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Document360 Review - An Honest Review of This Modern Documentation Tool

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Productivity Tool

Document360 Review - An Honest Review of This Modern Documentation Tool

Document360 is a software as a service (SaaS) tool that serves as a self-service knowledge base for customers and employees.

In essence, it allows businesses to create a knowledge base, manage it, and publish content instantly with permissions (to edit or to view).

A customer-centric knowledge base can help improve support-staff productivity, limiting attention to just inquiries that need agent intervention.

Also, FAQs can be taken care of by a self-service knowledge base.

Content creators get access to an easy-to-use interface that includes an editor, a category manager, and much more, which we will discuss in this post.

Here, we share an honest review of Document360, including a quick overview of its features, pros and cons, and a final verdict.

Document360 Features & Services Overview :-

Category Manager

Provides you with up to six layers of categories and subcategories that help arrange information into different groups of topics. You can structure those to create a neat UI.


Document360 offers you the Markdown editor, allowing you to focus on authoring documents that include both text and code.

It is easy for authors who use MS Word to edit documents using WYSIWYG. You can pace a wide range of elements into your documents using either the Markdown or the HTML editor's built-in tools.

Versioning & Rollback

Easy to create, update, and roll back your text content at any moment as Document360 minimizes the risk of mistakenly changing and deleting information.


Get in-depth analytics with Document360 that tells you where your knowledge base visitors are coming from, what they're searching for, and how they're engaging with your information.

Document360 Review

Safe and Security

We understand that security is still a concern within dedicated cloud hosting. But, with Document360, your custom domains are SSL secured with certificates along with it, you get the database encryption at rest.

Also, their security is applicable for a 100% cloud-based architecture with features such as custom roles and groups, enterprise SSO, and audits.

Storage Drive

You can store files, photos, and videos in a knowledge base that can be readily inserted into the content.

Homepage Builder

Leverage the drag-and-drop interface that helps create a stunning home page for your knowledge base without getting any help from a developer.

Other features include reminders, alerts, backup & storage, SEO, and commenting tools that form a part of cohesive Document360 offerings.

Documentation Privacy

Document360 offers private documentation that protects key knowledge base information by restricting access to just a selected group of individuals.

User Management

Gets you access to resources based on a user's position and responsibilities. Administrator, Editor, Draft writer, and reader are just a few examples of job titles that Document360 offers.

Comments and Feedback

If your knowledge base articles require peer review, then Document360 can help you. It lets you and your coworkers leave comments on specific articles/documents shared with them.

As a result, the relevant person will get a notification, and they will be ready to act as soon as possible.

Multi-Project Knowledge Base

Document360 enables you to create multiple projects in a single location, making it simpler to manage various projects with the flexibility to add team members.

Faster Search

You may search your knowledge base (in real-time) for content that matches your query using Document360. Its search bar offers you a list of suggested articles that includes just the most relevant ones.

Integrations in Document360

You can leverage seamless third-party integration using Document360 as you can blend in Slack, Intercom, Disqus, Zendesk, Google Analytics, and many other third-party apps with Document360.

Advantages Of Document360 :-

Excellent Customer Service

When you have well-versed service agents, you know you are covered. Moreover, they go out of their way if you provide them with a feature that can add value to other users.

So, maybe if you have a certain custom requirement, go ahead, and speak to their customer support executives, chances are that your input can become a part of their standard product offering. They can also help you with the migration process to ensure a smoother transition.

The assistance you receive from their support team post product purchase will let you make the most out of this one. You will get help to understand features better and ways to implement them for effective use.

Also, post-migration support is useful if your team faces any errors or complications. Their support team will help you with both publishing and authorship platforms, extending it to help you with integration.

For instance, you can get integration support for Zendesk connection that allows their support team to quickly check the resources available to you and provide your details for seamless operations.

As part of their development process, you can vote for the important features to them. This will feed the development and QA team to improve software performance.

Ease Of Editing And Auditing

You have the option to create a reader-facing landing page while displaying the most recently viewed pages, the most recently updated pages, and the most recently created pages.

Pages are audited for anything from broken links to tagging to version history for comments accessible to all authors.

It's a well-thought-out and thorough solution that requires minimal editing fuss as you have formatting choices that are flexible and easy to use, providing all the necessary tabular flexibility your authors need.

Quick To Implement

It is easy for businesses to set up Document360 and populate necessary data. It comes with built-in tutorials and user manuals, making it easy for you to learn the basics of the tool right out of the box.

As mentioned, they have excellent customer service which means you will get their inputs that will help you choose their best package. If you want to stay updated, you'll be updated on new features through frequent meetings via emails.


Document360 gives you complete control over the look and feel of your knowledge base. This is useful if you are looking to provide a consistent branding experience. For a more cohesive look, you may customize your logo and colors.

Customizable links and menus may help consumers and staff discover the information they need. Moreover, it also gives you the option to create a custom footer without coding.

Central Information Hub

Rather than having your customers connect to your support team for all queries, provide them with centralized information with a customer knowledge base using Document360.

This will help bring down unnecessary support tickets as customers can quickly and readily find answers to FAQs.

Analytics and custom access

Another great benefit of using Document360 is that you have powerful analytics that shows what people are looking for, enabling you to plug the gap.

Ultimately, such inputs aim at improving the reliability and usability of your information base.

You also have total control over who has access to what if you need to maintain the confidentiality of a certain part of the knowledge base.

Disadvantages of Document360 :-

    Document360 doesn't have native mobile app for iOS and Android platform. This causes inconvenience for content consumers to access content via web browser

    Document360 allows importing content from WordPress but not from the CHM file, limiting efficiency.

    Lastly, a neatly-done permission control of articles and their sub-sections can help minimize time to create sensitive documents exclusively.

Document360 Plans & Pricing Overview :-

For Startups

You have a $99 a month option if you are just getting started and are seeking cost-effective solutions. This will give access to 2 team accounts.

For Mid-To-Large Businesses

Their Business plan starts with $299 which is designed to meet the needs of growing companies looking to expand their operations and clientele.

For Enterprise

This plan caters to established and huge organizations (MNCs) who are aiming to gratify their present client base. This plan is available at $499.

Conclusion :-

Definitely, if you are looking for a comprehensive package for knowledge base software, Document360 should be your preferred choice.

As long as its downsides like language limitation and mobile access do not limit its use, it’s a must-have for organizations looking to create a robust repertoire of information for employees and users.

You can expand its use for even the website users, enabling access to your key business information that helps simplify buying decisions. In a way, you can use this tool to provide answers to frequently asked questions, case studies, and user guidelines.

It is a good idea to book a demo session before giving it a go, thereby helping you make a sound choice that is a bang for your buck.