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The Three Approaches To SEO

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


The Three Approaches To SEO

When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation, the one thing that usually crosses our mind is the way we approach the issues of ranking and traffic. There are several ways you can go about approaching this issue.

The approaches that we are talking about here are the White Hat Approach, the Black Hat Approach and the Grey Hat Approach. These are the approaches that rule the domain of SEO and more often than not, the lines between these techniques often blur.

In all honesty, Google does not agree to any SEO strategy that violates its standards. This means that it makes no room for the black hat and grey hat approaches. But, that has not deterred the spirits of SEO agencies all over the world from succumbing to such practices.

The genius is in knowing how to cover your tracks so that Google does not get wind of what SEO techniques you have been using to tweak your ranking. We shall now move on to discussing the three approaches so that you get a clearer understanding.

The White Hat Approach to SEO

It is safe to say that the white hat approach to SEO is the cleanest technique. It is on the right side of ethics, and Google loves any website that conforms to its metrics using the clean and safe white hat approach. There are several ways of using this technique to enhance the ranking of your website.

Though, the results are quite slow compared to the other approaches in SEO, they promise your website a ranking on the SERPs that has lesser risks of dropping overnight. Some of the ways you can go about this approach is by seeing to it that your website has superior quality content. In the domain of SEO, content is always given prime importance.

Google keeps on upgrading its metrics in order to provide its users only with the best results. One metric that Google always keeps on top of its list is that of content. Users will leave your website if it has esoteric content that makes little sense to them. Also, when you are talking about white hat SEO, it is imperative that we stress upon the point of backlinks. Your website will have a higher page authority if it has backlinks from sites of high authority. Therefore, organic link building is also a crucial white hat technique.

The Black Hat Approach to SEO:

The black hat approach to SEO does not play by any ethical standards. It is an extremely risky affair, and your site could be forever penalised if Google gets to know the techniques you have been using to get your website to the top ranks.

The Three Approaches To SEO

If we had to name a few of the black hat techniques to SEO that you would want to be wary of, they are the following-

  • Mass producing spammy links
  • Plagiarising content or rehashing the same content with slightly different words
  • Using link building tools
  • Injecting external links on websites without asking the webmaster for their permission

These techniques are quintessential black hat techniques that might seem to increase your website traffic and enhance your ranks on the SERPs. But, you could rest assured that these are only temporary. There is a very little chance that you might be able to make it through without being caught on the radar of Google.

Therefore, if you have decided to walk on the wrong side of law and ethics, you would be taking up a huge risk, and there is no assurance that it would put you on an advantageous position. Thus, you need to think of your course of action regarding which approach you should be aiming at.

The Grey Hat Approach

The grey hat approach to SEO is not exactly unethical. But let us just say that it is not as safe or clean as your white hat techniques. Hacks like those of PBNs are usually considered as a grey hat approach. But, some SEO experts even go on to the extent of calling it a black hat technique, which in all honesty is a bit of a stretch.

PBNs are incredibly effective if you know how to build them right. It might not always be possible for you to adopt only the pure and organic methods of approaching the issues of Search Engine Optimisation, which is when grey hat approaches make its way into the picture. Consider the seo reseller options of several SEO agencies if you need help for anything associated with this topic.


It is imperative that you know which technique brings in which kind of results to you. While it is always advisable to choose the cleanest approach, that is the white hat technique, it is also important to understand that you cannot always scale your website by strictly succumbing to Google’s standards. You need to find alternative ways about any problem. Therefore, before you choose any one path of action, make sure that you have done your research and are playing it safe.

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