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PushAssist Review - A Reliable Push Notification Service

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Push Notifications

PushAssist Review - A Reliable Push Notification Service

Here we are going to review about a push notification service for your website, called PushAssist. In today’s competitive market it is quite difficult to stand out. It became really necessary to show you up in front of your customers to become popular or to make you stable in market.

There are different kinds of actions which you really need to take for your website to make it more popular. One of them is push notification. PushAssist is a reliable and affordable web push notification service to choose as your push notification service provider. PushAssist was founded in 2015 and serving worldwide.

It uses latest technology and resources to help their users to make them more visible in front of their customers. PushAssist has STACK software professionals who are dedicated to their work with full of experience.

PushAssist is designs its Saas services to be simple to install and configure. 10000+ trusted and big websites are now connected with PushAssist.

PushAssist Features Overview :-

Easy set up

It is really easy to get started with PushAssist. Set your account easily without any difficulty. Send your push notification on mobile and desktop easily soon.

Multi Device Support

Push notifications are designed for modern gadgets. PushAssist is allows you to send notifications to mobile and desktop as per your convenience and requirement.

Real Time Monitor

PushAssist monitors the behavior of customers after receiving the push notification. It allows you to check the activities in real time.

Fragment notification

It will be more effective to target your customers by grouping them in particular sections. PushAssist has the features to send notifications to the particular customers according to their needs, location, interest, purchase records Etc.

Programmed Notification

If you want to send push notifications at a particular time or date, it allows you to schedule your notification time and date.

Customized Notification

customize your messages for your customers. PushAssist allows you to personalize your push notification messages for individuals. You can send offers to your existing or expecting customers.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Multi-channel messaging allows interacting with potential audience. PushAssist allows you to engage with your customers on their convenient channels.

Collect Customer Data

PushAssist collects data about customers that, what they exactly needs, what exactly they want sees or buys and their choices. This helps you to customize your push notification message on the basis of the collected data.


It easily informs and reminds your customers about your website, business, products, blogs, and the offers.

Get Devoted Customers

Push notifications shows your products, offers and other features to your customers. By getting push notifications the customer will visit your website and you will get more traffic and you will get devoted customers for your website.

Enhance Engagement

By PushAssist you can increase the growth of your business. The more you interact with your customers you will get to know more about their choice, needs etc. PushAssist gives the feature to interact with your customers. This will increase the engagement with your customers.

Quick and simple installation

PushAssist installation is easy and quick. There some platforms which require no additional steps to install it - Wordpress, Magneto, Opencart, Big commerce, Shopify and Github

PushAssist for Digital Marketers :-

On the E-commerce platform we get so many traffics from different types of sources which are unknown to us. It is important to know from which source you get the traffic to target your customers. PushAssist provides a complete package to digital marketers to solve these challenges.

HTTP & HTTPS Support

PushAssist notification supports both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

Integrated Analytics

PushAssist analyses all the behaviors of customers upon the notifications. You will get real time insight about notification views, clicks and subscriptions. All you will get on your dashboard.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. PushAssist offers full package of tools for A/B testing, deep links, referral programs, re-engagement or recurring campaigns.

PushAssist for Multiple channels :-

Push notifications are a good way to engage with your customers on multiple channels and always make you stand ahead of your competitors without any hassle.

For Ecommerce : PushAssist helps to boost sales and shopper engagement. One can announce new products and new offers easily.

For Travel and Hospitality : Promote online bookings with PushAssist with integrated marketing platform.

Fashion and Lifestyle : Promote your latest brands, fashion updates and trends with push notifications.

Advertisement : Reach to the active customers sending them notifications of coupons, promos, important alerts and other advertises.

Finance and Insurance : Send notifications related to banking, finance, insurance offers, and credit card related information. Increase your finance market with PushAssist.

Healthcare : By PushAssist you can send patient care alerts, information about medicines etc.

Entertainment : Enhance ROI with web push and attract users to new games and gaming experiences.

Retail and Consumer : Communicate clearly with customers, build brand loyalty and promote special offers. Send notifications about shipment, delivery etc.

Publishing : promote your content to increase views, shares and subscriptions with push notifications.

PushAssist Browser Compatibility :-

PushAssist is compatible for popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome. Send personalized, real-time, impressive messages send information by directing to the desired webpage.


Web push notifications are good for communication with offline users. PushAssist allows you to easily integrate chrome push notifications. Signup for free premium account for chrome push notification on desktop and mobile. Add a small, pre-generated code in the header section. Get more subscribers. Send push messages to all subscribers or targeted customers.


By sending push notifications you will increase your website traffic. Effectively increase your sales by PushAssist with a new and advanced platform for digital marketing. To use PushAssist on Firefox you need to sign up a free premium account for Firefox. Then install PushAssist smart code, then build regular web user base with an opt-in dialog box. And you are ready to send push notifications.


PushAssist supports safari browser to send a push notification. Easily send clear, actionable and prominent push message by PushAssist. To start with PushAssist on Safari first sign up for PushAssist premium account, then install smart code and you are ready to send notifications.

PushAssist Plans And Pricing :-

There are different types of plans to choose from.


First you can go for free to try out the features, which offers you 3,000 limited subscribers, send unlimited notifications, HTTP & HTTPS support, mobile+desktop, 5 segments, Remove branding, Email support.


This priced $9 per month. This will give you 3,500 subscribers, send unlimited notifications, HTTP+HTTPS, mobile and desktop, 10 segments, and remove branding, Email support.


You have to pay $25 per month to use this plan. This will give you, 500 subscribers, Send Unlimited Notifications, HTTP + HTTPS Support, Mobile + Desktop, 20 Segments, Remove Branding, Rest API, RSS to Push Frequency Capping per (Min/Hour/Day), A/B Testing, Email Support.


This will cost you $299 per month. You will get, Subscribers Limit 75,000, Send Unlimited Notifications, HTTP + HTTPS Support, Mobile + Desktop, Unlimited Segments, Unlimited Data Base Campaigns, Unlimited Recurring Campaigns, Reports, Unlimited Users, Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure, Custom Domain Integration, One Click Unsubscribe, Geo Targeting, RSS to Push Frequency Capping per (Min/Hour/Day), A/B Testing, Remove Branding, Rest API, Email / Phone Support.


What's Good About PushAssist Push Notification Service :-

Guaranteed Message Delivery : PushAssist uses new technologies for push notification service, that results sure shot message delivery to the targeted audience.

Multi-channel Engagement : PushAssist allows its users to engage with customers on multi-channel platforms.

HTTP/HTTPS : It works for both HTTP/HTTPS websites.

Automatic : PushAssist gives the advantages of automatic notification sending on new posts and update posts and new offers.

Powerful APIs : It gives easy to use APIs, available via secure HTTP to send and receive data.

GCM : It allows you to use your own GCM keys for push notification.

FCM : Fiber cloud messaging is a cross platform messaging solution for reliable delivery of messages. PushAssist is also compatible with FCM. By FCM you can send notification messages or data messages. It also allows you to send messages in 3 different ways, to single device, group of device, or to devices that have subscribed to certain specific topics.