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What Types of Software Development Are There?

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Software Development

What Types of Software Development Are There?

Are you looking for a team of software developers for your project? Then you need to familiarize yourself with types of software development and software project management frameworks to understand what kind of executive team you need to hire.

Project Management Frameworks

Before we get to software development types, let’s quickly get through the main project management frameworks used by modern development teams:


Agile software development is a methodology based on the incremental approach that is open to any changes to project requirements driven by several cycles of user feedback.

Agile teams develop a product in iterations and communicate with stakeholders and focus groups all the time to deliver the best experience to the end-user.


Scrum involves product development in fixed-duration sprints and task boards for progress tracking. This system is good for project transparency and simplicity of changes after each sprint.


This system is used when a linear well-documented development process is required.

Software Development Types

Now, let’s take a look at all the existing software development types to understand them better:

1. Front-end

This includes the development of user interfaces (UIs) and making them appealing to users to improve their experience.

2. Back-end

This type of development focuses on internal structures of software, including databases, server processes, APIs, etc.

3. Full-stack

Full-stack developers and teams work at both front- and back-end to deliver a well-functioning combo of both in the end.

4. Application Development

This involves the creation of a solution or a set of solutions that perform specific business tasks. An application is a tool that focuses on delivering a certain result to its users.

5. API Development

APIs are pieces of software that serve as binders between two different software platforms. For example, all payment systems offer their APIs to websites to let their users conduct transactions without the need to leave the online store and provide a seamless experience.

6. Web development

Web developers use coding to create unique websites or new modules for already existing web platforms.

7. Embedded systems development

Embedded systems are the ones that work closely with specific hardware, such as manufacturing machinery, smart home devices, cameras, computer hardware, mobile hardware, etc.

8. Security software development

Security system developers create special solutions for the protection of private data of any sort. Besides, they are involved in the testing and improvement of functioning security systems.

It’s a dynamic process that actually never ends because security systems always have to be one step ahead of hackers and fraudsters.

9. Data science

Data scientists combine coding and analysis to create solutions for analyzing specific (usually massive) amounts of data to identify trends, user behavior patterns, etc.

The results achieved through data science analysis can be used to improve products, websites, marketing strategies, and software.

10. Cloud computing

Cloud systems are the ones that deliver on-demand software services online without requiring the user to download and install anything. Popular cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or GitHub are good examples.

11. Software tools development

This process involves developers who develop for other developers. They create solutions for coding, software maintenance, and debugging software products of any kind.

12. Mobile and desktop development

This is exactly what you think. Mobile developers create applications for iOS and Android, while desktop masters focus on tailoring programs for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

13. Game development

Video games are a type of software, but they require a very specific set of skills, knowledge, and experience from developers, so it’s necessary to identify it as a standalone type of software development.

Choose Your Fighter!

Now that you’re savvy enough to tell one type of software development from another, you are ready to hire the best executive team for your project. Pay close attention to detail to get the quality your idea deserves!

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