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Benchmark Email Review - Simple And Easy To Use Email Marketing Service

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Email Marketing

Benchmark Email Review - Simple And Easy To Use Email Marketing Service

Today we are going to review another popular email marketing company Benchmark Email.Benchmark Email is founded in 2004 and now become very popular in email marketing world because of their easy to use interface and customer support.

Benchmark Email offers all the features like signup forms, auto responders, responsive templates, real time reports and many more things. Benchmark Email offers 30 day trial period where you can test all their features and then choose their services.

Benchmark Email Features Overview :-

Email Designer

Email Designer feature helps you to design your own custom email template or signup form by simply using their drag and drop template builder you can also add your own images to the template according to your need.

It provides some cool features like live editing where you can edit your template live by simply edit and clicking on update button and the changes will be applied automatically without updating your code.

Grow Your Audience Feature

Under this section you can use various list Builders, automations, Surveys & Polls to increase a your subscribers. You can also make various groups of subscribers for diffrent niche and locations and then send targeted email to them.

Tracking And Reports

Benchmark Email provides AB Testing, Inbox Checker and Reporting features which helps you to create and test your emails campaigns by viewing the your subscribers reacting on sent emails.

Apps And Integration

Benchmark Email supports more than 300 apps so that you can integrate their email marketing service with your favourite applications to increase and engage more subscribers.

Benchmark Email Plans And Pricing :-

Benchmark Email plans and pricing vary accroding to the subscribers count their basic plan starts with around $11.72/mo and goes on with ever increasing subscribers.

Benchmark Email Review - Simple And Easy To Use Email Marketing Service

What's Good About Benchmark Email :-


Benchmark Email plans in compartively cheap than other competitors and you also get similar or little less features like other companies offers in their plans.

Easy To Use

Benchmark Email is super simple to use you can create your custom email template or signup form without any getting any problem.

List Building Features

Benchmark Email include some cool list building features like polls and surveys which you can integrate in your website to engage more and more visitors.

Built-In Image Editor

With built-in image editor you can edit your images and add some styles and resize or crop them according to your need.

Customer Support

Benchmark Email customer support is one of the biggest reason of their success you can contact them via phone, email and live chat and they can solve your problem very quickly and guide wherever you want.

What's Bad About Benchmark Email :-

Limited Emails

One and only bad thing in Benchmark Email is that you get limited emails in free trial period whereas other email marketing companies does not restrict their customers for sending emails in trial period.

Final Verdict About Benchmark Email :-

Yes we recommend Benchmark Email it is cheap easy to use packed with features and built for everyone. Another review of benchmark email software can be found at