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10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic (In 2023)

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Increase Website Traffic

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic (In 2023)

Every blogger or webmaster always wanted to increase atleast one thing and that is their website traffic. This is the most precious thing a website or blog could ever have.

Imagine you continuously write damm good content and in return you get no traffic you will definitely feel frustrated and hopeless like most of the other bloggers feel when they did not get expected traffic.

There are three kind of website traffic referral traffic which you get most from social media websites and other websites, second is direct traffic where readers comes to your website directly and the third is and the best traffic is organic traffic.

I don't talk about the first two kinds of traffic here because i already created a post of 40 proven ways to increase website traffic.

I only talk here about Organic Traffic and how to increase increase your website organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic your website could ever have.

Imagine you wrote an article on your blog or website and hundreds and thousands of visitors will come to your website automatically and you did nothing to get these visitors.

This is all organic traffic or search engine traffic.

The traffic which comes from search engine is called organic traffic or search engine traffic.

Organic traffic is very powerful many big blog and websites like TechCrunch, Huffington Post and publish the article and the next day they are getting tons of visitors from search engine.

Organic traffic depends on many factors like keyword research, backlinks, internal linking, domain age, content quality and many other things.

So in this long article i will tell how to increase your blog or website organic traffic step by step.

You just need to follow the steps below with proper strategy to increase your website organic traffic.

#1 keyword Research

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Keyword research is the step 1 to increase organic traffic.

Keyword research is the one of the most important thing you should do everytime when you are going to write your blog post.

This is all about finding a good keywords for your blog post and now you are start thinking that this is gonna be very simple.

But trust me it is very tough to get good keywords for your blog post.

Hence you need a good strategy in finding good keywords which will help you to rank your post on search engines easily and start getting organic traffic to your blog post within few days.

How To Find Good Keywords:-

keywords are very necessary because either they will rank you on search engine or not going to rank your ever.

You have to use any keyword research tool to get quality keywords for your blog post.

I recommend you to use SEMrush because this is the tool that i am using to find good keywords for my post.

To find good keywords for your blog post you first have to find 1 keyword that you want to rank on and it should be related to your blog post.

Suppose this post is all about increase organic traffic so i want to rank on increase organic traffic keyword so this will be my main keyword.

Then try to find more 10-15 good keywords related to your main keyword but make sure choose only long tail keywords and good search traffic.

Why i recommend you to choose long tail keywords because long tail keywords are 3-4 or more words long which generally have very low competition so it is easier to rank your blog post on them.

Once you rank for those long tail keywords you will definitely rank for your main keyword.

How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post:-

Now you find your main keywords and other related long tail keywords for your blog post.

It's time to implement and write the keywords inside your blog post.

Make a list of all your long tail keywords according to search volume (high to low).

Use around 5-6 keywords across your blog post just like i used to do in my previous posts and make sure to add your main keyword in first and last paragraph of your blog post.

That's sit you have done all the things related to keyword research.

How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post:-

  • Always remember that you don't have focus on main keyword directly.
  • Focus on long tail keywords first then you automatically rank for main keyword overtime.
  • Find related keywords with good search volume and low competition otherwise it become difficult to rank for long tail keywords.
  • Don't use too many long tail keywords 5-6 keywords are sufficient in 800-1500 words content.

You have to do always these step before writing your content and if you did keyword research correctly then proceed for the next step.

#2 Write Quality Content

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Content is widely considered as king of website and yes it is true in most of the times.

Content plays the most important role in ranking and kind or website in search engine and getting organic traffic.

So if you don't take your website or blog content seriously then you should be.

Writing quality content is very tough job specially for new bloggers or content writer but you can develop this skill over time.

If you content quality is good you can automatically get more backlinks, social shares and many more which helps you to increase your search engine rankings and ultimately increase your organic traffic.

Nowadays search engine giant Google also started ranking quality content and long blog post much higher as compared to other mediocre contents.

If you can able to write 2000-3000 words post having quality content and good images then you did your 50-60% of work in getting organic traffic.

How To Write Quality And Long Content For Your Blog:-

Quality content is tough to write and if i say that you have to write long quality blog post then i become more difficult but remember one thing 'If you have to achieve success you have to work hard on your content'.

