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Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

One of the unexpected effects of the pandemic has been the rise of online gaming, particularly of online gambling sites. They provided a quick, fun outlet for fans to enjoy without having to leave the house or interact with other people.

Among the most popular at the moment is online slots. With multiple companies vying for the market, learning to code for this niche market could be a high-value skill, according to Game Industry.

Here are some of our top tips for learning to code for online slots.

Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

Design is Key

Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

Design is a key element in any app, but in a gaming app, it is critical. Providers must draw customers in with recognisable branding and imagery, as well as unique experiences.

They do this either by creating distinct themes around the games or leaning on recognised brands. As an example, Foxy Bingo have branded online slots such as Monopoly Hot Property and Wheel of Fortune Megaways which gamers will be familiar with.

To build that familiarity, the game design must be accurate and provide an experience that is recognisable to the original game but also fun in a distinguishable way.

There is a delicate balance that must be struck in order for the game to work properly. The design needs to be fun and engaging in order to bring people back over and over again.

Make Sure Your RNG is Legal

Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

It won’t come as much of a surprise that most online slots rely heavily on Random Number Generators to make their games work. However, you might not realise that RNGs are a heavily regulated piece of coding.

RNGs are easy to build on their own, but different territories have different laws that govern how they are built and what they can do.

Within the US, for example, each state has slightly different requirements for RNGs, so you will have to have a different set of code that comes into the programme depending on what state the player is accessing from.

Doing a bit of research into this ahead of time will save yourself and the company you’re working for a lot of headache later.

Optimise for Mobile From Design

Important Lessons To Learn For Coding Online Slots

A huge proportion of online slots are played through a mobile app rather than on a traditional desktop computer or laptop.

This allows people to multitask, playing games while watching TV or in breaks at work. Ensuring that you design your online slots with mobile apps in mind from the earliest opportunity will keep you from having to make painful adjustments or difficult decisions later on.

It also means you will be able to launch your mobile app early rather than have to wait for months while you lose potential customers to a different site or game.

Every site runs off its code, but online slot games need to be very diligent in how they present themselves.

You often only get one shot to impress customers and keep them coming back. You also have to make sure that your games are fair and fun, striking the right balance between paying out regularly and protecting the company’s money.

Finding that balance is going to be what makes your site a success in a crowded marketplace.

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