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WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme - More Than A Theme

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme - More Than A Theme

If you are also in search of high-quality multipurpose theme and want your website to look designer and creative, then you are at the perfect place. WOKIEE is a multipurpose Shopify theme which is considered more than a normal wordpress theme.

It is more than just a theme and is considered as a powerful design tool. If you are thinking to set up an online store in near future or you have one, then WOKIEE is the perfect solution for you. Using WOKIEE, your eCommerce store will look more responsive and altogether attract more people towards it.

WOKIEE has almost all the needed apparatus and modules to create a website in no time along with excellent UX. Puffed with a large number of layouts and styles, WOKIEE allows users to create various arrangement to satisfy the requirement of multiple users.

All you need for a better shopify theme is content management system (CMS). Using the WOKIEE theme, users can easily minimize their expense on design and web development. Altogether can gain full authority over the website through their Content Management System (CMS).

CMS eventually allows the users to change the content, images, products, collections, seamanship and many more stuff.

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme Features Overview :-

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

Numerous homepage layouts

Wokiee multipurpose theme is puffed with numerous creative and amazing homepage and inpage layouts and skins. You will be amazed to know that they provide over 21 layouts for the homepage of your website. They provide homepage layouts depending upon the niche of your webstore.

They have almost all the famous and popular layouts from different types of webstore. The theme is fully developed with a thought of fitting it any type of niche. Their UX team put their effort and have created homepage layouts and skins that can fit in any type of webstore.

Like you select a layout for your electronics store, it can also be fitted in any type of webstore, say it Fashion store. Maybe it don't fit perfectly but it will look awesome in any type of webstore. Typically, they have designed the homepage layouts as to fit them in different-different types of webstore.

Mobile optimized design

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

Considering the fact that mobile traffic is higher in today's world in comparison to the desktop one, they have paid more attention towards behavior and functions of mobile view. They offer self-created mobile view for various layouts and styles. All the layouts are also available in the mobile view as well.

Powerful admin panel

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

WOKIEE has a comparatively better and powerful admin panel for better and effective control over the website's design and manipulation. Besides having eye-catching designs, they also have a powerful shopify admin panel which helps in easier and comfortable customization.

Puffed with unlimited predefined color schemes and block structure, WOKIEE puts a full stop in the imagination of users. Keeping this in mind that perfect elements are the best to attract more traffic to your website, they provide almost all the important value elements for seeking more attention.

In other words, they provide a collection of value elements for better and efficient looks and at the same time attract more people towards your products.

Faster performance

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

This feature of WOKIEE is related to the one mentioned above in this section. Again keeping in mind that most of the internet users nowadays are using smartphones. They consider mobile traffic more effective and valuable in comparison to the desktop traffic. Considering this fact, they again paid special attention towards to the optimization of the mobile view.

They provide more easy and excellent customization tools in mobile view and offer more features for excellent behaviour as well as their functionality.

Ecommerce features

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

WOKIEE theme is currently the best theme for any ecommerce website. They provide over 20 homepage layout to initially bring customer's attention towards your online shoppe.

They also provide about 8 shop page layout for a better experience of customers and to view your products in a better manner. Along with all these, they have 8 product pages for a clear view of the specific product and its features as well as pricing and other details.

They provide a vast number of added features summed up in the ecommerce section. Some of them are the following -

1. MegaMenu

WOKIEE provide a set of MegaMenu for easier and convenient functionality and management of desired menus. Demo of the possible layout can also be viewed using this feature.

2. Banners

As it is clear that the start of any webpage attracts more people towards it. Keeping this experience in mind, WOKIEE's developers have created flexible banner's section for easier adjustments of those banners. They have done much in comparison to other themes to make editing of these blocks easier.

3. Filters and color & size swatches

Filters section of WOKIEE theme is considered to be fully based on the functionality of tags of the default Shopify Content management system. Initially, users have to manage tags according to their desire and then they are able to arrange filters on the collection page.

Also, they have color, size and material switch feature for better performance and excellent view of product behavior. They have worked a lot and paid special attention to this important part of product behavior.

4.AJAX search, filter and load more button

Using this feature of WOKIEE, you'll be able to review product search results while not reloading page. You can also create your search quick and sensitive option (with minimal info regarding searched items). Myths may be a set of new development techniques on the consumer aspect to form synchronous net applications.

This means that you do not get to reload the page to induce filtered merchandise. It's boring to own a regular customary number of features on the gathering page. That's why WOKIEE have a provided a tendency to offer new hot trend fashionable feature - "load additional button".

This eventually provides your customers chance to look at additional merchandise while not loading a new page.

WOKIEE Plans & Pricing :-

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

It is clear that for providing this much feature under a single roof, one must charge something. No one would provide these features for free even in my prettiest dreams. Like everyone, WOKIEE also charges some incentives for its services and features.

They charge $59 for its services for lifetime. Currently on 14/09/2018, they are providing a sale and providing their services only at $39 for lifetime (as you cn see in the above image). I think it is much cheap for anyone to provide almost 20+ homepage layouts, 8 shop layouts, 8 in page layouts as well all the commerce features at such reasonable cost.

Along with these services, they also provide quality check by Envato, future updates and 6 months support from p-themes as well. According to me, nothing with that much specifications could be as cheaper as WOKIEE. It is considered to be the perfect deal for small scale businesses, student willing to sell their products online as well as large scale businesses.

WOKIEE Theme More key Features :-

  • Pre built styles for better and easier construction
  • Over 20+ homepage layouts
  • 8 shop page layouts
  • 8 product page layouts
  • Attractive font and customization
  • Numerous header variants
  • Footer Combinations
  • Megamenu
  • Banners Section
  • Numerous filters
  • Instagram Shop
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons
  • Google Rich snippet tool
  • Newsletter
  • Easy 1 click install

What's Good About WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme :-

Video tutorials and Documentations

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

One of the most important thing that makes WOKIEE the best is the help and support it provides to their users. You will be amazed to know that they provide manuals and how to documents for easier operation and setup.

They provide how to use manual, how to install the theme manual, general settings manual, create a page manual, navigation tools manual, products manual and collections manual documentations.

They also provide proper documentation for setting up blogs, customization of the theme, check out page customization as well as translate you page manual documentation for ease of convenience. Along with the document support, they also provide video tutorial for setting up and using the theme.

In case anyone didn't understood all the stuffs with the help of the provided documents, they would probably have a look at the video tutorials and understand the stuffs more clearly and implement them as well.

They have provided video tutorials for almost every type which help newbies to understand each and every fact more clearly. They also provide tutorial to install and setup the theme and tools description videos for more clear concepts.

Support system

WOKIEE Multipurpose Theme

Another important thing that takes WOKIEE to the next level is their support system. They don't have 24/7 support service but they have that much effective support system that your problem and doubts would be cleared very soon.

They assure to clear all the doubts and problems of their users in less than 24 hours or a working day. Users can easily create their open support ticket to communicate with WOKIEE's support staffs and ask their question with them very easily. They save your question and feed them in