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AP Pricing Table - Responsive WordPress Pricing Table Builder

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


AP Pricing Table - Responsive WordPress Pricing Table Builder

Pricing table is one of the must have features for any price comparison or product comparison website and it's not easy to create a pricing table with your own so if you have a WordPress website wanted to create pricing tables then this review is a must read for you.

In this article we will review AP Pricing Table plugin. This plugin is one of the popular and budget pricing table plugin for wordpress websites. AP pricing table plugin offers many great features and easy to use interface where you can create as many pricing table as you want and unlimited rows and columns, this plugins comes with no limits.

It also provides 35 pre-defined templates so that you don't have to waste time in creating or customizing the pricing table and it ultimately saves your time. You can also customize column border radius, column space, column width, configure ribbon for each column and much more and this plugin cost you for only $20.

AP Pricing Table Features Overview :-

Predefined Templates

AP Pricing Table offers 35 predefined templates to choose from so that you can create your pricing table instantly without wasting your time.

Column Settings

With this features you can customise pricing table columns for ex if you want to display latest or discount in a particular column, title, subtitle and different pricing options, buttons and many more things.You can also change space between the columns and width of the columns easily.

ToolTip Option

You can also provide tooltip for rows and columns so that your website visitors can understand your pricing table more clearly

Columns Animation

AP Pricing Table offer many good animations for your pricing table which makes your website more modern and stylish.

Multimedia Support

This plugin for wordpress let's you to add audio, video with variety of supports or even Google Maps in your wordpress pricing table so that your product will look more attractive.

Multiple Icons

AP pricing table support multiple font icons like font awesome, typicons, linecon, icomoon, material icons.

Table Import And Export

This plugin provides a table import and export features so that you don't have to create same table with same settings again and again you just have to export and import previously created tables.

Countdown Integration

This feature lets you integrate a countdown in your pricing table so that you can display the offer countdown or feature countdown or any other type of countdown.

Fully Responsive

AP pricing table is fully responsive it works beautifully across many device with different screen size.

AP Pricing Table Plugin More key Features :-

  • 35 pre-designed templates to choose from to create Pricing Table instantly
  • Add unlimited pricing tables and add unlimited columns in each table
  • Common Header and Common footer content
  • Define columns space and column width
  • Different countdown timer for each column
  • Tooltip options for body rows and footer rows content
  • Column Animation
  • Duplicate tables, table columns and table body rows and footer rows
  • 5 different ribbon templates for each column and option to add custom image as ribbon
  • Marked price and selling price settings.
  • Add audio and video and google map in content
  • Audio supports – SoundCloud, Beatport, html5 audio
  • Video – Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, html5 video
  • WooCommerce Stock Counter
  • Supports multiple source font icons – Font Awesome, Typicons, Linecon, Icomoon, Material icons.
  • Table import/export function
  • Table preview option
  • Responsive design ready
  • Translation ready

What's Good About AP Pricing Table Plugin :-

  • This plugin provides 35 pre-defined templates for pricing table which is a very useful feature
  • Lots of customization features make this a must have plugin for your wordpress website
  • Multimedia integration is very rare feature we see in plugins and this plugin provides this feature
  • You can do modify your pricing table, columns with background images again this feature is also vert rare and good.
  • This plugin is compatible with all the wordpress plugin and also with one of the best website builder Visual Composer
  • With every purchase you will get 6 months of customer support via online support, email and documentation which is very good

Final Verdict On AP Pricing Table Plugin :-

Yes we recommend AP Pricing Table Plugin it is very good and budget plugin with lots of great features and easy to use interface so that you can create unlimited pricing tables.