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Zenscrape Review - How to scrape the web using an API

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Zenscrape Review - How to scrape the web using an API

Looking to scrape any massive database without showing your identity - even websites that are built-in HTML or Javascript? Zenscrape is software that easily scrapes data while you anonymously browse a website.

In my opinion, Zenscrape is one of the best web scraping tools out there because it’s reliable and scalable. Their API (application programming interface) takes care of everything that makes scraping difficult; captcha solving, IP rotation, JS rendering, etc.

Using a web scraping API solution bumps up your skill level - even if you don’t have coding ability. It’s a great way to do your data collection tasks faster and with more accuracy.

About "web scraping"

Web scraping is also known as web extraction, screen scraping, or web harvesting. It’s used to extract large amounts of data and content from a website, it’s underlying HTML code, and data stored in a database.

Web scraping allows for a quick and efficient extraction database in the form of any news of different sources, for example – finding a spa parlor of a particular state or region.

Zenscrape Tools/Features Overview

Zenscrape serves two major products for data extraction, a web scraping API for data extraction, and second, residential proxies for web data extraction.

Web Scraping & Api Overview

All API requests are executed in a modern chrome browser. These render websites in the same way as real browsers would do it and you can focus on code-parsing, while they take care of data aggregation. Scraping returns a JSON object that contains the HTML markup of the related website. Zenscrape supports all websites for data extracting or web scraping such as scrape Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and more.

The API is among the fastest you will find in the industry with no QPS limitation. Here are the most common use cases:

  • Web crawling
  • Sales leads
  • Price and product information
  • Customer reviews
  • Job and hiring data
  • Real estate data

Zenscrape provides proxy servers - it transfers your data from datacenter to residential IPs. All proxy types are available with headless browsers.

Standard proxies: A standard proxy server is affordable and fast.

Premium proxies: Some websites hinder web scraping by using captchas or they vary content depending on your location. With premium proxies, you can hide your location and side step location restrictions.

IP rotation: If a request fails Zenscrape automatically retries with another IP so you only receive valid responses.

Residential Proxies Overview

A residential proxy is an intermediary that uses an IP address provided by an internet service provider (ISP) for commercial use, each residential proxy has a physical location. Rotating residential proxies is a process that hides your original IP behind to another IP, and it is also known as back connect proxies, which conceal you behind a pool of proxies. These proxies switch between themselves with every session or at regular intervals.

Zenscrape’s residential network consists of those real household WI-FI based IPs that enable your data collection requests to be seen and treated as real world requests, making them highly effective and undetectable when used correctly.

If you want to hide your IP address or need to scrape data from various websites, and run many accounts from the same machine, upload or download via p2p connections or stream geo-blocked content - then you need a residential proxy network to hide your identity. Else your requests will be blocked.

Zenscrape Pricing And Plans

Many web scraping companies charge a lot for their services but Zenscrape pricing and plans are cheap, economical, and easily affordable. They’re built to scale to your needs.

  • Zenscrape pricing plans for every use case.
  • No long-term contract, all contracts can be canceled, upgraded, or downgraded at any time
  • There is no hidden charge for any services.
  • First 1,000 requests are completely free for active subscribers.
  • Only successful requests count towards your plan
  • They provide four most popular plans which are free small, medium, with 1K, 250K, 1M, and 3M monthly requests respectively.

Zenscrape Review

Zenscrape Review

Residential Proxies Pricing

For the more advanced user, Zenscrape also provides residential proxy plans. These are at an added cost.

Zenscrape Review

Why Zenscrape is a better option than other web scraping tools

Scraping tools tend to be really expensive and built for large scale projects. While Zenscrape is capable of handling millions of requests per month, they also cater for the smaller user. You’ll get real support from the team rather than a cookie cutter response.

Here’s a summary of my thoughts:

  • They do a free call/consult with you to get you started
  • An API endpoint enables you to crawl the web anonymously
  • They configure the environment to handle your project, from that movement, you will get your requested data.
  • They protect and serve you safe and secure functionality along with 24*7 experienced customer support.
  • They provide you to add any kind of data that is available on the related product pages.
  • Zenscrape charges are very cheap and affordable. You can easily purchase it and make your business next level.


Perhaps the biggest benefit is that Zenscrape is free for the first 1,000 requests per month. That gives you enough time to try it out, check out the interface, and see if it solves your data collection problems.