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ionMAG Premium News Theme

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


ionMAG Premium News Theme

Today we are reviewing one of the best blog, news & magazine WordPress Theme available on the market, ionMag by WPion. This theme fits in perfectly, whether your project is a blog, news website or any kind of online magazine.

With the ionMag WordPress theme, you get plenty of customization features, so that you can customize your site or blog according to your needs. The theme also comes with multiple header styles, post templates, category layouts and many other options to choose from, as it is a complete theme for everyone.

ionMag theme offers two packages. The Basic one is free of cost, but limited with features and options, while the Premium version brings you amazing features for a $59 fee.

ionMAG Premium News Theme

ionMAG Premium Theme Features Overview :-

Various Header Styles

Now, you can customize your website header in many different ways. You just have to select the one you like and see the changes in real-time. It took us a few minutes to test them and choose the perfect one.

Category Templates

With ionMag Premium News WordPress Theme, building a category page is surprisingly easy. You can choose from plenty of templates, customize each page with the elements you like and make your website more interactive.

This feature is not just pure aesthetics. The new and beautiful category pages will enhance your site engagement rates, by helping your visitors navigate with ease to the desired location and interesting content.

Astonishing Post Styles

There are 15 different post styles which can suit almost every type of content. So, you don't need to worry about your articles. They will definitely look beautiful to your audience.

Stunning Big Grids

ionMag comes with custom content blocks for the 'above the fold' section, called Big Grids. Built to emphasize your most important content, Big Grids are an SEO-friendly solution that will increase the browsing experience on your website.

Content Blocks

The theme, created for news websites with various articles, brings you a multitude of well-designed content blocks. This means that you can display images, text, ads, and sidebar using their predefined templates.

Live Frontend Page Builder

This is the most powerful feature of the ionMag Premium theme. Using the page builder you can create the pages of your website without any coding skills. Just drag and drop the blocks into the page and see all the changes in real-time, as fast as you can click a button.

All-in-One Theme Panel

The ionMag theme panel gives you access to all the features, customization options and settings in one place so you can do any kind of integration, without hassle.

Premium Features

With this wordpress theme, you get many premium features like the Social Counter Widget which displays the number of your fans, followers and subscribers from various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google Plus, etc.

The Popular Category Widget can show your visitors the favored categories of your site. The Author Box Widget will display the most appreciated publisher of your website and give your audience engaging content to interact with.

Responsive & Retina Ready

ionMag Premium theme comes with a responsive website design, so you don't have to worry about what device or screen size your visitors are using. This theme will be displayed equally beautiful in all the different screen sizes with better image quality.

ionMAG Premium Theme Advantages :-

  • Plenty of customization features like headers, templates, content blocks and many other things are available.
  • Intuitive theme panel where you can manage and customize your website components easily.
  • Customer support is very good. The theme comes with a complete documentation. They are also available via email for you.
  • If you change your mind and want a refund, they will pay your money back if you request them within 60 days.

Final Verdict On ionMAG Premium Theme :-

Yes! We definitely recommend ionMag theme because it is one of the best WordPress template for everyone, with a modern design, plenty of premium features, and good customers support.