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How To Run Premium Pop Traffic From EVADAV on Push Subscriptions

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Push Notification

How To Run Premium Pop Traffic From EVADAV on Push Subscriptions

A push notification is an alert message that pops-up on the client’s browser or smart gadget displaying the icon. Although it is a new kid to the world of brand advertising, the biggest advantage of push notification advertising is that people agree to receive such display messages knowingly upon subscribing to the website’s notifications. So, in a nutshell, whosoever shows interest on your website is your potential conversation.

Selecting the Right Advertising Network

Deciding on the right push notification advertising platform is of paramount importance. Hundreds of such networks have recently emerged, thereby choosing the right option is trickier. There is a length of factors to mull over when selecting the push notification advertising platform, spanning from the age, gender, and essential details of the users it is going to cover. It is a no-brainer that you must know how many advertisers are already active on the network, as it is a clear-cut sign for credibility. Other aspects include the minimum cost per click and the rate of conversations. After analysing all the above boxes to tick, we give a thumbs-up to EVADAV Pop Traffic.

Today, in this post, we’ll be going to discuss a push notification Ad network at large, throwing light on fundamentals and its various advantages before implementing it to survive & thrive in today’s neck competitive world.

EVADAV is a trusted push notification ad network that has built a robust image in the market on the back of helping small, mid-size to big brands in audience building and driving user engagement. It holds an edge over the many other top-ranked ad networks all thanks to its cutting-edge optimization technology. With more than 10k daily active campaigns, this network lets you quickly register, add funds in seconds and set up a campaign in the quest to accomplish the marketing goals. All of this will be done in less than five minutes.

A Results-Driven Advertising Network

EVADAV is an advanced client-oriented push notification network that presents a myriad of most up-to-date cutting edge tools to both publishers & advertisers to collaborate for mutual benefits. Not only it is free for advertisers to set up their accounts, it also provides a good margin to earn additional revenue to the publishers.

This native advertising platform presents a higher conversation in the entire push notification industry since the core objective of this platform is to make sure only the appropriate and relevant visitors get you to see the ads, with the use of upgraded internal analysis tools.

Why Choose EVADAV Over Any Other Advertising Network?

How To Run Premium Pop Traffic From EVADAV on Push Subscriptions

  • The Advertisers Are Only Verified on the EVADAV Platform.
  • EVADAV Offers a Manifold of Landing Pages for Any Kind of Traffic.
  • Upon the Individual's Webmaster's Requests, the Development of Custom Lps is Done.
  • This Platform Comes With a Variety of Trackers Integration Such as Peerclick, Binom, Keitaro, and Bemob.
  • You Can Manage the Account Easily, Anytime 24*7
  • It Takes Not More Than 5 Five Minutes to Get Started With Your Ad Campaign.

3 Quick Steps To Start Advertising

Register on the EVADAV Website

Join the EVADAV Platform as an Advertiser Free of Cost With Instant Approval.

Add Funds

Add Funds to Your EVADAV Advertising Account with multiple supported payment system.

How To Run Premium Pop Traffic From EVADAV on Push Subscriptions

Setup Campaign

Setup Campaign, and Launch After Moderation!

Compelling Perks of Push Notification Advertising

Push notifications are an efficient and fast means to communicate with your audience, here are the benefits of EVADAV push notification advertising: -

Boost User-Engagement

With the EVADAV’s push notification advertising, you can reach out to a wider audience base, and stimulate engagement with them via sending real-time updates and reminders about your brand or services.

Retain or Re-engage Users

Push notifications in today’s digitized, one-connected world are a great means to turn the inactive users into your active users.

Increase Conversion Rates

The push notifications with EVADAV’s platform create a sense of urgency amongst your prospective customers, thereby the conversion rates are increased considerably. With mobile push notifications, you can trigger immediate conversion by creating a well-optimized ad on EVADAV.

Precise Audience Targeting

One of the biggest benefits that come with preferring push notification over any other advertising model is the ability of the former to precisely target your prospective audience in line with the browser, OS, GEO, and several other critical parameters that can bring measurable results.

Great Volume

Another perk that is associated with the push notification advertising model of selecting EVADAV is that it has higher ROI, as over 200M push ads are delivered each day.

High CTR / CR

Our platform ensures the high efficiency of your ad campaign by aligning the best offers with the most appropriate audience.

100% Viewable

The push notification ads are 100% viewable as they displayed in the viewable region for the user, therefore, assuring high-end viewability for the creatives.

Track Actionable Metrics

Another significant benefit that comes with setting up a push notification advertising campaign is the ability to track user behavior. The EVADAV’s platform provides complex analytics that includes open rates, open times, and engagement.

Drive Audience Engagement & Revenue With Our Push Notification Ad Network

EVADAV advertising platform lets you easily customize the push notifications based on your specific business needs and marketing goals. They have a breezy-easy process to advertise with them. The first step is to get your brand/ business register on the official website of the EVADAV. Step two is to add funds, and the third and final step to set up the campaign in no time.

EVADAV presents high-performance for any budget. No matter, you are a young startup or a big brand, you can trust this platform to gain a much-needed competitive edge over its market rivals. EVADAV present higher ROI in comparison to other networks. The majority of the traffic derived from the business website is organic and meaningful with a higher conversion rate. With this advanced advertising platform, the advertiser have access to essential data all in one place.

Key Highlights of The EVADAV Platform

  • EVADAV Has a Global Reach of 250 Geos
  • It is Trusted by More Than 60m Active Subscribers
  • Has More Than 10k Daily Active Campaigns
  • Has More Than 10k Daily Active Campaigns

How To Create A Native Ad on EVADAV?

Creating an account on the EVADAV website is a matter of seconds. All you require is to signup via a valid email address along with the password. Additionally, you can join the EVADAV network through your Telegram or Skype log-in as a means for your account manager to reach out to you. The process of account doesn’t require any moderation. Once the account has been created, you now have access to the dashboard right away. From then, you can quickly get started with setting up your “stream.”

Now, coming to the configuration of the native advertising widget, this is a walk in the park. Once you’ve given the name to the steam, you’ll have to name the native ad along with the domain (HTTPS Only) where the ad will be appearing. Then, you’ll have access to several customizing settings such as the customer service worker name, display delay and time to next display. The additional settings are bought by the prompt constructor. That’s the pop-up that will be requesting you to show notifications to the user. Once they hit the “allow” button, the conversion happens, and you’re well on the way to make money. EVADAV allows you to customize the main text, to go with the text in the cancel & allow fields, additionally the icon on the left if you are not a fan of the default bell.

Next, you click on the “create,” you send the widget to the website for approval, which is a pretty quick process.

So, now when the widget has been approved, the next step is to go back to the dashboard to grab the code. You are required to download the JS file-the size of the file is generally less than 1kb-and next add onto the root directory of the website. Then, placing an ad on the website, where you wish the ad to appear, and you are done!

Whether you run a website with high daily traffic volume or want to promote your brand to reach out to a wider audience base, EVADAV is the native advertising platform you can trust.

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