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InterServer Review - Good Web Hosting For Longer Use

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

InterServer Review - Good Web Hosting For Longer Use

Today we are going to review one of the oldest web hosting company InterServer.InterServer is started in 1999 and since then it continuosly deliver good performance with good customer support.

InterServer offers many web hosting solutions like shared hosting, wordpress hosting, hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. InterServer utilize only 50% capacity of the server and deliver more resources per customer this is the reason why their server performes so good.

They also provide 30 day money back guarantee to their customers so that they can try their hosting service without any risk.

InterServer Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Web Hosting

InterServer shared web hosting is for anyone whether you start your new website or transfer your existing website to their servers they provide free migration service which is also an additional features and benefit which will help to pay less for migrating your existing website with no downtime.

InterServer provides standard control panel which is cPanel and for windows they provide Plesk both of them are one of the best control panel.

InterServer uses Hardware raid 10 servers with SSD Drive Caching and all the SQL Databases are stored on Ultra-Fast SSD Drives which will ultimately increase website performance.

They have 100's of scripts available for quick installation though our control panel without any problem in just few clicks.

Currently InterServer shared hosting plan offer only single plan which is priced at $5/mo.

InterServer Review - Good Web Hosting For Longer Use

WordPress Hosting

InterServer wordpress hosting provides many features in single plan you don't have to pay more for additional services like CDN, caching plugins, SSL encryption and many more things.

They offers many unlimited service like Unlimited Storage Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited FTP Accounts and many more things these things are essential for every hosting provider so that their customers can scale their new website to higher level without paying more for these resources.

InterServer supports various applications like AbanteCart, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more so that you can find all the things in one place. Currently InterServer wordpress hosting plan offer only single plan which is priced at $8/mo.

InterServer Review - Good Web Hosting For Longer Use

What's Good About InterServer :-

Uptime And Speed

InterServer gives good uptime and speed because they use only half of the capacity of their servers this will give their customers more resources to run their website and they use SSD in there servers which will increase their website speed.


InterServer has a collection of various features for everyone starting from beginner to advanced like SSD storage, regular backups, industry's best control panel and so on.

Free Marketing Credits

Like most of the other hosting company InterServer also gives free marketing credits to their customers with every hosting plan.

Price Lock Guarantee

InterServer gives price lock guarantee where you get the same or less price for every year not like others who gives very low price in introductory offer and very high price in renewal time.


InterServer customer service is very good which is why so many people trust them they have experienced and highly skilled professionals who are ready 24/7 via phone, live chat and ticketing system.

What's Bad About InterServer :-

No Free Domian

InterServer offers no free domain it means you have to pay some extra to register your domain and host your website in their hosting service while other provides this service for free.

Expensive Price

InterServer hosting price is expensive that most of the hosting provider but it gives price lock guarantee which will be more beneficial for longer term as comapared to other hosting provider.

Final Verdict About InterServer :-

Yes we recommend InterServer hosting it is a good hosting provider which tons of features so who are thinking to host and run their website for longer run then they try InterServer hosting.