I am also very poor in terms of content in the beginning of this blog but now i think i am average in writing quality content and the reason is my first blogging article which is more than 8000 words based on increase website traffic.

So i know it's damm hard to write long content but if you research before writing your blog and post and write your blog post in step wise just like i am doing right now, it will become easier to write long content.

You can write quality content by adding some of your previous experience regarding that topic, create quality images or even videos if you want, share some of your case studies or try to some problems with your blog post.

Create quality blog post means to engage your website readers on your blog post by asking question in your blog post, if you can add some humour that would be great and try to be as transparent as are in real with your readers.

Once they started liking your way to present your blog post then it will be very easy to get success.

Things To Remember Before Writing Blog Post:-

  • Always research first for what you will going to write in your blog post and collect your case studies, create images or infographics if you want any in your blog post.
  • Don't write blog post less than 1500 words because it will take a lot of time to rank if your blog is new.
  • Write around 2000-3000 words blog post this is an ideal words count of a blog post which will help your blog post to rank faster without needing too much backlink on it.
  • Use content correction tool like Grammerly to correct your content mistakes.
  • Always ask for social sharing from your readers because this will remind your readers to share your blog post on social media if they like.

#3 Write Consistently

Writing consistently is as important as writing good blog post.

I know that writing a content which is very good and writing this regularly is very hard and frankly saying many bloggers fails to do that including me at sometime.

You can able to either write quality content or write consistently.

But if you combine both of the things then trust me nothing will stop your blog or website to become the top source of quality content in your niche.

How Writing Consistently Increase Organic Traffic:-

Writing consistently helps blogs in many ways like you can able to create lot of content for your blog which helps to rank more in search engines.

Increase organic traffic is directly related to no of blog post present in your blog if you have lots of blog quality post then you will get more organic traffic.

This also helps your readers to come more frequently to your blog and read new content and search engine also love new content if you create more content frequently they will crawl your blog or website more frequently and you blog post rank must faster which leads to more organic traffic in less time.

Things To Remember When Writing Consistently:-

  • Avoid creating bad quality or short content in order to be consistent in creating content.
  • Always choose multiple sub niche when writing frequently because it helps you to not getting bored on 1 topic.
  • Write 6-7 quality blog post if you can otherwise publish atleast 3-4 quality post for 3-4 months you will definitely see a good increase in organic traffic.

#4 Update And Republish Your Old Content

Update and republishing your old content gives a new life to your blog post and also gives your website visitors a chance to read your old blog post.

This will not only good for your readers but also good for search engines because they new and fresh content and if you can able to provide free content regularly then trust me they will love your website or blog.

Trust me this technique is very powerful when i try this strategy i increase my organic traffic from around 2500 visitors per day to 3500 visitors just by updating and republishing my old content.

I was completely amazed by the results i get and now i am using this technique regularly to update and republish my old content by adding more information, images and other things.

This will also helps you to create a more good blog post better than ever before.

How To Update And Republish Your Old Content:-

This is very easy step you have to just find your low performing blog post using Google Webmaster Tool and then you have to add some quality content such as case studies, images, videos or any kind of content and just republish your blog post so that it will appear on your first page and again promote your blog post.

Things To Remember Before Updating And Republishing Your Blog Post:-

Don't update your old blog post if you don't have anything new to write in your blog post such as more information, images and any type of content which you feel informative for your readers.

#5 Meta Tags And Webpage Optimization

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Meta tags are very important tags for a webpage because this tell search engine what is your blog post all about.

Meta Tags such as meta title tags, meta description tag, author tag, canonical tag and many others.

Search engine rankings and organic traffic depends heavily on Meta Tags and webpage optimization these whole process called On-Page SEO which i did not go in deep and did not tell all the tags which required for On-Page SEO.

Here i only tell your what are the important meta tags and webpage optimization techniques on which majority of On-Page SEO depends.

How To Write Proper Meta Tags:-

Writing proper meta tags is not an easy task you have to research highly so that you can write a good proper meta tags which helps your webpage ranks quickly and increase your organic traffic.

Most important meta tags are Title tags which you can see in search engine results and below him there is meta description tag which is used to describe your webpage.

These two tags the most important meta tags you have to write them properly in order to increase your website traffic.

