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GetResponse Review - Best Featured Email Marketing Service

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Email Marketing

GetResponse Review - Best Featured Email Marketing Service

Today we are going to review another email marketing company GetResponse.GetResponse is one of the oldest email marketing company it is founded in 1999 and it become one of the top choice of email marketers it has now more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries which is very impressive.

GetResponse offers many good features which help you to reach higher goals in your email marketing and their plans and pricing is made for everyone whether you have a small business or you have million customers. GetResponse offers 30 day free trial of their services without puting your credit card details.

GetResponse Features Overview :-

Email Marketing

GetResponse email marketing tools gives you complete freedom of creating and sending you emails to your subscribers with the help of their easy to use email builder which helps you to choose and include various pre-defined templates and stock images to make your email more beautiful.

Customized Landing Pages

With GetResponse Customized Landing Pages features you can create your own landing pages that's suits your website design which will help you to increase your subscribers count by making landing pages attractive and beautiful.

Marketing Automation

GetResponse marketing automation features lets you create particular events like when your visitor click on something then an email to him or when some purchase anything from your website then send thank you email and many things like that.

This features really helps you to increase your interactions with your loyal subscribers and customers and which will end in more sales.


GetResponse AutoResponder feature helps you to send an email to your subscribers automatically by creating and scheduling your email and choose particular time for sending this will generate more visits to your website by reminding your loyal subscribing about your website and offers.

Advanced Analytics

GetResponse provides powerful real time analytics so that you can view your email performance, subscribers count, social sharing stats and many more things in real time and in mobile devices also.

GetResponse Plans And Pricing :-

GetResponse currently offers 4 plans which are are very different in pricing and features they made these plans keeping everyone in mind whether you are a small business marketer who needs only basic features or you are a professional marketer who needs most advanced features.

  • Email Plan Starts From $15/mo
  • Pro Plan Starts From $49/mo
  • Max Plan Starts From $165/mo
  • EnterPrice Plan Starts from $799/mo

GetResponse Review - Best Featured Email Marketing Service

What's Good About GetResponse :-

Affordable Price

GetResponse pricing is very affordable as per subscribers count for everyone as compared to other email marketing companies you have to pay $15/mo for upto 1000 subscribers which is couple of dollars less than other companies.

Email Marketing Plans

GetResponse email marketing plans are very good and highly differentiated if you want less features you can choose there Email plan and if you all the highly advanced features you can choose theie top plan. Their plans are fit for every category of email marketers.

Easy To Use

GetResponse is very easy to use right from creating you own email landing page to sending emails all things are very easy to use.

30 Day Free Trial

GetResponse offers 30 day free trial without puting your credit card details which is very good thing and this led to try their service without any further risk.

Customer Support

GetResponse highly skilled team of experts help their customers 24/7 in many languages according to your need via phone, email and live chat services.

What's Bad About GetResponse :-

No Refund Policy

GetResponse provides no refund policy if you every wanted to cancel you account then there will be no money back does not matter what kind of plan you choose that's why they provide 30 day free trial period to evaluate their services.

Final Verdict About GetResponse :-

Yes we definitely recommend GetResponse email marketing service it has all the best features anyone needed for their email marketing with best customer support in many languages.