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ABP Framework - Web Application Framework for ASP.NET Core

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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ABP Framework - Web Application Framework for ASP.NET Core

ABP framework is a framework that provides you with the infrastructure to create modern web applications. It’s an open-source project that has been around since 2017.

The framework offers several features that can help to kick start your new project.

It provides multi-tenancy, authentication, authorization, audit logging, language management, permission management, setting management, bundling and many more… You can learn more about these features at With these features, you save months of development for your new project.

What is the ABP Framework?

ABP Framework Review

ABP is an open-source, full-stack framework that allows you to build web applications. It's a collection of tools and libraries that work together to create high-performance, modular websites.

How To Start Your New Project with ABP?

ABP Framework Review

To be able to generate your first ABP project, you need to install the ABP CLI tool. Run the following command on your terminal window to install the ABP CLI global tool.

dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli

You can learn more about ABP CLI at Also you can watch the following video to see how it works

Go to and you’ll see there are a bunch of options to generate your own project. Pick the ones that’s appropriate for you. In the terminal window, you can see the auto-generated command. Run this command on your terminal window.

ABP is a framework that can be used in any business domain like CRM, ERP, Warehouse Management, Healthcare projects, e-commerce etc…

It’s a very powerful infrastructure that allows you to save time and money while still maintaining a high level of quality.

It provides you with the infrastructure of modern applications, including support for agile development techniques.

This tool can help streamline your workflow and make it easier to create high-quality software.

One of the biggest benefits of using ABP is that it allows you to easily transition from a legacy project mode to a robust and modern application.

This allows you to work on different parts of your projects simultaneously without having to switch back and forth between tools or files.

Additionally, ABP makes it easy to share project files with other team members or clients so they can continue working on them even when they're not at your office or computer.

Overall, ABP offers many advantages over traditional software development methods – making it ideal for businesses that want to improve their efficiency and quality standards.

ABP makes it easy for you to build an extensive range of customizations without having to write code yourself or hire developers for each one individually. You can check our more here.

ABP Commercial Platform :-

ABP Framework Review

The ABP framework has a commercial platform that provides you with the infrastructure to create modern applications. The framework is unique because it allows you to kick start your business idea in the same day.

The ABP Commercial platform offers premium features and acts as a time saver for all the developers using it.

It is designed for developers who want to build scalable and highly functional web applications. This means that your application will be able to handle large amounts of data from the user without crashing or freezing up.

With this framework, you can create beautiful websites that load quickly on browsers across multiple platforms (PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones).

The ABP Commercial is easy to learn because it comes with lots of tutorials, documentation and videos that show you how everything works step-by-step. You'll be able to start building your own websites in minutes!

Pricing Policy :-

ABP Framework Review

The ABP Framework is open source and it is free to use. However, the ABP Commercial platform pricing policy is designed to be affordable yet effective. It starts from three essential packages: Team, Business, and Enterprise.

The team package starts from $2999. It provides you with all the essentials needed to build a secure and compliant ABP system—including ABP Suite, All pro modules, All pro themes, All pro startup templates, and Mastering ABP Framework e-book. With this package, you have everything you need to get started right away.

The business package starts from $5999. It includes the source code of all modules and themes as well as a perpetual license that lets you use these files without any restrictions whatsoever.

You also receive unlimited server deployment and 1-year upgrade privileges so that you can keep your system up to date at any time.

Finally, premium forum support is included for one year so that you can always contact us in case there are any questions or problems related to using the platform.

The enterprise package starts from $9999. It offers even more benefits than the Business package alone! For example, a Perpetual license means no limits on how many users or sites can use your system; Unlimited server deployment allows for increased scalability; 1-year upgrade assures continuity of features across future updates; 1-year premium forum support ensures that should anything go wrong during this period we will be able to help to resolve it promptly, and lastly, Private ticket & email support makes sure communication between yourself and our team remains confidential.

The Framework Features :-

ABP Framework Review

ABP is a comprehensive and flexible framework that can be used to build any web application.

It's also a full-stack web application framework, which means it has everything you need to develop your project from scratch. ABP has many features, including

  • Multiple UI options: It allows you to choose the look and feel of your site.
  • Database providers: With that, you can use whichever provider suits your needs best.
  • ABP CLI tool: It helps to automate common tasks.
  • Modularity: You can customize ABP as needed without affecting other modules.
  • Multi-tenancy: With multiple tenancies, multiple companies or departments can share the same site, with different users having their accounts and pages.
  • Bootstrap tag helpers: They provide easy customization of HTML tags.
  • Dynamic forms: This helps with quick input of data into web forms.
  • Authentication & authorization: This is crucial for security purposes.

Privacy Policy :-

Privacy is a critical issue for users of modern applications. ABP framework takes this into account and provides you with the infrastructure to create secure and user-friendly applications.

The ABP platform includes features such as an encrypted database, token issuance, and management system, permissions system, and identity verification system. Together these features allow you to create privacy-sensitive applications that comply with regulatory requirements or corporate policies.

ABP also offers built-in security features such as two-factor authentication support, session logging capabilities, error reporting systems, password recovery tools, and more.

All of these features help protect your data from loss or misuse while ensuring that it remains accessible when needed.

Overall, the Privacy policy of the ABP framework is comprehensive and well-designed.

It ensures that your data is protected while providing you with all the necessary tools to develop privacy-sensitive Applications.

Benefits Of Using ABP :-

ABP is a framework that can be used for any project. It has been designed to be easy to use and quick to develop, with professional UI and premium support. In addition to these benefits, ABP offers several additional features such as:

  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create beautiful interfaces in minutes.
  • A built-in file manager that allows users to easily manage their files while they're working on them (no more lost files!).
  • Apps can be designed in any language or framework you want (PHPELLUX / Java / Python), without having to learn an entirely new system
  • Apps are easily deployed on the shared server or your private servers
  • You can monetize your app by selling access or features directly from within the ABP user interface

Customer Testimonials :-

ABP Framework Review

Customer testimonials of the ABP Commercial are excellent! It provides you with the infrastructure to create modern applications, and customers love how easy it is to use.

They appreciate that ABP makes application development more efficient and less time-consuming.

Many customers say that the framework makes modern application development simple, while others claim that it allows them to create more complex applications quickly and with less headache.

Overall, customer testimonials are positive - they recommend the ABP framework to other developers all the time!

Conclusion :-

In the end, we hope that this review has given you a clear picture of what ABP is and why it’s such a revolutionary framework.

The ABP framework is a simple yet powerful tool for any developer who wants to build modern and scalable applications with ease.

It has everything that your application needs—from web services to databases, from authentication to exception handling, etc.

This means that you don’t need to spend extra time building the foundation for your app. All you need is a good understanding of how all these components work together.

This framework has been proven by the industry to deliver quality applications within a short period.

The main advantage of ABP is its robust architecture that allows for testing every part of the application independently before merging them in one build script. That reduces development time and errors as well!

You can read the following article to understand why you should start with ABP Platform.