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WebHostingPad Review - One Of The Most Reliable And Secure Web Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

WebHostingPad Review - One Of The Most Reliable And Secure Web Hosting

After a period of deliberation and perhaps a smidgeon of procrastination, you've decided to create an online presence, but where do you start?

Choosing the best web hosting service is a good place to start, and it doesn't have to be a lengthy process, especially with WebHostingPad.

From user-friendly cPanel to affordable pricing, they have everything a beginner needs to start his online journey. Let us know about the WebHostingPad in brief.

About WebHostingPad :-

WebHostingPad, a United States-based firm, was founded by numerous facilitating industrialists in 2005. It is a Web hosting company that brings together outstanding Web hosting services and involvement at prices that everyone can afford.

Currently, the firm hosts over 300,000 domains. That number is continuing to rise, as WebhostingPad prepares to use just the best brand name and implement the company's standard operating procedures.

The main website of WebHostingPad is appealing to the eye and has a curiously relaxing effect, thanks to the use of pastel hues and a simple design.

WebHostingPad also provides domain name registration, email hosting, and a website builder in addition to web hosting.

WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Features/Services Overview :-

Every Service provider is known for its features but with great features, services come with heavy prices, But, Not with WebHostingPad.

There are some jaw-dropping features of WebHostingPad that come with affordable pricing. Let’s look at some of those:-

Industry-Leading cPanel offers an easy to use and convenient cPanel to their customers. With this simple-to-use software, you can manage every aspect of your web hosting account.

Its big, well-organized icons make it simple to create a new email account, database, manage file backups, or view information like how much storage space is being used.

In any event, thanks to the one-click installer, WordPress, as well as a variety of helpful software (such as ZenCart, osCommerce, Joomla, and others), is just a click away. You can create and run an online store using these tools even if you don't know how to code.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For new customers, WebHostingPad provides excellent support by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with a three-day minimum cancellation notice.

A 30-day refund is standard with common facilitating. This excludes account reactivation, additional items, administrations, and domain name registration.

The VPS absolute money-back guarantee is valid for 5 days and includes enabling services. WHM/cPanel license, IP locations, and site developers are among the things that are not included.

WebHostingPad Review

Best In Class Support

Web Hosting Pad is one of the dynamic website builders that is always available to assist small company owners through live chat, email, and phone calls.

Participation in the tech support team is highly appropriate to get answers to our queries. They work on a “Client First” strategy which is outstanding.

WebHostingPad's customer service is unique as every customer receives a free 30-minute consultation.

WebHostingPad assistance is available via live chat, which was a welcome surprise. We were especially thrilled to discover that they responded to our questions in less than a minute.

And, once again, we were pleasantly surprised when the quick responses we received were actually rather useful.

WebHostingPad Review

Advanced Security

The fact that so many web hosting businesses charge extra for basic data security is frustrating. Most of the low-cost web hosting service providers charge a hefty amount for military-grade security, thankfully this is not the case with WebHostingPad.

You'll get an automated malware scanner, as well as malware containment and removal, with their WordPress plans.

That too without giving extra charges. Advanced security is very important for any business as there are a lot of hackers trying to steal your important information.

With military-grade security, not only is your data safe from hackers but also you are safe from malware that can crack or delete your data.

Enhanced Wordpress Hosting For Blogs And eCommerce

If you use WordPress, consider Webhostingpad WordPress hosting, which makes everything easier.

There are a few plans to pick from, so you'll have to decide how much force and how many sites you need. While it isn't as inexpensive as shared facilitation, several developments make your job easier.

A WordPress-specific cPanel or control panel, expert support, and premium features like performance improvements all seem fantastic. Because web journals are frequently subjected to spam and malware, additional security measures have been implemented.

WebHostingPad Review

Free Website Builder

Webhostingpad offers free website builder to their customers so that you do not have to pay additional cost to the web developers\designers you can build your own website without any cost.

