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PHP Email Sending

All th process to send emails is very easy with the help of PHP.It uses mail() function to send emails.


mail( to, subject, message, headers, parameters );

Code Explanation

  • to the value of to is the email address of the reciever.

  • subject the value of subject is the subject of the email.

  • message the value of message is the main content of the email.

  • header It is optional the value of header like From, Cc, and Bcc. The additional headers should be separated with a CRLF (\r\n).

  • parameters It is optional specifies an additional parameter to the sendmail program.

Simple Example To send emails


<title>Sending email using PHP</title>


   $to = "";
   $subject = "This is subject";
   $message = "This is simple text message.";
   $header = " \r\n";
   $retval = mail ($to,$subject,$message,$header);
   if( $retval == true )  
      echo "Message sent successfully...";
      echo "Message could not be sent...";

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