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GreenGeeks Review - Affordable And Feature Packed Web Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

GreenGeeks Review - Affordable And Feature Packed Web Hosting

Today we are going to review one of the best eco friendly web hosting company in the world GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is an award winning eco friendly web hosting company it is founded in 2008 and since then it has more than 35000 customer in over 150 countries and it hosted more than 300000 websites.

GreenGeeks offers complete range of web hosting solutions starting from shared web hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting at very affordable prices.

GreenGeeks also provide unlimited space, transfer, e-mail, free marketing credits and 30 day money back guarantee in all their plans.

GreenGeeks Products/Services Overview :-

Shared Web Hosting

GreenGeeks powerful shared web hosting is for those who wants limitless features in affordable prices.From a small business owner to an individual looking for a fully loaded web hosting plan on a budget, GreenGeeks provides you with everything you need for your website.

GreenGeeks provide many features like free domain name in every plan after you choose GreenGeeks web hosting, free website migration if you want to transfer your existing website to GreenGeeks they will handle all the process for free, GreenGeeks 1-click installer lets you quickly install more than 150 apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.GreenGeeks uses solid State Drive RAID-10 Storage Array's in their server along with built-in caching and CDN technology which gives highest speed to your website.

If you want to start your own ecommerce store you can use PrestaShop, Magento or ZenCart & secure your shop with 1-Click SSL Certificates in GreenGeeks hosting plan. Currently GreenGeeks shared hosting offers only single plan which priced at $3.95/mo*.

GreenGeeks Review - Affordable And Feature Packed Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks managed wordpress hosting is for everyone whether you are a beginner in wordpress world or a professional you can use GreenGeeks extremely easy control panel to setup and run your wordpress website easily. GreenGeeks wordpress hosting service delivers performance & reliabiliy and everything you need for your WordPress website.

GreenGeeks provides awesome wordpress tools to operate and manage your wordpress website hassle free by using tools like 1-click installer to install wordpress easily, pre installed Git to manage your workflow with Git, you can customize PHP & PHP.INI file according to your need, WP-CLI & SSH to access command line directly from your web hosting account.

GreenGeeks also takes your wordpress site secure seriously by using Brute Force & DDoS Protection technology, automatic updates, real-time security scanning, account isolation.GreenGeeks managed wordpress hosting also offers only one plan which also cost you around $3.95/mo*.

GreenGeeks Review - Affordable And Feature Packed Web Hosting

What's Good About GreenGeeks :-


GreenGeeks gives guarantee about 99.9% of uptime and that's we though we did not get complete 99.9% uptime but we get very close to that arund 99.7% of uptime on one of our client website.


GreenGeeks uses solid state drive RAID-10 storage array's, PHP7 in their servers with built-in Caching and CDN technology which gives one of the fastest website loading speed as compared to other hosting provider.


GreenGeeks actively scan your website against any unwanted materials and malwares.They also uses Brute Force & DDoS Protection technology.

Daily Backups

GreenGeeks experts do daily backup of your website and store them on their off-site backup servers so that when anything goes wrong you can restore your website for free.

Eco Friendly

GreenGeeks uses green energy putting back 3 times into the grid through wind energy that they consume which makes them one of the best green energy web hosting company.

Customer Support

GreenGeeks customer support is very good you can them via phone, email and chat your problems will be solved within minutes for sure if small. They also have 100s of articles and video tutorials on almost every topic.

What's Bad About GreenGeeks :-

No Plan Choice

GreenGeeks has only one plan to offer and they provide all the features in that plan which is good but for those who does not want that much features and want low price that plan seems to be costly for them.

Expensive Renewal Price

GreenGeeks gives you an introductory offer which is very good and cost you around $3.95/mo* but after that you will be charged at regular rates of $9.95/month which is slightly expensive as compared to other hosting provider.

Final Verdict About GreenGeeks :-

Yes we recommend GreenGeeks it is very good hosting provider with lots of features at very affordable price it is for everyone.