In their free website builder they offer 1000+ themes and templates which are mobile ready means you do not have to do any separate customization for mobile or desktop and all this you can do with just by drag and drop functionality.

Also there templates are SEO friendly with built-in eCommerce features also.


WebHostingPad is one of a few web hosting provider which guarantees 99.9% uptime thanks to their latest technology and close monitoring of their server this makes it one of must try web hosting for your website.

WebHostingPad Plans And Pricing :-

The lack of feature constraints on WebHostingPad's hosting plans is the first thing we noticed. As a result, you may obtain a limitless number of domains, databases, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth, which is something we don't see very frequently, especially at this price.

The most important and glowing feature of WebHostingPad is its crazy low pricing, without compromising on quality and other services.

The cheapest hosting plan on is $1.99 per month (if signed up as a 4-year plan). Unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name are all included in the service. Not only that but you can also get bonuses like marketing and price credits, including Google and Yahoo. The bonuses are worth $200.

PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, and CGI-BIN are all supported by the package, which will delight programmers. Streaming audio/video, Flash, Shockwave, and MIDI files are all included in the multimedia features of the hosting plan.

The plan does not provide SSH Shell Access or an SSL certificate, but higher plans do. However, the monthly cost of this higher plan is more.

WebHostingPad does not offer a monthly pricing option, however, consumers can choose from one to five years of service. All of their hosting plans come with a normal 30-day money-back guarantee.

All major credit/debit cards, direct bank transfer, PayPal, AliPay, and paper checks (US residents only) are among the payment methods available.

Not only that but with the crypto-currency boom happening everywhere, they have also included payment options in Bitcoin. Yes, you can even pay them in Bitcoin.

WebHostingPad Review

Some of the Advantages of WebHostingPad :-

Loyal Customer Base

The turnover rate at WebHostingPad is quite low. Their customers tend to stick with them and as a result, their customers have been with them since the start.

One of the reasons they're so inexpensive is that they don't have to deal with opening and cancelling accounts regularly.

They open a greater number of accounts than they close. They have almost 75,000 loyal customers. Given that they first opened their doors in 2005, this is quite an accomplishment.

User-Friendly Experience :-

The majority of web hosting companies overlook this. Their websites are full of fancy buttons, buzz phrases, and numerous show-offs, but Web Hosting Pad, unlike any other web hosting service, does not force its clients to start from scratch; their website is not that difficult.

WebHostingPad offers plans that are suited to individual needs and can assist you in making your website more user-friendly

Email Hosting :-

The server provides its own "Pad Mail," a genuinely low-cost option if you require your own domain-name-based email addresses.

In contrast to Gmail and Yahoo!, it claims to have no output messages for catch-alls and to use channels to catch and prevent spam. There are no limits to the number of records or auto-responders that can be created.

The greatest part about these strategies is that the key distinction between value is the intensity of the host or the inclusion of cutting-edge upkeep.

Unlimited Disc Space, Irrespective Of Plans :-

All hosting accounts at WebHostingPad have unlimited bandwidth and disc space, albeit the space required is gradually raised.

Each account comes with a certain amount of disc space and bandwidth, but if the site's needs change, all that's required is an email request to WebHostingPad to increase both.

This strategy allows the company to optimise server operations by just using the space that is needed. As a result, client service is more timely and effective.

Conclusion :-

It is up to you to make the final decision! We've covered all of the important data that will assist you in making an informed decision about whether to choose as your final option or not.

Their cutting-edge data center and server infrastructure ensure the greatest level of security, as well as high performance and reliability. Using the industry-standard cPanel as a control panel is an excellent choice.

WebHostingPad's toll-free customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is second to none. The free 30-minute consultation with a web specialist to assist novices in getting their site up and running is one of our favorites.

Examine all of the power plans, as well as the free plan, to obtain a sense of what will best meet your long-term needs. We are confident that it will help with speedier decision-making and a better analysis of their service.