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Geocode API Review - One Of The Best Geo API Available

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Geocode API Review - One Of The Best Geo API Available

When we think about API only one thing should come to our minds i.e. ‘Connectivity’. With our beloved API’s we are connected to the world, every information which we access through our mobile phone or laptop is attained by the help of API’s. Want to book a vacation? You will do that thing with the help of API’s as they will serve you the information which is needed to book your vacation.

You won’t know that you are using an API but it is there, right in front of your eyes. Almost everything that we see on the internet is possible because of API. API is kind of a dog which goes and fetches the ball, the ball here is the information that you have asked for obviously.

API’s are one of the best-friend of web developers as with it’s help we can make our websites more functional and useful for our traffic. Various kinds of API’s are used for various types of situations, some might fetch information about the weather or some might fetch the information about the latest events that are happening around the world but this article will focus on something really amazing.

An API like this is nothing less than the sacred haven for many developers. Some drum roll and the winner of best Geocoding and fair pricing API is “Geocode API”.

So, What Is Geocode API?

Well first of all It’s an API, but the definition is as follows. It is a service which can provide us coordinates of a given address or vice-versa. It helps us to do geocoding, geoparsing and geocoding autocomplete api. While making a website like uber or a site where location is required, this API is used. It is really so amazing even I have used google API for one of my projects.

This API can increase the functionality of your site or you can also use it in some hacking stuff! With the right code and right method this API will do wonders. Want to get anybody’s location? Well you need right method as well as a right API for that and the right API is ‘Geocode API’.

Why To Use Geocode API?

Someone might ask, “Okay, ‘Geocode’ is cool but why should I use it? When I have more options out there?”, I will tell you why. Geocode API provides us an easy interface to use and it’s functionality is valid to almost every part of the planet. Geocode API is also a leader in the API section, so why would you go with any one else? Definitely one should go with the leader.

High quality geocoding increases the accuracy of location and high quality is provided by Geocode API. It assembles all the complex data from various places which makes it easier for design-makers and other people’s work easy in their domain. Geocode is truly an amazing thing and it must be like this forever. Okay I understood what Geocode API is, but what can it offer me?

Geocode API Features Overview

It will offer you very exciting things for your website’s full functionality. Unlike other services that might claim to provide the end result and does not, but this will claim and provide.

Forward Geocoding

It is the conversion of street addresses into longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, it is really simple we just have to enter some values in a given format like the street no, city, state etc. Forward Geocoding is useful for services like uber and other cab services.

Reverse Geocoding

It is the conversion of longitudinal or latitudinal coordinates into the street address, for reverse geocoding we does not have to insert the values of longitude and latitude because the device itself acquires the value of it with the help of GPS.

Geocode API

Address Auto Completion

The API returns address information for a submitted string. The return values can also be filtered by applying search filters. This is the most common use case of the API. It is usually used to enhance UX for sign up workflows, where entered addresses or address data have to match a certain format. The API provides incredibly fast response times that ensure a fast data exchange.

It also provides batch geocoding functionality

It allows you to upload a .xls or .csv-sheet, map the data fields via a user interface in the dashboard of Geocode API. This is great for people that do not have programming capabilities or programmers that have to process extremely large datasets.


It provides high performance and the server never goes down. Up all day and night and performance is amazing like a warrior. Just liking a warrior it will never go down.


Highly responsive, still depends upon your internet connection, data transmission is fast like a high engine-revving Ferrari. If you have a business which requires location of the end user then surely you don’t need a slow thing, and this is not slow.

Fair Pricing

Pricing is really a key point in this thing, pay for only what you need nothing more. Most of the people declines to use a service but after you will see it’s prices you won’t be able to resist your fingers to just use this amazing piece of work.

Geocode API

These were the features of Geocode API what do you want more from an API like this?

Geocode API Pricing/Plans :-

Ok I understand the features of Geocode API, but I think it is expensive. No it is not expensive! It is really reasonable, first go on and read about the pricing, bruh!

As you can see you can sign-up for the free version of it and can use this API, the free version of this service can pass only 350000 per month, which is not less! Consider if you are a newbie or just want to see how it works or make a small project for your college or school then this volume of free requests is really a good deal, your project won’t get much traffic unless you are a business tycoon already but as for teens or new developers, it is highly likely that the first project will receive less than this volume of requests.

This volume of requests are more than enough for your start-up project or a college project. If your business is getting more requests than this number, then it is sure that your business is booming and you can at least pay to the company which is helping you to achieve your sites full functionality.

More than 3.5 lakh requests represent the fact that that your site has a huge number of traffic and if you apply ads on your site then you pretty surely will earn a decent penny and can pay the subscription fee of your API which is really low. Below you will find of table of price.

That was the pricing plan of Geocode API.

Geocode API

Advantages of Geocode API

  • Pretty cheap API, the service which is provided by it is really good. Even the free version provides us really good features that we can not use all of them if we are a newbie.
  • Really easy to use, once you get to the site you can find how it works in just a few minutes and acquiring your API key is also an easy task which can be done in a small time.
  • Always up and running, never provides any setback to the end user, always provides it’s service and to all parts of the world.
  • Both type of Geocoding, either forward or reverse can be done easily and in just a few minutes.

Geocode API


In the end I would like to say this to you and genuinely I fell this that this thing is great for your epic idea of a website in mind, but make sure that you know how to use it, you can always check the documentation or search on google “How to use Geocode API”, you will get way too many tutorials too.

Don’t want to spend money in it? It’s cool, get the free plan and enjoy. One should really check this amazing API, it’s going to help you out guys in a lot of situations. Well just make sure that you go to the right site, just do not go to a fake one. Stay safe from scams and this API is the synonym of safe and reliable and the opposite of a scam.