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eClincher Review - A Powerful Social Media Management Tool

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Social Media

eClincher Review - A Powerful Social Media Management Tool

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your content and get tons of to read your content. But we all know that it takes a lot of time to be active on popular social media channels to promote your brand and content and interact with your fans and followers regularly. Now there is a solution to this problem - it's an easy to use tool called eClincher.

eClincher is one of the most powerful social media management tools out there. It has some unique features that no other platform has, all for a cheap price, It also offers so many features at once, literally eliminating the need to use 4-6 other tools to manage your social media.

Using eClincher you can do various task like social media marketing, socialmedia engagement and customer service, social monitoring, schedule your post and publish automatically.

eClincher Social Media Tool Features :-

Social Media Post Automation

eclincher is an amazing tool for automatically scheduling your social media posts. It integrates with all of the major social networks out there. It offers you the ability to recycle your content, to schedule a list of posts to be published every hour, every day, every week, at whatever intervals or times that you choose.

You can easily publish to all your channels at once, or to one at a time, as you choose. They also have Canva integration, that allows you to create incredible graphics in minutes, as well as a library of 700k+ free images at your fingertips.

They also have their own image editor that allows you to create memes, add text, change the colors, add shapes, you name it.

Social Media Engagement Automation

eClincher is super powerful in this area, as it offers a lot of things that other social media management platforms don't.

Their unified social inbox allows you to literally respond to every tweet, DM, comment, LIKE, share from the inbox tab, from one interface, without having to spend hours logging in and out of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It's super powerful, this has saved users about 15 hours minimum every week.

Easily Find Your Audience

eClincher has 2 incredible features that helps you find your audience. First, there is the monitoring keywords and hashtags finding tool, that allows you to put "Pizza, New York" to find everyone that tweeted about being hungry for pizza in New York.

And if you are a pizza place in the area you can tweet or direct message them to engage and offer your delicious slice.

The second tool is their Influencer Tool, that allows you to find Influencers in your field. This is super helpful because after I find the Influencer I can add them to the RSS integration and automatically share all of their content on my channels, or engage with them, or follow all of their followers.

eClincher Review - A Powerful Social Media Management Tool

For example, if you are a social media blogger you can type in "Social Media" in the search and find all the influencers in that field, and reach out to them. It also shows you other tags that you can search for under each one, super helpful.

eClincher Review - A Powerful Social Media Management Tool

Unified Social Inbox

Engage with every customer with 1 Login. Respond to every tweet, like, comment, share, DM from the eClincher platform, instead of having to login to each social media channel separately.

Auto-Post with Queues

You can bulk upload your posts to a queue, set the auto-posting feature on, and it will re-post your most popular posts on all of your social media channels, for eternity, without you having to do anything. You can literally schedule your next 3 months of posts in 20 minutes.

RSS Integration

You can literally take your blog and automatically upload all of your content onto eClincher's platform. You can also grab your favorite brand's blog and share all of their posts on your social media as well.

eClincher Plans And Pricing :-

Individual Plan

This is for a small business owner, allows for 2000 posts per month and 5 social media profiles

Basic Plan

Perfect for small business / entrepreneur, unlimited posts, 15 profiles, and all the advanced features


Perfect for someone who is running several businesses, unlimited posts, 50 profiles, all the advanced features and team members.


This is the agency super plan, allows for easy management of 10 or more brands, 1000 profiles, unlimited posts, +5 team members. Ideal for a big agency that runs client's social media

eClincher Social Media Tool Advantage :-

  • Best and most complete list of features
  • Super easy to use for both small businesses and large agencies
  • 5 Star customer service they are available 24/7 to answer your questions
  • Incredible new features coming out soon (Twitter automation, and more!)
  • 14 day free trial of eClincher service is very good policy so that you can try their service without taking any risk

eClincher Social Media Tool Disadvantage :-

A few minor features like Twitter automatic welcome DM's and welcome tweets are not available, they are not automatic yet, but they will become available in the next few weeks. Soon eClincher will be your 1 solution to all social media automation.

Final Verdict On eClincher Social Media Management Tool :-

Yes we difinitely recommend eClincher social media management tool because it is one of the best social media management tool with lots of features and integrated with many poppular social media channels and it is also risk free to try their service for 14 days.