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HostArmada Review - An Honest Review On Leading Web Hosting Services Provider

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

HostArmada Review - An Honest Review On Leading Web Hosting Services Provider

HostArmada is one of the best cloud web hosting platforms, which gives 100% technical guarantee and complete dedication in terms of secured, stable and fulfilling service around the globe. They have a smart team boosting customers’ businesses and also providing high quality & impressive web hosting service to a number of customers.

HostArmada is increasing the customer interaction to the next level. They have a very strong technical team that helps the user achieve high-speed and stability on a high-quality cloud web hosting service.

HostArmada most definitely is playing a leading role in the list of the best cloud web hosting services. They launched in 2019, however, many customers have already taken advantage of their services.

Benefits Of HostArmada

Lighting Speed

Most web hosting services don’t provide that kind of speed. HostArmada provides more conversion, more time spent, reduces bounce rate and improves SEO ranking. They have many ways to enhance a web site’s loading speed like:-

  • Cloud SSD platform
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • LiteSpeed, Memcached,APCu PHP Cache
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Brotli Compression

Reliable Security

HostArmada gives reliable and secure cloud web hosting services to the user. They serve you many things to protect your website:

  • Fast Patching
  • Daily Backups
  • User account isolation
  • Web server security Fleet
  • Environment security Fleet

Benefits of Technical Support

HostArmada provides technical support by highly experienced technical faculty. They are available for customers 24*7, having different means helping you to grow your site’s audience. You can reach the support through:


Their technical team covers some major issues to enhance their hosting services:-

  • Website Support Service
  • Domain Support Service
  • Email Support
  • SSH Support
  • cPanel Assistance

HostArmada Plans & Pricing

HostArmada Review

Shared hosting

HostArmada have released a share hosting plan with minimum price $2.99/month. With the share hosting you can get many things for free: Domain, Website Transfer, SSL Certificate, Daily backups.

VPS hosting

They have also provided VPS hosting with a reasonable price $54.95/month where will you find a Cloud SSD platform, Scalable Solution, Remote Backups, Root Access.

Dedicated Hosting

With $149/month you can get dedicated CPU hosting where you can use a Cloud SSD Platform, Dedicated CPUs, DDos Protection, Root Access.

Why would you choose hostarmada as your web hosting provider?

HostArmada Review

Best technical team and customer support

They have the best combination of innovative ideas and they have established responsive technology as well as supportive technical team. All of the customers can benefit from this, it is offered for free and on top of that issues may be resolved over the phone either.

Satisfied customers and quality:-

Customer satisfaction is their priority, every service that they offer abides by their 10 levels of QA before it is released!

45 Days money back guarantee

There are no cancellation fees in case you don’t like their service and within the first 45 days you can have your money back guaranteed by HostArmada. Considering the industry standards, 45 days is more than what the competition provides.

Happy crew and customers:-

The happiness of the employees and the customers is the key component of their mission, transparency, innovation, tolerance and spread of wisdom is the vision of their web hosting services.

Uptime and speed:-

HostArmada gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all customers’ websites. Users can optimize for all their websites hosted on your network. The server speed of the provider network is multiple times faster compared to providers that oversell server resources.

HostArmada Review

24*7 Technical Support:-

HostArmada provides 24*7 service to the customers for assistance and technical support so that the users can easily contact the customer support authority anytime. Their technical support replies by providing detailed and concrete information.

Affordable Plans to Choose

HostArmada provides a wide range of pricing plans according to the customer’s business. You can easily purchase their plans with no risk.

They have various options from the startup to enterprise level - you can easily see a wide variation on the charge of the plans,

If you want cloud shared hosting plan you have to spend only $2.99/month, VPS hosting starts from $54.95/month and dedicated hosting only at $149/month entry price.

Key features of hostarmada web hosting solution:-

If you go on their website, you will be able to choose from a variety of solutions:-

  • WordPress hosting
  • SSD shared cloud hosting
  • SSD VPS cloud hosting
  • dedicated CPU servers hosting,
  • development hosting,
  • woocommerce hosting,
  • magento hosting,
  • domains
  • openstheirce hosting

HostArmada Security Tools:-

HostArmada gives you better security solutions and there are many features to protect your web site if you are go with them:

Fast patching

They will patch any security vulnerability on a server level before you even think of reporting it!

Daily Backups

You have backups as a free feature, while other companies charge for it.

User Account Isolation

They provide their customers account isolation facilities and prevent the users of their shared hosting plans to overuse resources at the expense of others.

Web Server Security Fleet

They provide the best security fleet for your shared web hosting server to identify and deny incoming attacks. There are security components they utilize to protect your visitors and your website from malicious activities.

Environment Security fleet

They focus on the environment security tools to mitigate security threats across all servers. The HostArmda server protects its user against common code injected exploits and regularly perfors malware scans and as well as preventing malware spread across accounts.

To provide an all-around security solution that is comprehensive enough to cover any security risk, they are obligated to defend their web hosting environment along with their web server.

Here are some features:

  • Live security events monitoring
  • Advanced network Firewall and WAF
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Malware scanning
  • Proactive zero-day attacks detection
  • OS patch management feature

HostArmada Affilate Program Benefits

They are providing their customers a wat to earn money by referring other people:

  • Free affiliate sign up
  • $10 starting bonus
  • Monthly payout
  • Up to $200 per qualified sale
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

They offer a multi-tier affiliate program with absolutely free registration. It is based on your performance for optimal income, the more sales you make, the better you will be paid.

You can get commission per qualified sale and based on the number of sales you bring for a given month.

You can also get 90 days of cookie life. They will give you credit for the sale even if the client takes 90 days to purchase service.

HostArmada gives you infinite potential for growth, no matter how many sales you bring, they will give you a monthly payout and reward you with a commission for every signup.

The HostArmada affiliate program will grant you access to one of the most intuitive and easy manage affiliate dashboards where you will be able to receive live statistics on the number of clicks on your affiliate link and the number of sales that you make.

Benefits of promoting HostArmada?

They provide the right plans for every customer according to the customer requirement and give you 24*7(365days) technical support. Every web hosting plan they offer is packed with features and goes beyond what the symbolic price tag entails.

HostArmada multi-tier programs offer one of the highest commissions you can receive for qualied sales. You can also contact the HostArmada Affiliate Manager at any given point in time. They will give you tips on how to boost your income.

Learning with HostArmada

HostArmada aims to provide their web hosting tutorials to their customers where they give step-by-step instructions and guidelines on how to better utilize the web hosting services they offer-

They have many tutorials where you can learn more about web hosting and HostArmada services

  • Client area tutorials
  • cPanel tutorials
  • WHM tutorials
  • FTP service tutorials
  • Email tutorials
  • Website builder tutorials

I hope this comprehensive review will help you understand the working process and advantage of cloud web hosting services with HostArmada’s network. We strongly recommend registering for HostArmada’s services!