Things To Remember While Writing Proper Meta Tags:-

  • Always write short, simple and eye catchy title tag having your main keyword in it on which you want to rank.
  • Never ever write long title tag no matter how informative your title tag is.
  • Always write a good and proper description of your webpage having 1-2 keywords in it and if you can write a question in your meta description tag then it will be great.

How To Do Webpage Optimization:-

Webpage optimization is compartively easy as compared to other webpage optimization you just have to take care of your webpage title, heading tags, images, your webpage URL and some other things.

You can optimize your webpage by writing good title of your webpage and it should be in H1 tag, by using h2 and h2 tags for sub heading and for some important points.

Optimizing your images is must you should compress images make them in lowest possible size without compromising much in quality so it did not take much time to load and this will decrease your page load time which is by the way an important factor in increasing organic traffic.

You should have to write proper image description in image alt tag this will also helps your blog post images to rank in search engines.

Write short and simple URL's but meaningful URL exactly what i did with this post and 1 more than you can include your main keyword in your URL whenever possible.

Things To Remember While Doing Webpage Optimisation:-

  • Don't write more than one H1 tag in your webpage it will negatively effect your website ranking.
  • Write your main keyword in your webpage title whenever possible.
  • Don't compress your images too much no doubt this will decrease your webpage loading time but it will increase your bounce rate which is bad for your blog or website.

#6 Internal Linking

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Internal Linking this is my favourite and also one of the best way to increase your website traffic.

Internal Linking is a way to link your older and related blog post or your products that you think can relate to your content.

For ex. I am creating this blog post on how to increase organic traffic and i also created a blog post on 'ways to increase website traffic' and i can link that blog post to this one because both of the content is related and my readers are also might be interested in reading my linked blog post.

Internal Linking is very powerful in terms of driving traffic and SEO power from one post to another it is just like recommendation but in more accurate and proper way.

When i learned about this technique and implemented on this blog i got pretty good results in increasing pageviews and organic traffic as well.

I saw a very good jump in my pageviews, this blog's pageviews increase around 15% and bounce rate decreases to around 50% all just by doing internal linking.

Internal Linking tell the search engine that this piece of content which is linked to this content is also good and valuable for readers and then the crawler will also crawl and rank your linked content.

Internal Linking helps to increase pageviews, decrease bounce rate and also increase daily time spent on site metrics.

All these metrics changed tell the search engines that this blog post in performing good and need to be ranked higher from other similar post.

How To Internal Link Your Older Blog Post:-

It's very easy to internal link your older and related blog post to the new one.

You just have to find 3-4 related blog post and link in your blog post just like 'in-text linking' exactly we did in this post and that's all

Things To Remember Before Doing Internal Linking:-

  • Create 5-10 quality blog post first then do internal linking for better results.
  • Never link too many similar post it will negatively effect your website ranking.
  • 3-4 links are an ideal numbers for a small blog post if your blog post in long then you can link maximum 10 related blog post.
  • Link your related and valuable content in in-text link whenever possible.
  • Always use different anchor text in every internal link blog post to avoid Google Penalty.
  • You should have to link only good,similar and valuable in your blog post.

#7 Link Building

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Link building is the king of organic traffic it is the process of getting backlinks to your website or blog post from other websites.

Link building is the best way to increase organic traffic if you can build links correctly then trust me nothing will stop your blog or website from ranking in page 1 in search engines.

Link building is an easy process in few years back but now this technique becomes more difficult in every passing year.

You need to have a proper knowledge of what you are doing and how to make proper backlinks to prevent from Google Penalty otherwise your blog or website will be completely gone from search engine within hours.

So it's highly dangerous but once you find the ways to do proper link building then you don't have to worry about anything not even the content much.

How To Do Link Building:-

There are many ways you can build link to your website by creating good content, blogger outreach, email outreach, profile links, links exchange, social bookmarking, forum backlinks, blog commenting and so on.

These are ways which i usually did when i start any blog or website.

Backlinks are of two types NoFollow and DoFollow.

DoFollow backlinks are the best type of backlink you need to get more and more dofollow backlinks to rank higher in search engines.

NoFollow is also good in getting traffic and but it does not increase your organic traffic it is used for only balancing your link profile you will get this type of links from social media.

