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LINKCheetah Review - Track your Backlinks easily

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


LINKCheetah Review - Track your Backlinks easily

LINKCheetah is SEO tool which helps you monitor your hard and toughly earned links so that you can easily track them easily and enjoy with them.

LINKCheetah helps you track all your backlinks, with ease. LINKCheetah helps you in checking your backlinks that they are indexed in Google or not. And how many of them have you followed.

The amazing SEO tool also shows all the referring domains for your website or blog and maybe with your individual pages too. It also shows you all the anchor texts used in your pages and website.

LINKCheetah is very famous and 100% working SEO tool developed by high ranking professionals which would led your website outrank your competitors on Google.

LINKCheetah Overview :-

Links are paying the most vital role in blogging & SEO since ages. They are the untold key for developing of your Website rapidly and gaining more and more traffic.

Link Building is the best standard practice for the entire SEO industry. The new techniques and Innovative strategies have taken it to another level. Nowadays, they are used in almost all the highly growing websites on a regular basis. Most of these innovative techniques and strategies brought too much success to many clients by providing them high traffic. Clearly, it is the best way to grow your website and strengthen your branding.

Link Building is serious task which involves good amount of time and effort. It ensures the clients and developers with their desired results for their time and effort. You cannot get desired results only by using innovative link building strategies and good amount of efforts and research. It also requires the use of some latest and highly effective SEO tools. There are many SEO tools available for linking your backlinks. One of the best and genuine tools is the LINKCheetah.

LINKCheetah is probably the best SEO tool to index your backlinks in Google. Their robot does the queries everyday and lists your backlinks to Google so that they can be indexed. It is very important that your links should be indexed on Google to increase your website’s SERP visibility.

Managing your backlinks using LINKCheetah is far better than crafting new innovative techniques. You can only accomplish your tasks quickly and more rapidly if you use a good SEO tool like LINKCheetah.

LINKCheetah crawls your website on a regular basis and checks whether your links are indexed on Google or not. They regularly check if there is dofollow or a nofollow attribute on your website. LINKCheetah gets your backlinks on all the individual pages, not only keeping them on the natural home link.

LINKCheetah collects all the backlinks from external sources, Google Analytics and manually submitted by you and distributes them on the basis of complete overview. You will clearly have the percentage of dofollow and nofollow attributes and also the indexed and non indexed links.

LINKCheetah imports all your links and syncs data from various external sources, Google Analytics and also lets you manually add as many as backlinks to get a complete overview of your links.

You won’t only get the percentage and fractions of indexed backlinks. But also lets you get everything that other tools don’t even think about.

LINKCheetah Features Overview :-

Index checking on Google

LinkCheetah Review

LINKCheetah initially gathers all your backlinks and processes them. After that, you can easily browse your links on the overview window. LINKCheetah categorizes all your links into referring domains, domain rankings, dofollow vs nofollow, and indexed links and further.

You can easily have a look at certain domain by searching the URL in the search box. LINKCheetah also lets you filter the results with the help of various options, like only view indexed links, only view dofollow links, non indexed links, etc.

LINKCheetah provides you the detailed information of your links on the pages and allows you to analyze them easily. You can also modify, delete, refresh, and add a comment to those links using LINKCheetah.

Monitoring of Backlinks

LinkCheetah Review

The second and one of the most important features of LINKCheetah is the Page view section. This section allows you to clearly identify the links of the specific pages a on your websites.

The ranking of the pages of your website in done in this section on the basis of maximum number of referring domains on certain WebPages and on the number of clicks on them. Using this feature, you can also have a closer look at the anchor text as well.

LINKCheetah clearly gives the liberty to modify anything you want on your backlinks. This handy feature lets you overview on the links that they are generating traffic or not.

Auto discovery of New/Lost backlinks

LinkCheetah Review

This third feature on LINKCheetah is all about the changes on the Backlinks. This feature allows you to have a clear look on the change made on your backlinks. To check whether new backlinks are added or lost ones are removed from the list. The tracking of these links are a crucial part in the backlinks industry as these changes can make a drastic change in the generation of traffic on your website.

Distribution of Backlinks

LinkCheetah Review

The distribution of backlinks is a key feature in the processing of the backlinks. It plays a vital role in the clear overview of the Backlinks. It includes various tabled form including all the data about your links on the pages. It had tables for different attributes likes Indexed links, Anchor tags, Linked Ahrefs, Disavow links, etc.

Anchor Text

LinkCheetah Review

The not so needy feature of Anchor text is very similar to the features of monitoring feature. This feature also allows you to have a clear on which Anchor text is consists of the maximum number of referring domains and links, and where are they links found. This simple feature becomes special because it lets you know about your viewers. This feature shows the data of your users, where they found your website on Internet.

Disavow Links

LinkCheetah Review

The last feature of the LINKCheetah is all about a Disavow link tool. This feature lets the user to see the links that are disavowed from the Pages section. However, this feature is a bit simple but is very important in the SEO industry. This option lets you easily add those disavow links to the pages section in just few simple clicks.

LINKCheetah Plans & Pricing:-

Link Building is not only about a massive amount of hard work, efforts and new innovative SEO tools. It also requires a small sum of money. LINKCheetah also takes a little amount of money.

Their pricing is much low as compared to other SEO tool providers. Their pricing list includes various plans that we would discuss below.

They also provide a free one month trial without any of use credit card. LINKCheetah has their plans on the basis of the number of domains. The plans of LINKCheetah is as follows –

1. Small plan for about 500 domains at the cost of $49.

2. Medium plan for about 2,500 domains at the cost of $79.

3. Large plan for about 5,000 domains at the cost of $129.

4. Mega plan for more than 10,000 domains at the cost of $199.

LinkCheetah Review

What's Good About LINKCheetah:-

Link building is an important strategy in the world of SEO. And Link building tools like LINKCheetah is must add tool. LINKCheetah plays a vital role in those valuable SEO strategies.

The most important and brand new tool is simple and efficient. It is highly user friendly so that a newbie can operate it very easily without any problems. While, LINKCheetah is a comparatively new tool in the world of SEO, it helps the entire team of highly professional link developers and makes their task pretty easier.

The brand new SEO tool is developing rapidly day by day and helping the link builders to track down the backlinks easily and generate high traffic and give better results.

Overall, we definitely recommend the brand new SEO tool to each and every link building professionals, as it is highly user friendly and does the high profile task in a very easy and efficient way. Functionally, the tool works great and is very simple and good Traffic generator.