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HostMetro Review - Good And Low Cost Web Hosting Provider

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

HostMetro Review - Good And Low Cost Web Hosting Provider

HostMetro is one of the most experienced web hosting company it is owned by group of people who have more than 40 years of experience in web hosting industry.

HostMetro only offers shared web hosting which generally used for small and medium size websites. With HostMetro you can setup your website by simply login in your cPanel and select your website builder and choose a template and add your content and publish your website to the internet.

HostMetro also offers free complete account migration from another host to them.

HostMetro Products/Services Overview :-

Web Hosting

HostMetro provides only shared web hosting with all the tools to steup and run your website you can use it for any kind of small or medium website like you can host your personal website, business website or even your ecommerce website.

HostMetro also give you the freedom to transfer your complete website from another host to them you can transfer your website files, database and scriptsfor free.

With HostMetro you can many unlimited features like unlimited websites, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited email accounts and much more and you get maximum hosting space and maximum bandwidth.

Currently HostMetro shared web hosting plan offers only 2 plans Mega Max Plans ($2.95/mo) and Super Max Plan ($6.95/mo).

HostMetro Review - Good And Low Cost Web Hosting Provider

What's Good About HostMetro :-


HostMetro shared web hosting plan prices are very low as compared to other web hosting price you can get all the major features that other web hosting company provide in very less price at just $2.95/month.


HostMetro servers delivers very good uptime last month we checked one of our client website and the Uptime was 99.93% which is actually very good.

Price Lock Guarantee

HostMetro is very different as compared to other web hosting provider in case of renewal price because HostMetro provides price lock guarantee it means their shared hosting plans & pricing is same for every year not like other host where they provide low introductory price and high renewal price in this case you have to pay the same price every time you renew and that is currently $2.95/mo.

Decent Customer Support

HostMetro provide decent customer support as they provide 24/7 phone and live chat support to their customers and their experts team is very quick and knowledgeable to solve any kind of problem.

What's Bad About HostMetro :-

Average Loading Speed

HostMetro provides very average loading speed to websites we hosted for one of our client website and get slow loading time as compared to our previous hosting provider.

Only Shared Hosting

HostMetro provides only shared hosting there is no option to upgrade to bigger web hosting like VPS hosting or dedicated hosting also there is no option for manage wordpress hosting which i feel very bad for high level websites owner who want to host website on HostMetro.

Final Verdict About HostMetro :-

Yes we recommend HostMetro in case you want a good hosting provider which can give you enough basic features with good customer support at very low price.