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FlyWheel Hosting Review - Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

FlyWheel Hosting Review - Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

Today we are going to review one of the popular web hosting company in wordpress space FlyWheel.FlyWheel is started in 2012 which makes him one of the newest companies in web hosting world.

FlyWheel is very popular in managed wordpress hosting space it provides great features in affordable price. FlyWheel only offers managed wordpress hosting so this is only for those who have wordpress website or want to start wordpress website. FlyWheel beautiful and easy to use dashboard makes it easy to setup and manage your wordpress websites easily.

FlyWheel Products/Services Overview :-

Managed WordPress Hosting

FlyWheel managed wordpress hosting is built for everyone whether you are a developer, designer or a beginner their extremenly easy to use dashboard will let you do anything with its simple navigations and interface which can alert you for any kind of update.

FlyWheel provides various features like free migration service where they can transfer your existing website wordpress website to their hosting without any cost, SFTP access so that you can easily update your wordpress website easily, built in caching system to speed up your website so you don't to pay more on additional caching plugins, malware monitoring to alert you.

If their system any malware found, automatic backups on every night so that you can restore your website without any data loss.

Currently FlyWheel provides only 3 plans Tiny ($15/mo*), Personal ($30/mo*) and Professional ($75/mo*).

FlyWheel Review - Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

What's Good About FlyWheel :-

Uptime And Speed

FlyWheel servers are very reliable they provides great uptime to your wordpress website and super fast loading speed by using built-in caching system.

Easy To Use Dashboard

FlyWheel dashboard is one of the best dashboard or interface this dashboard is built in such a way that anyone can use it and do any anything from wordpress ugrade to installing apps, themes, plugins etc without asking any help.


FlyWheel servers are very good in protecting your website from hackers and malwares they monitor your website security 24 hours and alert you if any kind of security breach occurs

Nightly Backup

FlyWheel takes the responsibility of backups and done the whole process with ease they backup your website data daily so that if any problem occurs you can restore you data back without lossing more data.

Customer Support

FlyWheel customer support is very good and responsive they quickly answer and solve your most of the problems within minutes they also provide tons of helpful tutorials so you don't need to ask them for help. You can contact them via phone, chat and by ticketing system.

What's Bad About FlyWheel :-

No Domain Registration

FlyWheel does not offer any domain registration service so you have to register your domain and pay some additional price for your domain to register on some other hosting provider and then host your wordpress website in FlyWheel.

Short Term Refund Policy

FlyWheel provides very short time to decide whether you want to continue or cancel your hosting account on FlyWheel.

They provide only 72 hours of eligibility for refund who choose to pay them monthly and 30 days for annual customer where as other good hosting company provide a minimum of 30 days of refund for all kind of accounts.

Final Verdict About FlyWheel :-

Yes we recommend FlyWheel managed web hosting they are good in this managed wordpress hosting and offers many good features and easy to use dashboard to their customers if you are going to start your new wordpress website you should try them.