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Guest Post Tracker Review - One Of The Best Guest Posting Tool

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Guest Post Tracker Review - One Of The Best Guest Posting Tool

In today's world if you want to create a brand for yourself or to create a big website you must need to follow proper SEO techniques and build relationship with other influencers in your niche.

One of the best method of doing White Hat SEO is Guest Blogging.

For many bloggers and influencers Guest Blogging is a top method to reach and get more audience to your blog and website.

There are many advantage of guest blogging like it helps to build a relationship with other website owners and bloggers which is helpful for both in long run, it gives you a backlink almost everytime it can be nofollow or dofollow which helps to build your link profile strength and etc.

All and all guest posting is good to increase your website traffic create a brand name but finding relevant blogs or website to publish a guest post is kind of tough and very time consuming process and that's why we find an incredible tool which solves your problem of Guest Posting on relevant blogs and website.

We are talking about Guest Post Tracker it is one of the best tool to find Guest Post opportunity and shows tons of relevant blogs which accepts guest post in your niche and apart from finding relevant blogs it also helps to keep track of your submitted guest post.

There are many than 1387 authority blogs that will accept your guest post under many categories like Automotive, Business, Health & Fitness, Education, Entertainment, Environment and many more.

Currently Guest Post Tracker fee is $47.00 and that is only one time fee and you will get regular updates so you don't have to pay anything extra or don't have to renew the subscription.

Guest Post Tracker Features Overview :-

Authority Guest Blogging Sites

Guest Post Tracker provides more than 1387 high authority websites which accepts guest post with all the information like submission guidelines, terms and conditions in every niche no matter what's your niche is, you will definitely find many relevant blogs for guest posting.

SEO Tracking

This is one of the best feature of this tool where you can track your achor text from links in your guest post and it really helps you in terms of SEO.

Unique IP Addresses

This tool comes with a super strong trust factor each and every blog which is listed in their tool is owned and operated by real company and real person's with real activities like social share and other metrics not like PBN's.

Tracking Software

Guest Post Tracker uses a special software which allows you to track of every blog where you submitted your guest post so that you can keep track of everything regarding your guest post.

Daily Updates

Guest Post Tracker provides regular (here they means everyday) updates of their tools where they add more blogs and webiste in their list of guest posting websites and removes which do not accept guest post any more.

Mobile Friendly

In this type of modern days responsive design is must for any online tool and Guest Post Tracker kept this mind from the very beginning so this online tool is complete mobile friendly no matter which device or screen size you choose to use this tool, it looks and works perfectly.

Getting Started With Guest Post Tracker:-

Getting started with Guest Post Tracker is very it takes few steps to learn complete system from signing up to tracking your guest post.

SignUp With Guest Post Tracker

In order to use Guest Post Tracker you have to register first and pay $47.00 which is only one time fee, they have four payment options available so you can choose anyone you want and once you pay and register you can start using their tool by logging in their website and don't worry they have 7 Day Money back guarantee try this tool without any risk.

Your Dashboard

After signing up and logging in your account you will your account dashboard where you find each and everything this tools offers to start doing anything you have to add your website by clicking on 'Add My Website To Track' button.

After that you their will a box appeared having your website name in it and label in 'Submit Guest Post' where you can choose website to submit your guest post.

Guest Post Tracker Review - One Of The Best Guest Posting Tool

Find Blogs/Websites

It's very simple to find relevant blogs and website on which your want to publish guest post on, you just have to choose category and all the websites which accepts guest post will appear having all the details in it like category, IP, DA (Domain Authority), SS (Social Signals) and Submission page where you visit their submission page for any website and Track Guest Post button to track your guest post you have published on particular website.

Guest Post Tracker Review - One Of The Best Guest Posting Tool

Track Guest Post

Once you added contact the website and published guest post you can track your guest post easily by clicking on 'Track Guest Post' button on every website where you published guest post simply by filling all the details and save that's it.

Guest Post Tracker Review - One Of The Best Guest Posting Tool

What's Good About Guest Post Tracker:-


Guest Post Tracker features are excellent and apart from regularl features there are some cool features like SEO tracking, guest post tracking only real website for guest posting and many more which is very good and helpful for everyone.


Guest Post Tracker pricing is very good and competitve in comparison to ther tools and guest post service in the market, in this pricing you will many excellent features and quality website for guest posting.

Money Back Guarantee

7 Money back guarantee is also one of their biggest advantage it gives a risk free experience to user so that if anyne does not want to use their tool they can refund your money back you just have to write an email.


Their customer support is very good they are active in Chat and email so you contact i working hours if you have any query they will help you to solve your query as soon as possible.