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Top 10 Scrum Tools In 2022

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Top 10 Scrum Tools In 2022

In the sphere of project management, Scrum tools have become relatively well-known. They assist you in successfully managing your team and projects, as well as enabling easy cooperation and speedier time-to-market, among other advantages.

Scrum has grown in popularity dramatically over the last decade, and for good cause! Due to its burgeoning popularity, a slew of new tools have emerged, to help teams manage and improve their Scrum workflow.

These tools support Scrum methodology, by covering various agile project management needs, as well as Scrum events, such as retrospectives, sprint planning, the daily scrum, sprint reviews, and task management. All of these tools help teams to practice the Scrum values which include qualities such as commitment, respect, courage, focus, and openness.

Apart from providing high-quality products, more businesses are relying on these tools to better embrace these principles to increase client confidence and so Scrum teams can work better together.

Fortunately, corporations have begun to recognise these characteristics and use agile and Scrum approaches. As a result, scrum tools have grown in popularity, and you can now choose from a variety of solutions.

The best Scrum tools must meet a basic criterion. The tool that completely suits your project requirements, assists you in effectively reaching your sprint goal, and does not break the bank.

If you look for a list of Scrum tools on the internet, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the number of options available, leaving you even more puzzled than before.

So, to make things easier for you, we've produced a list of the finest Scrum tools that will relieve you of the stress of selecting "the best" for your team.

So Let’s Check Out Some Of The Best Scrum Tools of 2022 :-

Parabol :-

Parabol is an excellent solution for Scrum team meetings, collaboration and cohesion, allowing for seamless virtual retrospectives, sprint planning estimation, team check-ins, and daily scrums and daily standups, even for teams that work remotely or are distributed around the world. Parabol covers a number of the key Scrum events meaning you can run all your Scrum meetings via this one tool. Parabol is the only one we could find that covers all the Scrum events in an immersive way, instead of only being a project management or whiteboard tool.

The Parabol retrospective tool has built-in icebreakers, and anonymity so Scrum teams can have an honest conversation about their work. Everyone can participate equally by writing reflections, grouping like in a multiplayer game, and discussing.

It's ideal for scrum masters and other team leaders who wish to hold a Lessons Learned meeting or a team-building activity. Parabol is efficient, quick, and enjoyable!

It can be used on a regular basis for meetings, discussions, and for managing the struggles of remote work for Scrum teams.

Parabol’s retrospectives and estimation tools also integrate with tools like Jira Cloud, GitHub, Slack, and Mattermost. According to their website, integrations with GitLab, Jira Server, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Azure DevOps are coming soon.

Parabol is completely free for up to two teams! Apro membership costs $6 dollars per active user. With a Parabol subscription you get access to all the meeting types and integrations for just one price. It has an Enterprise plan which includes SSO and the possibility of on-prem hosting.

It's an excellent tool for getting people to think about their own procedures and how they work as a team.

Jira :-

Jira is a name you've probably heard of. Jira takes the second rank on this list since it is one of the most extensively used agile tools for Scrum, for better or for worse!

Customizable Scrum boards, custom backlog management filters, and a variety of visual project reports are just a few of the features that make Jira so popular for managing backlogs and prioritization of user stories.

Jira, while its well-balanced capabilities, can be intimidating for newcomers. It can take a long time to get used to the software, so it's not a good idea to choose it if you're a product owner who is new to Scrum or software development in general.

Jira provides enterprise-grade solutions with the assurance of safe and secure software for your firm. Enforced 2-step verification, SAML SSO, automatic user provisioning, and more are all included.

They also provide a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, unlimited storage, and premium support, among other things.

Jira software is free for up to ten users per month. If you have a team of 1 to 100 people, the paid plans pricing is $7.50 per month, with the first 7 days free.

QuickScrum :-

Next on the list here is QuickScrum is a web-based backlog management tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It describes itself as a project management software for agile teams. It also supports teams who are working only with Kanban.

It is one of the most user-friendly solutions available online. It allows teams to do sprint grooming, sprint retrospective, sprint review, daily stand-up, and sprint planning with ease.

It assists you in managing, prioritising, and splitting user stories to give appropriate value. To unify your team's vision and produce faster, you can plan single or several activities at a time.

To engage with your team and get precise results, use Quickscrum to manage the availability of people within the sprint and visually follow progress from the Scrum board.

You can also keep track of all the comments and act on them right away to improve your service. QuickScrum offers a 14 day free trial and after that the price is $5 per month per user.

Miro :-

Miro is one of the most popular whiteboarding apps Scrum teams may use for retrospectives and other brainstorming activities. It also allows you to put your ideas into action using Kanban, Jira, Asana, and other boards. Instead of spending time on documentation, invite distant users to participate in online brainstorming and retrospectives.

Kanban boards can also be used to construct story maps, manage tasks, and prioritise the backlog into sprints.

