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TMDHosting Review - Complete Features With Affordable Web Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

TMDHosting Review - Complete Features With Affordable Web Hosting

Today we are going to review a very affordable web hosting company TMDHosting.TMDHosting is founded in 2007 and now it has more than 7 data centers in multiple cities around the world.

TMDHosting offers complete range of web hosting solutions starting from shared hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. TMDHosting integrat excellent technology and best features in their servers and plans which includes SSD storage, premium caching technology and many more.

They also provide 60 day money back guarantee which is double time period as compared to other web hosting companies.

TMDHosting Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Web Hosting

TMDHosting shared hosting has everything premium you get premium technology, premium support in very low prices. TMDHosting gives you the ability to choose data centers so that you can get even more better performance.

With TMDHosting you get blazing fast website loading speed thanks to the SSD storage and premimum caching technology Optimum Cache this will boost your website speed upto 20 times than before.

TMDHosting provides daily backup service where they automatically backup your website database and files without any cost and you can retstore them at anytime without any major database.

TMDHosting servers are built to handle almost every security issue like hacking, malware and also prevent spamming in yur website by using SpamExpert anti-spam tool to protect your from any unwanted messages in your mailbox.

Currently TMDHosting shared hosting offers three plans Starter ($2.85/mo*), Business ($5.85/mo*) and Professional ($12.85/mo*).

TMD Hosting Review - Complete Features With Affordable Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

TMDHosting wordpress hosting is fully amanaged by TMDHosting team and is dedicated to give to all the components and tools to setup and run your wordpress website.

TMDHosting wordpress hosting has all the features like their shared hosting all the wordpress hosting plans include daily backups, SSD storage with Optimum Cache, highly secure servers, SpamExpert anti-spam protection tool and may more things.

Currently TMDHosting wordpress hosting offers only 3 plans Starter ($2.85/mo*), Business ($5.85/mo*) and Professional ($12.85/mo*).

TMD Hosting Review - Complete Features With Affordable Web Hosting

What's Good About TMDHosting :-

Very Affordable

TMDHosting hosting is very affordable the starting plans can cost you around $2.85/mo* which include all the world class features and almost $1 less than some major web hosting cmpanies.

Uptime And Speed

TMDHosting is very reliable when it comes to deliver performance they give guarantee of 99.99% of uptime which is very good and you also get very fast website loading speed just because of their use of SSD storage and premium cache technology Optimum Cache.

Free Domain And Migration

With TMDHosting you get free domain registration and free mgrations service it means you don't need to give any additional cost other than hosting.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

TMDHosting hosting provides 60 day money back guarantee which is very good and it is double the time period given by some of the big and best web hosting company so you have lots of time to try their hosting.

Customer Support

TMDHosting is also very good in customer service the response time is under 15 minutes which is very good you can contact them using phone, email and live chat.

What's Bad About TMDHosting :-

No Marketing Credits

Only one thing we did not like about TMDHosting is that they do not offer any Marketing credits just like other companies will give to advertise your website in search engines.

Final Verdict About TMDHosting :-

Yes we definitely recommend TMDHosting because it is one of the best affordable web hosting company with lots of best in class features that only some hosting company provide with higher as compared to TMDHosting.