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Some regulations related to examination at the university

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Some regulations related to examination at the university

There are various types of examinations and exam forms. Here you will know who they are and what is the difference between them. The exam in question is the test you conducted at the end of the course in college. Can be written or oral. You get your exam back when the teacher gives it a score.


Examination is when your teacher or examiner tests your knowledge through assignments or examinations. The teacher or examiner evaluates your test. You cannot go up to class, however, you can ask the teacher to review the assessment decision. You also have the right to change testers if you fail twice on the same course or module. Examination can be done in various ways. Below are some of the more general forms of examination.

Written examination

Written time test. Information varies with the subject. That could be a matter of pure fax, an investigative task where you have to consider questions or problems that need to be resolved.

Home exam

Written tests that must be done at home. Information in a home exam usually requires you to reason about a question. You must use the literature included in the course, but you can also use other sources.

Oral examination

You meet a teacher and discuss the subject to be examined. Discussions usually take several hours. The teacher may need answers to fax questions or ask you to give a reason for something. Oral examination can be done individually or in groups. Tasks include what needs to be done, individually or in groups.


You can get a job writing a memorandum where you reason about a topic. It can also be called an essay or paper.


Students must have completed and passed one or more assignments. Laboratory work almost always requires you to describe your work and produce a kind of report. Laboratory work can also be a group job.

Work in group

The students are divided into several groups that have one or more tasks to complete together. However, the value is set individually.


Written writing is also used as a test. After writing an essay at a certain level it is also a requirement to get a certain degree. This thesis is usually a fairly large job, which can take up to one semester to write. You always have a tutor (one of the teachers) as support in your work with your essay. The supervisor helps with suggestions and views on the reasons and methods of examination.

When the thesis is finished, it must be maintained. This is called ventilation and means that at the seminar you will be able to receive comments and answer questions about essays. Questions are submitted by one or more other students (opponents) who have been assigned to review the thesis. But if you have great difficulties, hiring essay services like is the recommended option.

How many reviews can you do?

The main rule is that in principle you should get an amount of effort at any time to examine a course. But colleges can limit the number of opportunities for certain courses if it is too expensive to allow as many exams as possible. If so, the limits must be in the syllabus.

Universities also cannot limit how much. If the exam is a kind of exam, there must be at least five examinations. For internships and the like, you must always get at least two opportunities. If you have not passed the exam in the exam session given during the academic year, it may be that the course has changed and you must read new literature for the new academic year reviewed.

How long do you have to wait for the results? There are no specific rules that determine how long the examiner will correct the exam. It all depends on the university policy where you study. The information above is what applies in general. Some differences may be there but not significant enough.

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