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Mailigen Email Review - Good And Affordable Email Marketing Service

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Email Marketing

Mailigen Email Review - Good And Affordable Email Marketing Service

Today we are going to review another email marketing company Mailigen.Mailigen provides all the features starting from email marketing to automation to transactional email all these services comes with a 30 day free trial period.

Mailigen is one of the most trusted email marketing company in the world it is trusted by many big brands like Honda, BMW, LEXUS, BOSCH and many more. Mailigen also offers SMS marketing service so that you do your marketing more effectively

Mailigen Features Overview :-

Email Marketing

Mailigen provides email marketing service which helps you to increase your marketing reach by creating and sending emails to your subscribers.

You can easily create beautiful and interactive emails using their pre-defined email templates or you can also customize them by adding images and other elements by simply drag and drop.


Mailigen email marketing automation is very intelligent it not only helps to mails automatically but it also helps you to send email based on your visitors behavior. This feature also helps to send personalized email to your subscribers based on your subscribers segments.

Integration And API

Mailigen email marketing supports many application so that you can integrate Mailigen to most of the applications you can use they supports many analytics, CMS, social media, ecommerce and many more.

Online Surveys

With Mailigen email marketing you can also use their online survey feature to take survey based on any kind you can used it to know about your website experience, about your blog post or about your services whatever you want which helps you to improve your service more effectively.

Premium Services

Mailigen offers many premium services like Email Campaign Management, Email Marketing Audit, Subscriber Management, Email Template Design & Coding and Dedicated IP by contacting them.

Mailigen Plans And Pricing :-

Currently Mailigen offers 3 plans Starter ($10/mo) for basic and some advanced features, Professional ($15/mo) with more advanced features and Full Service ($499/mo) for complete service.

Mailigen Email Review - Good And Affordable Email Marketing Service

What's Good About Mailigen :-

Cheap Basic Plan

Mailigen basic plan is cheap and it cost you $10/mo for upto 500 subscribers which is a good thing for those who start their website and has low subscribers count.

30 Day Free Trial

Mailigen offers 30 day free trial of their services where you can use all the features of particular plan without putting your credit card details and also without any email sending restrictions.

SMS Service

Mailigen also offers additional SMS service which is for those who want to send SMS to their subscribers worldwide to alert for offers and new things.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails is a perfect features for those who sell something on their website you can send after sale email to your customers and send them welcome message, purchase reciepts, ebills and invoices, shipment tracking and many more things.

Annual Plan Benefits

Mailigen offers 20% discount annually If you choose to pay annually which is a bonus point for those who want to pay annually.

What's Bad About Mailigen :-

Few Templates

Mailigen provides only few email templates to choose from which and but you can create your own design for your email marketing.

Final Verdict About Mailigen :-

Yes we recommend Mailigen Email Marketing tool it is very good and very affordable and perfect for everyone