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What Are the Educational Websites? Get a Homework Helper

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


What Are the Educational Websites? Get a Homework Helper

Today information has become more accessible than ever and it is easier to gain new knowledge. But how to focus and structure everything?

How to get instant math help online if you don’t understand the subject? Well, more and more open universities, online courses, lectures, and services for organizing your education appear today.


This is probably one of the best educational websites. The advantage of the site is that eminent universities post their educational materials here: Stanford, the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan, Harvard, Penn, Columbia University, and MGIMO. There are hundreds of courses and dozens of topics.

Khan Academy

This is also a well-known platform with video tutorials, originally appearing as online math homework help. Now there are many more subjects, including economics, art, and others.


It was founded by entrepreneur Michael Saylor and looks like a full-fledged online college. Almost all general education subjects are collected here but many are marked with 101, which in the American system means the initial level.

University of the People

This is a large and free online university. You can choose one of the specializations — Business Administration or Computer Science.

Each has courses that give you credits. By the end of the semester, you have to get a certain number of them and other features of the liberal education system.

World Education University

“Learning must be free” is the slogan of this website. It offers full-time specialties and degrees. There are still a few courses.

So, you can take a preparatory program for the university (where you are taught to write essays, make presentations of projects, etc.), learn how to write books, get an assistant professor of arts, or ask for math assignment help.


If you are not familiar with TED (although we doubt it), we will explain this is not exactly an educational platform.

TED conferences are held in different cities around the world and great people speak at them discussing some topic.

Even though this is not an online education platform, the speeches are so interesting and the speakers are cool that it is impossible to stop watching them! And the topics are different: business, innovation, technology, science, sociology, health, and a dozen others.


Here you can learn literally everything from experts in their field, even get help with math homework. Marketers, writers, designers, and even bakers share their experiences and explain everything in an accessible and humorous way. There are both paid and free materials.


The authors of the project are sure that education should be available to everyone. Therefore, they created a free educational platform. There are many courses such as biology, psychology, technology, and art.

Help With Math Homework: Get Help from Top-Rated Experts

A mandatory format for testing students’ knowledge is asking them to do homework in various subjects.

In mathematics, solutions are accompanied by detailed answers with formulas and graphs. So, everyone faces the need to solve problems, and sometimes this is not easy.

It is possible to solve problems correctly and quickly only if the solver is well acquainted with the subject and understands it, can use formulas effectively, and is able to take into account particular cases for specific solutions.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to make an effort by independently studying the subject or topic, which may take at least several days.

If you don’t understand mathematics and need help with your assignments, we are ready to provide you with math homework help.

We are glad that you chose us! Our team consists of specialists who are ready to help you with any task in mathematics.

We successfully help students cope with it. More than 2500 students have passed the exams thanks to us.

Our advantages:

  • A solution based on the example of your teacher. Every teacher knows about dozens of opportunities for a student to write off their math assignment, so they approach the check of work more carefully, checking the solution algorithm and comparing it with their own, which they give at lectures. So, we offer you a solution based on the example of your teacher. After ordering online help, our math homework helper will definitely ask you for an example of solving your teacher’s tasks.
  • Guarantee of the correctness of the task done and execution at the specified time. The most important thing for us is our reputation, which we have been maintaining for many years. By asking a helper to do your homework, you can be sure of receiving a solution within a pre-agreed time.
  • Free assistance in case of force majeure. Unfortunately, not everything depends on us. But if you will not answer the teacher’s additional questions, we will help you and explain your mistakes completely free of charge.
  • Our company is officially registered. This fact is the most important element of our activity, confirming the legality of the provision of services and acceptance of payments, which in itself is an irrefutable guarantee of the integrity of our company. This is very important because now the facts of fraud and illegal extortion of money from customers are so common. Don’t pay someone who looks unreliable!
  • To order help, you will have to spend 5 minutes of your precious time. This time will be spent on filling out the form, which will help us understand how to do your homework, how much time we have for this, and, in general, what should be done. For greater convenience, you have the opportunity to enter your own wishes for a math homework helper in a special line, which will certainly be taken into account. Just leave an “I need help with my tasks. Can you help me?” request and we contact you in 10 minutes.

Help in doing tasks on mathematics is one of the many services provided by AssignMath. Don’t let hw complicate your learning. Our service was created to facilitate the routine of student learning. The company is an irreplaceable assistant in the study.

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