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CodeLobster IDE Review - Perfect Tool For Developers

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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CodeLobster IDE Review - Perfect Tool For Developers

Are you finding the best source code editor for your coding purpose?

Are you a beginner in programming or a web designer and a developer and want to do your coding fast in a simple and efficient manner than you are at the right place where you get the best coding editor software.

If you are a web developer or a beginner programmer than you always searching for the best coding IDE editor in which you can improve your speed and efficiency for writing the codes without getting any error. There are so many code editors that fulfill your requirements but most of them are paid editors.

Here in this Article, we will discuss the simple and fast coding software i.e. CodeLobster IDE (Integrated Development Environment). For knowledge, there is some source editing software which is standalone applications and some of them are built-in IDE.

CodeLobster IDE Introduction:-

CodeLobster Review

CodeLobster is built-in IDE source code editor for the programmers. The web designers and developers can build the sites and do their coding work without facing any problem. It is very effectual and resourceful and portable editor in which you can write the HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, and CSS Code.

CodeLobster IDE is available at free of cost and in paid versions also for professional programmers, designers and developers. Choosing the right IDE editor is a very troublesome job for those who are new in this field. To get the priceless work to develop the PHP sites as a web developer you must have a secure editor and CodeLobster with PHP edition is the professional IDE with a number of features for developing the sites and others coding applications.

Programmers can easily edit, add text, and use two or more sequence codes in one editor using color schemes. It provides the developers with customizing windows, panel, toolbar option, short keys and menu option for adjustment of fast web developing growth.

It provides the variety of features with different plug-ins to work on this platform smoothly and coding the entire program stress-free. This plug-in expands the system functionalities.

CodeLobster is the best for beginners learning the purpose and useful for developers because it is easy to use for longer operation. It provides the auto-complete attribute for various programming languages with CSS.

CodeLobster IDE runs on any Windows, Mac O.S., Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Mint and Debian Operating System. This IDE needs a less space on a disk as compared to other editors. It provides a great platform to the programmers with faster speed and full-size IDE. You can download the free version of CodeLobster from

In CodeLobster, if someone finds difficulties then there is help option by pressing the f1 key for documentation support and also mail the team member through the web form to fill their query.

CodeLobster has a facility of PHP debugger which permits to implement the PHP scripts incrementally, observe the values of each and every variable in each line. It supports the FTP server for working straightforward manner with the remote server and makes essential alterations to files.

CodeLobster IDE is very useful and handy with pair selection feature of content inside the current block. It can highlight the different tags and attributes. It helps in project management and offers the browser preview and also collapses the code for PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML. So it is a cost saving PHP editor for the programmer and learners.

CodeLobster IDE Features Overview:-

Highlight Code

It highlights the different types of codes like a mixture of PHP, HTML and so on with different colors for making the coding process easier.


It is the powerful feature in this editor with this you don’t have to type the full name of function, arguments, tags and attributes.

Code Inspector

If you want to modify the HTML & CSS codes in your coding process of thousand lines then it happens easily with the help of code inspector.

Context Help

If you want to see the detail of the one code then you will see it in the context help page by selecting the tag, a function from code and press F1 key.


This feature of CodeLobster provides the quick code access to numbered and unnumbered bookmarks. It can do easily with navigation pane.

Find & Replace

It helps in finding and replacing the few parameters with use of the regular expression. It also fixes the custom path and identifies file mask.

CodeLobster IDE Plans & Pricing:-

The CodeLobster IDE is available in different prices with variant features support. The plans are mention as below:-

Free Version of CodeLobster with PHP Edition at Cost of $0

If you are a beginner and want the fast and easiest coding editor then you must download the free version of CodeLobster IDE software for developing the astonishing and attracting sites for the visitors and boost your sales, products and services in the business with the best-developing sites.

It is available at free of cost with a variety of features editor for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, PHP debugger, CSS & HTML inspector code, Syntax highlight for HTML and other apps, Automatic code complete, Code folding, Pair highlight & selection, Project manager etc.

Paid Version of CodeLobster Lite with PHP Edition at Cost of $39.65

It is the one-time cost for the paid version for developing the sites with fast coding. In this, you will get the free version features and some additional features also. It provides the additional features like:-Support FTP and SFTP, SQL Manager, Version Control System, Code Validation System, Code Snippets, Formation of Codes, Less and Sass, Window splitting & Comparison, Supporting JS, Conversion & Sorting

If you really need these above lite feature version in building the site easily and efficiently then you must go for it at a lesser price as compared to other IDE. In this version, you have to pay around $39.95 with GBP £26.80.If you want to add the add-ins then its cost rises with $24.95 to $49.95 for the single extension.

Paid Version of CodeLobster Professional with PHP Edition at Cost of $99.95

It is the last pricing plan of paid version for the professionals, businesses, developers and programmers to use the lite features and other additional feature for fastening their coding process without any mistake.

These additional features provide the best content management system and frameworks. These are as follows:- Angular JS add-in, Js add-in, CakePHP Add-in, CodeIgniter Add-in, Drupal Add-in, JQuery Add-in, Joomla Add-in, Laravel Add-in, Magento Add-in, MeteorJS Add-in, Phalcon Add-in, Smarty Add-in, Symfony+Twig Add-ins, WordPress Add-in, Yii Add-in

So if you want to work like professional and take the benefit of above features that support the various things in the coding process then you must choose the CodeLobster pro version as it is less expensive than other PHP versions. The initial plan cost is around $99.95. In this if you want to add the Wordpress add-in then you cost rises with $39.95 to $ 79.90 with GBP £53.60.

And if you plan to utilize the other add-ins then it will be very gainful to buy a lot of plug-ins in one editor with the total cost around $119.95 to $379.45 with GBP £80.48 to GBP £254.60.

CodeLobster Review

What's Good About CodeLobster IDE:-

  • It is very light in weight and requires the less space on a disk.
  • It is the free multi-platform for the users, developers, and professionals to work coding faster on these tools.
  • The major benefit of this IDE is that it gives the add-ins for working with famous CMS and Frameworks.
  • It offers the variety of features with advanced search and built-in developer tools.
  • It provides the option to use a combination of coding syntax in one editor.

CodeLobster IDE Special Support:-

  • CMS: - It offers Drupal and Joomla add-ins.
  • PHP frameworks: - It offers Cake PHO, Code Igniter, Symfony, and Yii.
  • It offers the JavaScript library i.e. J Query.
  • It offers the special support of blogging engine i.e. Wordpress.
  • It also provides the support of template engine i.e. Smarty.

Final verdict :-

It is clear by knowing its features that CodeLobster is very authoritative and competent IDE. It has various integral tools that help in creating, testing, debugging the code easier, faster and efficient manner. So, we just want to say that if you really want to make the bulky PHP sites or Wordpress sites then you must choose the CodeLobster IDE having code intelligence and facilities.

Hope you all like this article and provides you with the sufficient information on CodeLobster. It is really helpful for writing the next coding project. So use it and feel free to write on it.