cache and cdn plugin is very simple and easy to set up and give instant results to your wordpress website. With this plugin you have option to set up up-to 3 separate CDN's - for js, css & images from 3 providers.

WordPress Optimization & Performance SpeedUp Plugin

WP Image Compression Plugin Overview :-

Large and unoptimized images is one of the major problem for any website it is the major factor of slow loading speed for a website and optimized and compressed images are also good for seo.

This plugin works with both JPEG and PNG images and can optimize your jpeg and png images for upto 80% and it can also resize your images at the time of upload which help to reduce storage and bandwidth before compressing.

Average image compression of this wordpress plugin is 65% which is gives gives very little or no loss of image quality no matter how big your images are. This plugin does not have any restriction of image size if you have images over 10MB this plugin can also compress and optimized those images easily.

WordPress Optimization & Performance SpeedUp Plugin

Plugins Advantages :-

  • All the three wordpress plugins are free to use and regularly updated and new features are added constantly.
  • Features and technology used in all those plugins are very good they are very efficient and do what they tells.
  • Simple and easy to use plugins with any kind of WordPress websites.
  • Very good customer support

Final Verdict On Plugins :-

Yes we recommend all the three plugins because not only they are free to use but they are also very good in speeding up your wordpress website. With these three plugins your wordpress website will definitely speed up without any risk.