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ARI Stream Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugin

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


ARI Stream Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugin

Today we are going to review another WordPress Plugin ARI Stream Quiz which is a WordPress Quizzes Builder it helps you engage your website visitor by showing viral quizzes.

If you find a way how to do your WordPress blog more popular, increase traffic and number of shares then ARI Stream Quiz plugin is what you need. It is WordPress viral quiz builder in BuzzFeed style. Quizzes are not just an interesting interactive content, they also help to generate leads, extend mailing lists, add additional places for ads and etc.

ARI Stream Quiz brings ability to add trivia quizzes and personality tests to your site in a few minutes. The plugin is well rated by users on WordPress plugins repository and CodeCanyon sites.You can choose between free and PRO version.

Free version is packed with all necessary features to create professional and interesting trivia quizzes, but it if you need more features, can update to PRO in any time.

ARI Stream Quiz Plugin Features Overview :-

  • Create trivia quizzes which look like a game where questions about some facts are asked and user earns score for correct answers or personality tests to reveal aspects of an individual's character. Personality tests can also be used to help choose a product or a service.
  • Integration with email marketing services: ActiveCampaing, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite and Zapier. The plugin will ask users to complete a lead form (name, email) before showing quiz results. Your mailing lists will grow constantly.
  • Share quiz results via popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VKontake or by email. This is a challenge to try quizzes for all followers.
  • This plugin comes with a responsive and modern design so that it does not affect user experience for visitors viewing website on mobile devices
  • There is no limit of quizzes with infinite questions and answers you can literally create unlimited number of quizzes with unlimited questions and answers for your visitors so that your visitors don't see repeat quizzes or questions.
  • Now analyze your quiz data by collecting all the quizzes statistics and other data and build charts which helps to see how your visitors interact with quizzes and it helps to better quizzes results.
  • ARI Stream Quiz plugin gives you the freedom to export quiz results in a popular CSV where you can share the end file with other people also.

ARI Stream Quiz Plugin Advantages :-

  • ARI Stream Quiz paid plugin comes with lifetime access to all updates, premium support and 30 days money back guarantee and the basic paid version just cost $17.
  • Unlimited number of quizzes with unlimited number of questions and answers.
  • Easy to use integration with many popular email marketing services.
  • Many important features like display custom content after every quizzes, social sharing options, data export facility and many more things.

ARI Stream Quiz Plugin User Reviews :-

"Easy to set up, beautiful layout And if you know how to work with Facebook integrations, this plugin can do what you want it to do. 5/5"

"It works very well. I bought the single site version (only 17$), cause I tried many quiz plugins and none of them were that simple to use, and with many functions in the same time."

"This quiz plugin is super easy to set up and use. The developer offers great support and the plugin is updated regularly. Works perfect!"

"Plugin is perfect for getting leads with personality tests. It is simple to use, has good design and is very logical. I had some problems with setting up and customer support was great. They helped me solve all my problems with friendly and simple guidliness. Defenetlly worth the price."