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wpDataTables Review - Best WordPress Plugin For Tables And Charts

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


wpDataTables Review - Best WordPress Plugin For Tables And Charts

Do you need to manage your data in tables and charts for your WordPress website? The solution is here wpDataTables, it is one of the best and most trusted WordPress plugin to manage your data in tables and charts.

wpDataTables is very easy to use you just need to upload your data file, paste a MySQL query, provide a URL, or just input the data manually and after that set the interface of the table like responsive, editable, have conditional formatting, etc and when you have done all the things publish the table by inserting it in any post or page you want with the help of any standard WP Editor or Visual Composer it is that simple.

wpDataTables is the most widely used wordpress plugin for tables and charts it is used in almost every field like business, science, education and non-profit etc. All these features just cost you only $35.

wpDataTables Plugin Features Overview :-

Reponsive Design

wpDataTables is fully responsive now you can create completely reponsive tables and charts for your responsive wordpress website so your tables works and looks great in every screen size.

Very Large Tables

wpDataTables is very quick and responsive now you can easily manage your millions of rows of data effectively without getting any delayed all the actions performed by MySQL server.

Editable Design

Now you can choose whether you want your table to be editable and non editable. If you choose editable then WordPress users can edit the content of the table inline, or in a generated form.

Advanced Filtering And Search

You can easily add advanced filterting and search funtion to your tables so that you can easily find the desired results by filterting the data as per your choice this features saves a lot time when you have thousands of rows.

Data Highlighting

wpDataTables allows you to highlight table data for ex you can highlight the table cells or rows if you want for future use.


No you can easily display your data in charts by using your tables Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines - Google Charts, Highcharts or Chart.js and the best thing is these charts can change in realtime.

wpDataTables More key Features :-

  • Plugin is able to render tables and charts directly from MySQL, even if on MySQL side databases/tables have millions of rows
  • Plugin works with 3 chart rendering engines - Google Charts, Highcharts (requires separate license for commercial use), Chart.js
  • Charts can be dynamic and re-render when you filter or sort the table
  • You can create tables directly from WP Admin
  • You can render tables directly from Google Spreadsheets
  • You can import Excel files, Google Spreadsheets, CSV files to MySQL
  • Tables support conditional formatting (coloring rows or cells or columns based on values), like in spreadsheet apps
  • There is a spreadsheet-like interface available for editing
  • Build tables without complicated configuration
  • Customize tables and charts as your task requires
  • Get power of a spreadsheet app in a WP plugin
  • Receive lifetime updates and 6 months of support
  • Let wpDataTables count the sum for you
  • Edit tables in WordPress as easy as in Excel
  • Pull table data from any source - Excel to MySQL
  • Don't know SQL? Use Query generator
  • Access MySQL DB remotely
  • Customize the design
  • Create charts with a wizard
  • Create tables with a wizard
  • Allow users to see and edit only their data
  • Put filter in a widget
  • Use Google Spreadsheets to create tables
  • 11 date formats

wpDataTables Newer Version Coming Soon :-

The developers of wpDataTables are planning to introduce the new version of wpDataTables which is more powerful, fast and have more features. People who purchases current version now will get the update to 2.0 for free, as well as all the other plugin updates for lifetime; also 6 month of support is included. The newer version features are as follows

  • Redesigned admin interface, to a simplified and more smooth and user-friendly UX, based on modern material design
  • A more 'WYSIWYG' approach for editing tables: you see the table preview constantly, and see all changes you make when you hit 'Apply'
  • Table relations (foreign key) support for MySQL-based tables
  • More calculation functions (calculating min, max, sum, average for columns)
  • Improved filtering logic
  • New table skin for front-end
  • Also worth mentioning we are working on, and plan to launch some add-ons soon: Gravity Forms integration, cascade search filtering.

What's Good About wpDataTables :-

  • wpDataTables is one of the most trusted, highest selling and one of the best plugin for table and charts for any wordpress website.It is trusted by more 10,000 businesses and individuals so don't worry about the quality and service you get with this plugin.
  • Pricing is very good since all the plugins with this kind of features and trust quality are very expensive but this wpDataTables plugin cost you only $35.
  • wpDataTables provides free updates for lifetime with every purchase which is very rare thing in plugins support.
  • wpDataTables very advanced and powerful features which make this plugin one of the best plugin for table and charts for wordpress website.
  • With every purchase you get free lifetime updates and 6 months of support which is very good thing no matter what the prices of newer version you will get it for free.

Final Verdict About wpDataTables Plugin :-

Yes we definitely recommend wpDataTables plugin because it is one of the best and most trusted plugin with over 10,000+ people used this plugin everyday and make their task more simpler.