You should create both the types of backlinks in equal ratio otherwise chances of getting google penalty is becomes higher.

Link building also increases your Domain Authority which is also considered by search engines to rank your website and higher domain authority prevents from Google Penalty.

Things To Remember Before Doing Link Building:-

  • Always do proper research before doing link building.
  • Building link from only those sites which are related to your website for ex. I am blogging and internet marketing niche so if i do link building on some cooking blogs then it will negatively effect my website and leads to Google Penalty
  • Build links from websites or blogs which have high domain authority.
  • Always balance your link profile to avoid any penalty.
  • Build only 5-6 links in a day not more than that.

#8 Link Profile (Good And Bad Links)

Link profile many times refers to good and bad backlinks the links which you get from a good domain and bad domain.

Now how to find which is good domain and which is bad?

It's easy you have to find their domain authority and spam score if the domain authority is high and have minimum spam score then the backlink from that domain is considered as good and safe otherwise bad.

It's important to find you good and bad links and remove all the backlinks of your website which are bad.

This will helps to improve your link profile and helps your website to get more organic traffic.

There are many tools out their which you can used to find which domains or backlinks are good and which are bad and the tools which i am using is again SEMrush you can find everything their.

How To Remove Bad Backlinks:-

  • First you have to find all your backlinks which is considered as bad for your website.
  • Create a file of all your backlinks which you want to remove or disavow.
  • Now go to your Google WebMaster Tool and find disavow tool page.
  • Then click on choose file to upload backlinks file and click on done and that's all.

#9 Social Media Shares

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Social media is one of the best way to increase not only just referral traffic but organic traffic also.

I also said this in my previous post that more social media engagement or shares leads to slightly increased in organic traffic as well.

If you don't trust me you can do a simple experiment by sharing your blog post on some of the major social media website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest you will see the results.

This is true atleast in my case, when i used to share my top blog posts on social media heavily i used to get 4-5% increase in my organic traffic on the next day as compared to days when i did not sharing blog posts on social media.

There are many ways you can share your top blog posts heavily on social media without spamming

You can manually do all the heavy sharing on social media or you can use social media scheduling tools like HootSuite or StatusBrew for all the social networks or for particular social media website.

But if you take my opinion i used to depend on tools because it saves my 5-6 hours of hard work with the helps of tools you can schedule your post and tool will automatically share your post in various social media website and don't worry they are completely safe.

Things To Remember Before Sharing Post On Social Media:-

  • Never ever do spamming on social media this will negatively impact your brand reputation and got you banned from particular social media websites.
  • If you want to use tools for sharing choose the best tool for particular websites like HootSuite is more better for Facebook and linkedIn sharing and StatusBrew is great with Twitter.
  • If you are sharing your blog post in groups please share in similar groups otherwise this will be a complete waste of time.

#10 Avoid Google Penalty

10 Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Google was and is the king of search engines nobody want's to angry Google.

Google search engine system are very clever they have many algorithms which is used to caught websites who playing and tricking google in order to increase their website ranking.

Google algorithms will caught you and shift your website in 100's of page in this search engine it is like ghost town no one will find you in search results and your website or blog rankings drops immediately.

It's easy to trick Google search engine rankings by doing some Black Hat SEO few years back but now it's very difficult to do all such things without getting Google Penalty.

I saw many bloggers and website owners do Black Hat SEO and then end up with Google Penalty.

But don't worry Google Penalty is recoverable you can always recover your website from penalty state to your original state by tweaking your website and optimising your link profile but this will takes time upto an year.

Luckily i did not experience such things because i do follow White Hat SEO techniques for all my blogs.

So never do things which is not good for your website or blog otherwise you will have to pay for it.

#Final Thought

Organic traffic is the best traffic you should always focus more in organic traffic as compared to other traffic sources because organic traffic last long and also good for making money online.

If you do proper things and implement proper techniques then definitely your website traffic will increases but keep some patience because everything takes time and you have to wait for 2-3 months to see actual results.

Trust me if you follow all the techniques and strategy in a right way you will love the way traffic comes automatically every day.

I share all the steps that i am following right now to increase my organic traffic and these are the proven tips and techniques to increase organic traffic.

Hope you like this article and please share this article with your friends on social media.

Thanks for reading.

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