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Mitigating Risk With Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Mitigating Risk With Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates

EV SSL/TLS certificates are digital certificates used to validate the identity of a business. They are an essential element in securing online transactions as they help protect users against malicious attacks by verifying the authenticity of websites.

These certificates help mitigate online activities' risks, including phishing and cyber-attacks.

What is an Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificate :-

Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS certificates provide one of the highest levels of security regarding internet-based information sharing.

These certificates are enabled by asymmetric encryption and authentication procedures that meet the stringent requirements of several credentialing bodies.

Asymmetric encryption, or public key cryptography, is an encryption algorithm used to secure transmissions on the internet.

It provides robust security thanks to its asymmetrical nature - since it requires two different keys for encrypting and decrypting information, malicious actors cannot easily access or manipulate your files or messaging without having access to both keys.

By verifying domain control, these certificates improve user trust and protect against malicious entities who wish to disrupt access or misuse user data.

When implemented, these certificates further safeguard users against data loss, stolen passwords, and other threats created by hackers or criminals.

How Does It Work?

The primary purpose of an EV SSL/TLS certificate is to authenticate the identity of a website. The certificate itself is issued by a recognized Certificate Authority (CA).

A CA is a third-party organization that verifies the legitimacy of a business before issuing the certificate.

Once issued, the certificate must be installed on the web server that serves up the website’s content.

When a user visits a website using an EV SSL/TLS certificate, their browser will display visible cues that it has been verified by the CA and can be trusted.

Why Is It Important?

Using an EV SSL/TLS Certificate provides several benefits for businesses and customers. For businesses, having an EV SSL/TLS Certificate helps to demonstrate trustworthiness and strengthens customer confidence in their brand.

This increased level of trust can lead to more conversions, higher order values, and improved customer loyalty.

For customers, it helps protect them from malicious activity such as phishing or other forms of fraud while browsing or making purchases online.

The extra layer of security provided by these certificates helps ensure that sensitive information remains private and secure when transmitted over public networks.

With its high level of security, customers can rest assured that their personal information is being handled with the utmost care and that they are doing business with a reliable and secure provider.

By investing in an EV SSL/TLS certificate, companies can say goodbye to security worries while gaining enhanced protection and more significant customer confidence in their products or services.

Where to Find More Information About Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates offer the highest level of authentication for websites, making it essential to understand their ins and outs before buying.

There are various sources you can visit to learn more about EV certificates. For example, web browsers like Google Chrome list the best practices for EV SSL/TLS Certificate authorities on their sites.

In addition, industry leaders like Let's Encrypt publish helpful tutorials and resources on their blogs. Of course, you must also consult the issuing Certificate Authority (CA), as they can provide in-depth information on their specific requirements and fees.

With all these sources at our disposal, learning more about EV SSL/TLS Certificates has never been easier!

Final Thoughts

Data security is paramount in today’s digital world, and providing your customers with solid protection has never been more critical than it is now.

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificate provides businesses with an additional layer of security that can help protect their interests and customers from malicious attacks or fraud attempts while browsing or making purchases online.

Additionally, it helps demonstrate trustworthiness, leading to increased conversions, higher order values, and better customer loyalty for businesses using them properly on their websites or applications.

Investing in this technology can be invaluable for any business looking to protect itself from potential harm while driving sales in its industry sector!

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