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Influencer Trends Expected In 2022 What To Expect

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Influencer Trends Expected In 2022 What To Expect

According to the 15th annual Digital Marketing Pulse Survey, it is estimated that 70 percent marketers would increase spend on social media/influencer marketing. There has been an accelerated shift to digital media because of the pandemic.

However, more than 9 in 10 marketers and agencies have stated they used social tactics even before the pre-pandemic era.

Influencer marketing allows marketers reach consumers effectively. It increases the sale and the popularity of the product/companies for short term results. More than 39 percent marketers rely on solely influencer marketing for business.

Influencer marketing has seen a huge transformation in 2021. It has a lot in store for 2022 and the biggest question for many is 'What does it have it store for 2022?

What Will Be The Biggest Influencer Marketing Trends Of 2022 ?

Data-Driven Marketing :-

It is extremely important to have a data-driven approach in influencer marketing. With the increased development it is important to use data to keep pace in the industry.

It is important to have quantifiable data to track the return from influencer marketing efforts. The higher the return, the greater is the investment from potential clients.

Almost 4 out of 10 marketers spend 20 percent of their money in influence er marketing whereas some marketers even spend more 40 % on influencer marketing.

If a data driven approach is taken then there is more efficiency and higher returns.

Consistent Influencer Marketing :-

In the past, influencer had been applied for short periods like one-off campaigns. However, many brands are going for always-on influencer marketing strategy.

Longevity has proven successful in the rapidly growing industry of influencer marketing. The always-on strategy allows companies to build a consistent social media presence through the influencers that the consumers follow.

It allows the brand to be present for their consumer on their moments of need. Brand loyalty is at an all-time low now. So, it takes consistency to win over the customer. A one-off campaign can't help in achieving consumer loyalty.

A combination of data driven method and consistent influencer marketing will play a crucial role in 2022.

Renovating The Influencer Marketing Silo :-

The number of occasional impacts become limited when we use influencer marketing as a silo. Therefore, it cannot be leveraged properly.

There are short term visible effects but no long-term impact. So, it becomes difficult to maintain a top position among other competing brands. Thereby, influencer marketing would not get recommended for long term.

Influencer marketing can make a great impact in the marketing mix of companies. So, companies lose out on profit when they choose not to consider influencer marketing long term.

Companies need to have holistic understanding of how influencer marketing fits into their marketing mix.

Only then, one can get long term results from it. It is important to have an open mind for better understanding of how different channels collaborate. The always-on, data driven strategy helps shape the new influencer marketing trends along with this.

It is not necessary that every follower of the influencer will get attracted to the brand. But some will and that will lead to sale and profit in the company.

Paid advertisements can often backfire and lead to lower sales but influencer marketing never leads to low sales. Only with a holistic understanding, one can gain an understanding of ROI along with maximum effectiveness for the brand.

Multi-Channel Campaigns :-

Average social media users had almost three accounts in 2012. But that number is up to eight nowadays. The number of social media channels are continuously increasing. It is difficult for brands to maintain a sense of cohesion through it all.

Thereby, cross channel campaigns will form an integral part of upcoming influencer marketing. It is not an easy task to build a cross channel campaign for a brand. For example, one cannot recycle their Instagram content to post it on Tik-Tok.

The content should be unique across all social media platforms. Influencers and brands need to walk on the tight rope of creating appropriate and brand related unique content in all channels. The content can be cohesive but not recycled/repetitive.

Influencers help brands in making their presence across channels with their years of experience in creating contents.

The brand must trust them and not try and steer influencers. Influencers know how to make the brand reach their followers.

Conclusion :-

There are various benefits of the above-mentioned trends with strategic application of data. The always on strategy along with multi-channel presence helps in increasing the company's consumer reach.

The company must look at influencer marketing holistically and not think of it as silo. With a good marketing mix including influencer marketing, 2022 can revolutionize the market. It will increase the growth of influencer marketing.

Companies will invest more money in influencer marketing and increase their brand presence among potential consumers.

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