To keep focused and on track, you may manage workloads, make adjustments, and establish dependency lines. Miro is good for experienced meeting facilitators who can create their own way of working, but it does not offer much guidance for new Scrum teams.

Miro’s free plan covers an infinite number of team members, but there is a board restriction. At $8 per month per user, you may have additional collaboration power as well as infinite boards.

VivifyScrum :-

VivifyScrum is a flexible project management tool for Scrum or Kanban teams. It is simple to use software with a clean and clutter-free interface that is pleasing to the eye.

From project management to invoice mailing, VivifyScrum is an all-in-one solution. You'll get an unlimited number of Kanban and Scrum boards, as well as an unlimited number of items in the tool.

You may also track project progress and team activities to manage procedures more effectively. Use the VivifyScrum Time Tracker application to keep track of how much time you spend on automated workloads and chores.

For just $96 a year, you can use all of the features for your team of up to ten people, including infinite boards and organisations. Before paying, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial. :-

Get the adaptable, agile management tools your team requires in a fast-paced setting with

It makes cross-functional collaboration simple. Everyone will have access to agile frameworks on a single platform, from pre-planning to development through user feedback.

Agile teams, newcomers, and Scrum masters may easily check their work in views like a Kanban board or Gantt charts.

Monday's reports illustrate the team's progress, roadmap, and product backlog in real time.

You can keep track of issues and submit them all in one spot, and color-code each issue to make it clear to your team which bugs are significant. It is free for upto 2 seats and costs $8/ seat per month if your organization if big.

Asana :-

Manage agile projects using Asana, another project management application that allows your team to work more quickly and efficiently.

It enables you to plan, organise, and manage Scrum sprints in a collaborative and flexible manner.

From boards and schedules to dependencies and custom fields, Asana provides everything your team needs.

To boost your business's growth, keep track of iterations and launches, simplify sprint plans and agile project processes, and communicate efficiently with your members.

Asana offers a FREE subscription for individuals or small teams that includes unlimited tasks, projects, messages, activity logs, file storage, and much more.

A premium plan costs $10.99 per user per month and includes advanced capabilities.

Task dependencies and project milestones are also included in Asana, making project tracking even easier.

Yodiz :-

Yodiz is number eight on our list of the top Scrum tools for 2022. Yodiz is a robust and simple-to-use all-in-one free Agile tool and comprehensive project management tool.

It has a significant benefit over other scrum tools in that it is completely customizable. You can easily add new fields, board layouts, alter board colours, and much more.

Furthermore, it comes with a robust feature set that aligns precisely with your team's requirements, making the scrum implementation process a breeze.

Yodiz is a reasonably priced service at $5 per use per month. Yodiz can be ideal for your team if you're primarily aiming to save money. Yodiz is free for up to three users and an infinite number of projects to begin with.

Scrumwise :-

Scrumwise is the next ool to make our top Scrum tools list. It's a simple and straightforward tool.

The programme has a user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for Scrum deployment. However, if you require more advanced functionality, you might want to use Yodiz or Jira. You can't create read-only users on boards in Scrumwise, for example.

Backlogs can be created and organised for quick access using filters, tags, and lists. To better manage your job activities, the software allows you to divide them down into smaller subtasks and checklists.

A native time-tracker is also included in the tool, which offers detailed time logs for the project team. Scrumwise also offers burndown charts.

It isn't the cheapest scrum tool on our list, despite being a more simple scrum tool. Scrum is truly free to use for teams of any size for the first 30 days.

A monthly subscription ($9 per month per user) and an annual plan ($7.50 per month per user) are also available.

Azure Boards :-

With Azure Boards, you can discuss, track, and plan work using your teams, and you can organise everything with Kanban boards, team dashboards, custom reports, and backlogs.

Azure boards also supports drag-and-drop sprint planning.

Keep track of your ideas at each step of development and make sure your team is aware of any code changes related to your work items. With built-in scrum boards, you can also help your teams run stand-ups, plan meetings, and sprints.

With dashboard widgets and extensive analytics features, the application provides insights into the project's state and health.

Try Azure Boards for free or get the most out of each stage of your cloud journey. You can try the basic plan at $6 per user/month or basic+ test plan at $52 per user/month depending on your organization needs.

Final Thoughts :-

Scrum tools can assist you in properly managing your projects while also providing numerous benefits such as improved collaboration, shorter time to market, higher ROI, and customer satisfaction.

This list of the finest scrum tools will assist you in selecting the best one for your budget and feature needs. That's all there is to it, fellas.

You've just finished viewing a list of the best Scrum tools for Agile projects. In fact, the preceding list only touches the surface of the present market for Scrum project management solutions.

The trick is to figure out which tool is ideal for your team. As a result, conducting extensive research on crucial features and pricing data can assist you in making an educated purchase.

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